Shortcut conflicts are too restrictive

It’s nice that the game is aware of shortcut conflicts, but it’s too restrictive in some cases. Most notably:
“Select all Mosques” and “Select all Monasteries” cannot be mapped to the same key, but it makes perfect sense to map them to the same key because a civ can only have one of the two and they are equivalent. Same thing for university and madrasa or mill and hunting cabin.

This might be a bit more controversial than the examples above, but I think it makes sense to allow having a hotkey like “select all archery ranges” as “A” which conflicts with a grid hotkey. Whenever the grid is open (e.g. if you select a production building or the building menu of a villager), the grid hotkey should win. But if the gird isn’t open, the “A” key selects all archery ranges.


There should be asked a question if you are reprogramming a hotkey, if you want to overwrite the hotkey, (if it is in use) or ad it to the existing hotkey.

Would love to have barracks, archery and siege under one hotkey. F.e.

Don’t worry, the select all monasteries hotkey will also select mosques. I’m not sure why they’re separate bindings in the menu.

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Previous bug thread Civ specific hotkeys conflict

I found you can work around this issue by manually editing the hotkeys file.

Thanks, all! We’re aware and looking into those times when hotkeys cannot be rebound to multiple commands even if there is no inherent conflict. That includes this thread and the other thread linked as well as the other non-conflicts we can find. We’re on it!