Should AoE IV be free to try just like AoE III?

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  • No
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Maybe they are testing first with AoE 3… and then maybe they will do it with the other games in the series…

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in the era we are in the community would increase a lot, it could be done that with the free to play version you can only play the French and the English and only online without campaigns, in my opinion sales would increase in this way, obviously it would be necessary to implement an anti cheat. I don’t think it would be bad for the game, actually for ancient players it might seem like something that would degrade the game, but in my opinion it would just do good for everyone.

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They should just have tons of micro transactions (cosmetics) and pump that money into improving the game.
Bug fixing, HEAVY work on its engine, physics, animations and graphics and reworking the civs.
Heavy work on balancing the game towards less booming also and reducing tc shooting power.
Make all civs have heavy cav age2 or non of them.

we are talking a limited demo as free version to try, which i believe should be there for all aoe games that are supported rn


It is doing pretty great.
Lots of people are playing it.
More than AOEIV players xD

AOE-3 has become the laboratory of the saga. XD


Sure, I think the same…

Me yesterday when I saw that they put the game for free:

“The game died”

Me today when I see that the number of Steam players almost tripled xd:

Since 2005… Decks of cards, Home City system, ESO, and now explorer skins and FTP model xd…


Good idea, just give them a free English to use.
And we really need higher quality AI or some more relaxed leisure mode to keep those new comers. After nearly two years, the gap between hardest AI and PVP has become increasingly wide.

Well I won’t do that until age IV get more content more civs unique units, fix graphics/ animations, crew on siege,.more deep game play mechanics etc.

If people get to play the current game, probably many won’t like it, age lll is a very polishes game at this point.

I support the idea of age IV going free but until it become a better product, this will increase sales.


Sure why not do a limited free version for AoE 4 get more players into the series. Now they might not because the game is still fairly new


My answer would be a qualified yes. I think a free “trial” similar to AoE3 would probably be good. However, I do not think the game is robust enough to do that yet. There are too many missing (imo) quality of life features, and to be perfectly honest, getting 12 civs would allow a better rotation of something like 1 civ of each star of difficulty every two weeks or something. This game unfortunately was released too early. It is really fun now, but at launch with bugs and balance, it wasn’t a $60 game, it was a $20 game. I don’t think we’re at $40 value yet either. Not without some quality of life stuff like getting everything in the advanced game settings mod into base game to allow for community engagement.

With the layoffs we don’t know what we’re getting (if anything beyond a console release parity patch), but here’s what I would wish for in an ideal world:

Fall 2023-Big quality of life patch (spectator UI improvments like SS timer, Rus bounty, support for up to full lobby, diplomacy, regicide, ai personalities, modding tool improvements, many bug fixes, tournament announced.
Xbox release delayed to Feb 2024. Two civs that hopefully had been worked on set to release with xbox and pc as the last “free civs” (I would be fine paying for future civs, but I think 12 base given the franchise is a good baseline). Game is priced at $40 and is now worth it.
Spring/Summer 2024-Next big quality of life/balance patch, announcement of free trial for AoE4.
Winter 2024-First paid expansion/update with new civ and/or campaign.


we might get all of this at some point, but, having seen the glacial pace of development firsthand, i’d say what is listed here is gonna take them like 3 years to get done, and i wish i was exaggarating about this, i want to have faith but relic’s pace hasn’t given me much reason, i’m cautious instead unless some drastic shift occurs and they double their output in a given timeframe

Yep, developement has seemed slow. I think early on a former relic dev said they worked on code an average of 2-2.5hrs/day and after 1 for lunch roughly 5 hours was spent in meetings. I know you need a lot of oversight and collaberation in software development to make sure you don’t break stuff, but I do feel on balance this seemed way too low. Reminded me of the Anthem situation at EA where, according to Jason Schreier at least, they spent way too much time talking and prototyping instead of coding. I’d want at this time for Microsoft to just buy Relic, bring in other teams, get full legal access (if they didn’t have it) to the engine. Give this title the help that titles like Starfield have allegedly gotten, because at its core, I think AoE4 is really darn fun. It’s just not enough somehow.

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like ofc, communication is important, but nothing is getting done, it really should be closer to 50/50 split, you can’t realistically code more than you can assign in meetings tho, ik ensemble studios (makers of first 3 aoe games and aom) had smt like that, and i think FE and other studios are similar in this as well, but yk what is required for that rough 50/50 split with coding and meetings, compentent management, smt that seems blatanly absent here

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Aoe has never had microtransactions and aoe4 having them is INDEED THE SIGN of aoe becoming what never should become


ofc, it would worry me much if aoe3 didnt surpass aoe4 while being LITERALLY FREE

Aoe3’s system is like “big microtransactions” (from free trial to base game and from base game to DLCs).

AoE as a franchise can adapt to changing times and does not have to have the same model as 25 years ago.


I think it was adopted precisely because of its slow death, I see many people saying they apreciate aoe3 much more, when they had to make it free to revive it, that doesn’t take away from the possible need to do that with other chapters, it doesn’t negate the ultimate purpose, it just makes the previous one clear.