Should Georgians and Armenians get Camels?

Bactrian camels dominate the northern Caucasus, and the Armenians and Georgians utilized camels for their economic and military purposes.

I’m rather surprised none of the new civs has camels.

Do you think they should get camels in their tech tree?

  • Yes
  • No
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Yes because then we can use them as crusaders alongside Byzantines.
Sicilians can also get Camels.


I think for Armenians, it probably wouldn’t work for gameplay reasons usually, just because getting the spearmen upgrades an age early is so powerful.

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At this point they need something else than just camels
Their WR is really down
You can say that is the first DLC pay-to-lose

Till you realize Monaspa is soo broken (bugged currently) that is even abused by pros in tournaments:

Before doing any buff to Georgians first nerf the UU and team bonus.

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For the Georgians: Make Svan Towers halve the cost of towers, but remove the +2 attack for them. Also, give them a bonus where shepherds generate gold in addition to food (this can be up to 33%, but more likely 15 or 20%).

For the Armenians: Give them Plate Barding Armor, Siege Rams, and Bombard Cannons. Replace Cilician Fleet with something land-based.

These ideas are not only designed to give the two civs more strengths or improving their niche, but also to make them more historically accurate. I pulled some of these ideas from my own concepts for the civs, which is more in line with the direction they should’ve gone in the first place.

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Why though? The campaign is based on Cilician Armenia as well.

Only you want Caucasian Armenia but it is what it is.


False. Practically everyone else except you is disappointed that the Armenians are based on Cilician Armenia and not Caucasian Armenia. This is called The MOUNTAIN Royals after all.

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Check where the Icon of Armenians is placed on campaign screen.

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The campaign takes place in Cilician Armenia, I understand that. That doesn’t mean it was in any way a good decision. Basically all of the decisions in this DLC were bad. Worst expansion by far.

They will have to remake the campaign if they change the civilization.

I doubt that. It could probably still work.

Not my fault the devs didn’t go in a smart direction. Now they’re stuck with an expansion no one is happy with.

When even the people who wanted Caucasus civs are unhappy, that’s when you know you messed up.

I think they wanted the new Dromon being used, and hence they made this decision.

If they really wanted that, they could’ve added the Alans.

I agree on the bug, but the rest should be left alone, at least for now. For one thing the Georgians were clearly meant to be absurdly hard to dislodge from strategically significant spots.

Seems like they wanted to represent Jews/Israel as well with this civ. Considering how they also have the Warrior Monks and Cilicia is closer to Israel.

Did Cilicia have had stronger fleet than the Ottomans? As the Turks (their neighbours) have no naval bonuses.

Cilicia didn’t have a fleet at all.


LoL really, so that tech name is made up?


They will also have to remake the Castle which is from Cilicia as well.

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Far as I can tell, the only association Cilicia has with ships is a group of pirates, who were only active for a few years in the BC period.