Should Nerf Tower and Stone Wall

Tower Rush already showing too powerful in early game , and defenser cant do anything , here i suggest

Tower Rush

Tower rush always bring 1-2 vills to rush , right? But in aoe4 , never see a counter tower works in the situation because , even u do it , you still get nothing with you counter tower, so ,

  1. Big Buff Tower attack tower
  2. Lower Tower HP
  3. More vills to build Tower , More Quickly (because Tower Rush only 1,2 vills . for defenser , you have way more vills at home to build counter tower , so lets the players have the advantage to defense
  4. Vills HP research time 100% faster
  5. Vills attack building buff

Stone Wall

Stone wall late game is just too damn good , if you attack , you spend more resources and maybe cant get any value because opponent just go back and behind the door , what can you do ?

  1. Slow down build time

  2. Opponent can pass the door when it open

  3. Nerf stone wall in early game , and add a upgrade for late game

  4. Ram get a upgrade in imp,a big upgrade for hp , armor , speed and aoe damage
    Specially aoe damage , maybe for all siege , because u destroyed the wall , but only give you is ,a damn small hole let you amry pass , it just wasting time

  5. Nerf Range Army or siege cant shoot behind the wall , some attack curving in the air , nerf them all

  6. Destroying a piece of Stone Wall , other Walls near the Stone wall that get destroyed should take some damage ,
    Or even opponent army near stone wall / on stone wall also take damage , or maybe Stun

  7. Nerf first piece of wall when you build, why only 1 click and so many hp on that small thing , what the hell , everyone just build wall and right click click click , every single wall 1% , and u fully wall now , haha

Stone wall tower rush

This is really stupid things i even see
Why vills can build tower on wall and so damn fast ? I dont understand

Please nerf it at least 400% build time and cant build when vills on wall

Thanks for watching , Its only suggest , i just hope something happen , balance patch soon about stone wall and tower rush

Stone towers need to be moved to castle age. They are too strong and factions like China can abuse them heavily in feudal age. At least in castle their are more responses to stone towers.

Stone walls should build much much slower and repair faster than the build rate. Currently players don’t repair Stone walls. They instead let it break then rebuild the broken section immediately…

I do agree Stone walls in general have a very very high hp pool for feudal and early castle age. I’d like if they were just a little stronger than palisade walls until a late castle upgrade that brings them back to current stats. Stone walls already have the advantage that only siege can damage them; they don’t also need uber HP in feudal age/early castle IMO.

IMO regular towers are fine. A single ram can clear any set of feudal age towers. And to counter dark age tower rushes you need to be more vigilant at scouting enemy and or your vulnerable spots as well as getting your precious resources (gold for example) EARLY. Also don’t be afraid to pull villagers to burn that tower down as it’s being built!!!

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I agree with you that tower should be moved back one age in general. Outpost can’t get the Springald emplacement until Castle age while Stone tower straight up getting them in Feudal without proper mean to fight them; yes, even ram are ineffective against them.

Also, Stone wall HP should scale/upgradeable with each age instead of just slapping 3500 HP wall at people’s face in the Feudal age like they currently are.

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I dont think ram is a good choice,
Because how many resources you spend on it ? Ram hundred wood , blacksmith , upgrade , and take time

And the tower rush already lock your resources a long time , they get you vision and so much value at that point

It doesnt make sense

That’s what I was trying to explain. A Dark age tower rush is only viable of they can disallow a precious resource tht you need NOW aka gold to age up. That means since you already know you don’t want your gold towered you need to be scouting near your gold around the time you suspect an optimal tower rush would hit. Likewise on maps where your wood I’d mostly on one side you need to be scouting near that wood line early to prevent said tower rush or response aggressively with a villager pull.

By feudal yes using rams is expensive for most civ, but that’s why you should already be doing the stuff I said above to save you the blacksmith, siege upgrade then making rams. Tower rushes should NOT become useless IMO. And we have proper counter play to early tower rush.

i would increase build time , nerf repair time, increase cost , and add resistance in the last age, would do the same with keeps. Defensive buildings are so spammable in this game because of the easier gather rate that i would nerf this aspect to make them more efficient to map control an area instead of being glass buildings all over the map.

Again, so many players are complaining about Chinese…
It feels like not until Chinese is at the bottom of civ rank, then it will be leave alone… Oh wait… it’s already at the bottom of the rank! isn’t it?!

You know Mongols bring at least 4 spears and a Khan when they tower rush?

I’ve seen 3 Spearman 2 vil and khan, yes. And you have 2 scouts 10 villagers. Again scouting. You can go directly to the ovoo and check if he’s building a barracks. If so already change up your macro by shifting your vils to wood OR gather up your vulnerable resources NOW instead of later.

A tower rush from mongols should never catch you off guard in the dark age IMO.

Watch EGCTV, winnerstayson game 7.
Even Hera cannot stop a Mongol Tower Rush, don’t speak it like an average Joe can stop it.

That ____ is broken and everyone knows that.

Here lost winner stays on? That series isn’t a good exampe because hera was clearly out of practice. No way Bee who never made it passed round of 8? Might be round of 16? should have taken hera, the champ to a game 7 AND was leading him early 2-0‽‽

I dare say had mlord had not made tremendous error in NOT building a small section of wall in the last game of the finals I truly believe mlord would be champ which would further take away from the significance the last winner stays on series of hera vs bee

Bee cheesed the crap out of Hera, 3 games out of 7 being Tower rush.
That was the most silly series ever in AOE4 tourneys.

Hera wasn’t himself and… beasty pontificated the idea that Hera was a heavy AC abuser so he really really was put out of his element… Again that’d what beasty said