Should Oceania civs be available in AOE3 DE?

I wonder if anyone would be against if Oceania civs like Maori and Hawaii become a thing in AOE3 DE? It would be nice if they are released as a pairs like Italy and Malta under the title Kingdoms of Ocean or something like that.

I would LOVE to see what they do with Maori as Korean-New Zealander myself.


I’ve been all aboard a Maori civ for a while now. Love to see Oceania/Australia maps.

They could make an umbrella Polynesian civ for the region.

Polynesians and Siam for an Asian DLC?


Nah Polynesia is way too different from Asia. It should be its own culture separate from any Asian civ.


Maori & Hawaii alongside a bunch of Oceania maps would be a banger DLC. Maybe with a rework to naval warfare while they are at it to make it less one-dimensional.


I see Maori and Hawaii coming as packaged DLC in the future… and later Tonga as atand alone Oceania DLC.


Would be really nice.

I’m from Australia and I say no.


Minor civilizations with new Oceanian maps would be fine.


Why not? Maori and Hawaii were major figuers in history of oceania

nah mate we need major Oceania civs like Maori and Hawaii based on Maori tribes and Kingdom of Hawaii.


Oceanian maps with natives and maybe Maori/Hawaii civs? Yes.
Australian independent civ? Absolutely not.


As a kiwi I also say no, just think it’s to outside the wheelhouse to have Oceania. In saying that, it made me overly proud to see the Māori in civ 6 and in WOL. So idk complex feelings about it.
I also wouldn’t be pleased if they made a “Polynesian” civ, I think that simplifies and stereotypes their individual cultures. Kingdom of Tonga if anything, with others being minor pacific civs.

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What do you mean “outside of wheelhouse?” How different are they to Native American civs and African civs?

Maori would be an excellent civ addition, but I’m less convinced for Hawaii. I’d prefer they don’t keep adding civs like Mexico and USA that didn’t exist for 80% of the game’s timeframe, and Hawaii only unified in 1795 and barely lasted 100 years.

Maori could have the following:

  • Units with firearms based on the Musket Wars
  • fortresses like the Incan Stronghold
  • Melee weapons such as a Mere made from greenstone
  • A powerful navy of different types of Waka
  • Mana as a 4th resource (would be applicable to all Polynesians)

For a minor Polynesian civilization, Tonga would be a must.

An expansion of seafarer civilizations also wouldn’t have to be limited to Polynesians. The Haida of the Pacific Northwest and Javanese and Malay from Southeast Asia would all be great fits for a naval/oceanic theme.

That shouldn’t matter as kingdom of Hawaii is still seen as predecessor to state of Hawaii today. Heck its founder Kamehameha the great is still seen as founding father for Hawaii.

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This is surprisingly hard to answer. Timeframes for this game seem to matter less with each expansion. Native Americans, Africans and Peoples of Oceania all experienced colonialism in various ways. my initial thought was that Oceania’s history is somewhat removed from the rest of the worlds so it does not fit the same way, but now im not sure I could justify that. To be honest, i dont know, maybe im just fearful of how they would be implimented. If Oceania civs are added, i just wanted them to be done well.

I am sure Devs know what they are doing. Sides I don’t expect it to be added soon. What I think future would be like- Brazil DLC, Two Asia DLC ( Korea and Persia?) and one single civ ( maybe Zulu?) and then maybe Oceania DLC.

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I think Maori and Hawaiians could both be viable civs.

The Maori could be a bit more like the Native American civs, primarily traditional with some firearms (as the Maori were largely ignore by western powers until the mid 19th century), while Hawaii could be a more modernized civilization (inspired by the Kamehameha dynasty). It would make the two civs more distinct.

And, of course, plenty of opportunity for new maps if they get added!


Australians civ, Oceanian maps and 5 brand new Minor Nations for these maps like:

  • Aboriginals
  • Papuans
  • Melanesians
  • Micronesians
  • Polynesians

Oceania Minor Nations would become a completely new type of Minor Nations. Like the European and African Minor Nations, it would offer what would make them stand out from the rest. I think that they could be distinguished by a greater number of units that could be trained (3-5) and that they would be located by the water and would offer training for Ships.

I’m a huge supporter of having Oceania introduced: the last inhabited and penultimate ‘European explored’ continent must be tackled in AoE3! It would be the logical, next horizon to address, after Asia, Africa and now Europe are covered.

I equally agree on the two potential civs, the Māori and the Hawai’ians: I’m convinced they gather all the conditions, thematically and time-frame speaking, to be candidates.

I had actually included them in my potential civs review here and there (forum)

Moreover, they’d certainly offer very interesting gameplays while the new maps would represent wonderful places


I’m against Maori and Hawaii becoming major civs. They simply weren’t relevant enough historically. Would I like to see Australian and Polynesian maps with new minor civs? Absolutely.