Should the Feitoria be removed? Poll

It kind of ruins certain maps and gamemodes. Island map, just make Feitoria and camp and win. Arena make Feitoria and camp and win. If they don’t rush you in time, you can just run down the clock and win.

Go fast IMP, spam Feitoria, turtle your enemy to death by spamming walls and bombard towers. Grind your enemy to insanity. Gold and stone are meant to be limited resources. The Feitoria can still be kept in game, but leave it as a scenario only building.

  • Yes. Remove it.
  • No. Keep it.
  • Keep it, but nerf it much more.

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For example of Feitoria insanity if the game keeps going on and on.

if you die to Bombard towers that are built from gold and stone made from Feitorias, you kinda got outplayed ngl. The generation rates for gold/stone are so pathetically low, you can rly make any army, as long as you have some artillery like Trebs/BBCs you can kill walls/Bombard Towers etc. much faster than the Portuguese can build them.

Feitoria is a very inefficient building in terms of resources/pop generated.

Also could you show the timer on the picture you posted pls? Because it looks like a 3-hour game, which would lead me to believe it’s a somewhat low elo game where people have low APM and don’t know how to structure a push with siege and so on.


I’m doubt I’m the only example of someone turtling like crazy. I was just using that as an example. Having the ability to turtle forever regardless of ELO should not be a thing.

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you can’t rly turtle in AoE2 tbh, it’s just not a thing. You can play defensive, but in Imperial age, basically the only defensive building that is scary is a Castle and those are limited, Feitorias or not.

The amount of gold on the map also exceeds the amount of stone, on most maps, allowing you to build a nice army and many Trebuchets.

If you failed to even do moderate damage before gold runs out, you should work on stuff like protecting Trebs, securing Relics and so on.

But rly I’ve never seen a game where all gold on the map ran out and the enemy still had massive amounts of stone walls, castles, etc.


Sure lets ruin all the campaigns scenarios made with portuguese by doing this.

Scenario only building. Simple fix with a trigger.

Hard call for me.

I don’t think Feitorias are that strong outside of maps with very limited wood, but I don’t like the concept of unique buildings in aoe2 either…

there’s even an untouched gold pile inside those megawalls

Portoguese have some balance issues since latest patch, but feitoria is not it


It takes nearly 14 minutes to repay the Stone investment and a bit more then 4 minutes to replay the Gold investment of a Feitoria.
That is a pretty long window of opportunity where the Portuguese player has worse defences because they invested so much Stone into Feitorias.
The building also costs 20 population.
The food and wood generation are no were even remotely close to what 20 villagers can generate.


I think most of their issues are related to Arena, on Arabia they became a hybrid of Khmer and Ethiopians, able to do an extremely fast MAA → archers (I think you can squeeze a 19 pop even if you overcrowd the berries). I am no fan of a civ with such a great tech tree having such a strong early game (and mid game where they got 2x gold comp armies), but at least they don’t feel oppressive to play vs on Arabia like Poles or Hindustanis (no idea for Arena as I never play it, I hear there is a 23+2 build though which starts to be slightly too fast to be stopped).

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That’s not how you’re supposed to use feitorias. What you did there simply won’t wok vs half decent player. Feitorias are good if you’re going one tc imp and add them behind aggression but if you turtle to make feitorias they are pretty bad because an undisrupted boom is way stronger in the long run. That’s why you need to disrupt opponents eco with low eco push (usually monk treb but really whatever works) and then add feitorias behind while opponent can’t really add more eco.

Btw this pictures looks like its taken from LEL game. Red makes huusar and skirm vs walls and bbt lol? 10 siege ram and blue should be dead. Defensive bbt usually isn’t a good play as it doesn’t actually defend much unless you have a good amount of army to protect the bbt itself. It’s good vs heavy cav but that’s a pretty niche unit on arena.


Not Feitorias, Krepost, Donjon, Harbor, Falwark or Caravanserai?

I made a topic about a Theorycraft of the Feitoria some time ago:

Where I listed the issues I see with this building and tried to fit it in in the game by making it a one-time building (like TCs are before Castle age) and adjusting the ressources you get from it.

I don’t like the poll in this thread as it doesnt leave the option for “adjustment”.

Well, personal taste I guess. I like it much better with a more “common tech tree setting”, especially without alternative building such as Falwark and alternative unit upgrades such as Winged Hussars. I don’t mind Harbor as it is locked behind a UT (so “the tree is the same and a UT transforms the building”)

ot a good reason to remove them, but if I get asked whether we should remove them, even though I am in general very conservative with changes & redesign, I may just say “Whatever, remove them all” depending on my mood.

Fair enough 11 (20 characteres)

you can turtle but only with feitorias in low elo. my empire wars gameplan (which is fun but far from a good meta strat) is, feudal archer+spear into castle with immidietate relic grab followed by defesnive castle, stone walling, minimum defesnive army, 0 offense and 1 tc imp. then you add 4-5 feitroias as soon as you can afford with around 40-60 villagers.

continue building arbs+halbs+bbc to defend against trebs, and start building bbt.
you will die, almost, but if you can hold, despite having 0 map control, thanks to feitroias, when the enemies gold eventaully runs out and he turns to trash, then its GG. eventaully you swtich to organ guns for better pop effucuny and keep adding bbt faster than they can destroy

most of the times enemies feel a bit salty losing to this, because with any other civ, having 0 map control would have starved you to death already

a fund low elo strat unique to ports

Feitoria aren’t great. There are some rare occurrences in which they excel, but that is all. There is no real reason to remove them.

They cost resources to build and take up 20 pop space. But they generate far less resources then 20 vills van gather in the same time. With vills you can even micro your vills to let them gather the right resources as well.

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Here a bestiful Portuguese feitorias comeback by the Viper, game 2 in the set

Feitorias have hit the meta outside of islands

Feitorias need a rework, are either useless ot broken and leading to unfair situations.

I don’t think they should be removed but reworked, because feitorias are too swingy in their performances. They are almost useless in open maps and super strong in closed maps, even better if low on wood like islands, and i don’t like a feature that is so situational that is broken on certain Maps and useless on others

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