Should you be able to rebuild factories

Whats the point of attacking a base then?? The principal objective are this kind of buildings. Europeans have advantage for having it, without them their ecos are more balanced with other civs. The same for wonders, taking down Japans wonders help a lot vs them, specially Shogunate and GP.
In treaty this kind of attacks are decissive most times, if enemies could rebuild them you would matches longer than they are and unfair for civs that lack that buildings.


All this is true, but if you pay a high price to restore them, it will take a long time to make your reconstruction profitable.

No you shouldnt be able.


If the price is high and rebuilding it takes a long time. Why not?

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This proposal poses a series of dilemmas for civilizations that cannot build factories or rebuild their important buildings in case the Europeans and Americans could.

I propose that the Asian wonders can also be restored at a high cost just like the factories only in the imperial age. (And the factories also in imperial age).
4000 food - 4000 gold in the case of wonders and a 5 minute build time. With the ‘advanced wonders’ card that enables it. (Only the wonders he acquired up to that moment (4/5))
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For the Japanese it could be a higher price because they are buildings that give them too much power.
For Agra Fort I do not consider it too vital. A lower price and a shorter build time would be nice.

The factories should cost 4000 lumber- 4000 gold. Enable as a cart in the urban center and take 5 minutes or more to create them.

In the case of American civilizations. It could be compensated by making the plaza in the imperial era not need 25 villagers to exploit its full potential. It could be reduced to 10 once I reach the imperial era.

For the Africans, I don’t know them well enough to know what could be done to compensate them.

Perhaps these ideas that he proposes compensate for civilizations without factories.

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It’s an interesting thought, but I don’t think that factories should be rebuildable. Seems very okay to me that there are certain buildings that need to be protected with high stakes. There’s a high risk/reward for trying to run in and sack a factory, and that appeal encourages player-interaction, which is always a good thing design-wise.

I don’t think that they should even be resendable in age V, because the game has already gone on long enough at that point. There needs to be ways to gain permanent advantage in order to help the game end.


With a high price and a considerable restoration time it could make the player waste a lot of resources and that could contribute to its own weakening in case it does not go well.

Suppose both factories were destroyed, and enemy pressure continues. Suppose that the factories cost 4000 wood and 4000 gold and it takes 5 minutes to create the construction cart in the city center. Then it would be 8000 wood + 8000 coins + 10 minutes. It would still be feasible to destroy them. If the enemy lost the factories at that time, he will not have that economic impulse, and if he wishes to spend resources on their restoration, it will take a long time to make his investment profitable.

I like the idea behind being able to rebuild factories, and it doesn’t have to be a cheap way of doing it, If going to V costs 4k Food & Coin, Then being able to rebuild factories will require you to be [V] Imperial and maybe 1k Food,Wood,Coin? If you’re able to kill one fact in age IV it is still lots of damage and he probably won’t have it for a while, And every time you take one down you hurt eco as 1k wood late game is not easy to come by.

**I would say only allow rebuild of factories by Imperial age and after both factories card have been sent just like it works with forts where you can build after the limit was increased. **


They must be much more expensive than that. It must feel like you advance to imperial every time you try to rebuild them. They must be slow to create.

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agree wonders should be rebuild too , this will fix asian civ in death match as well , they get no wonder in deathmatch

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The whole point of those buildings and thus part of the strategy is that you cant rebuild them. You have to carefully place them and defend them well.

If someone goes for your eco, its on you to defend it, not to mention, usually eco strikes are their entire army, leaving you room to walk into theirs. In treaty the lost of a factory is also not the end of the game.

500 of every resource is only 1500, which they earn back in 3.3 minutes with the factory itself.

They are targets, just like wonders, because they are good buildings and you want them destroyed as opponent. It defeats the purpose if they are just rebuildable.

Wonders can be really annoying, and now you punish people for wanting to destroy them. Usually if they get destroyed in supremacy, the match is over anyways, if they do in treaty its not. If I destroy the shogunate, its because I dont want you to retrain the very good daimios. But this way it will just be rebuild as 8000, is not that much in treaty.

Not to mention that at one point rebuilding for high costs isnt worth it. I wouldnt rebuild the Summer Palace for 8000 resources. Also wonders are age up bonusses, just like Europeans have them, they arent supposed to be regainable.


Its also important to mention that in absolute honesty 8000 res for a factory is still honestly not that much. Its often the case that a player will commit a lot more than 8000 res of units to kill a factory in the late game. 8000 res is, what, 40 hussars, or 80 musks, or 16 falcs lol. thats chump change at the 40 minute mark :joy:

factories are balanced around being irreplaceable just like the shogunate, the obnoxious ceasefire meme wonder, etc. Raising the price just makes it sillier and more “change for the sake of change” and cheap replacement factories is yet another buff to the Europeans, who, trust me, do not need yet another late game buff


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That is why I say not only the price. Also rebuilding time. About 5-10 minutes.

Personally, the only wonders or important buildings that I would not like to rebuild are those in Japan. The others have never seemed too threatening to me. Each wonder should cost Japan many resources; I would say export. 6000 Food - 6000 Gold -2000 Export.

And a considerable rebuilding time. 10 minutes, one at a time in case several are lost.

honestly i think you’re wrong about it, and I’m not really interested in continuing to discuss it. certain things in the game are permanently gone when they’re destroyed and that’s perfectly fine, indeed i would say the overwhelming majority of players would agree with me

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I also think that the majority do not agree, but they are only proposals. However I still think that OP idea is good in principle.

Here a survey about it where I propose it more or less the same as here:

it takes about 18 minutes for a factory to produce 8000 res.

IMO 8000 is actually to expensive for a factory.

that being said if someone should be able to make factories i feel like it should be a national bonus more so than an inherent ability.


once again, I disagree. Access to bottomless wood is not really easy to put a value on that, and on top of that, honestly 8000 res is nothing late game. I’ve had ffa games with 200k food/wood/coin in bank and the LAST THING i wanna see is ports gettin their factories back after you finally breach those extra tanky walls

My two cents, without reading anything in this thread besides [1]:
Never thought about it, which might suggest that I’m not in favor of introducing this feature, but at the same time can’t think why it shouldn’t be possible.

I think the best way to handle it would be the introduction of a tech available for all civs that have potential access to a factory, in either TC or capitol, that would allow rebuilding (once) destroyed factories.
It shouldn’t be a shipment card - for something so late-late game it would be hard to justify its inclusion in the deck a lot of times.
The only gatekeeping should be the cost of this tech. It should be moderate at worst. Otherwise factory might not even return the investment.

  • only rebuilding, via a button on ruins that don’t disappear, or maybe sending horse cart (to increase difficulty) to that spot to punish potential bad strategic building placement.
  • if your enemy allows you to get to late game, build factories, manages to destroy them and can’t kill you- you should have a chance to recover also in this aspect.
  • factory is a vital building, pretty much almost all other buildings can be rebuild. This is a special one, that’s why only one extra chance per single factory.
  • moderate tech cost, no cost for rebuilding/spawning horse cart, but building may take 2x/3x more time. If you manage to still build it- either you are good at defense or enemy sucks at finishing you off.

It’s not a bad idea overall and I guess I’d like to see something like that in a game :factory: :building_construction: :brick:

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The way I put it, it could lead to your own downfall :rofl:. [Poll] Would you like to be able to restore important buildings lost in the imperial age? (factories and wonders)
The rebuild time is vital too, not just the price. We agree.