Siege engine crew, workhorses

I think nobody complained about Company of Heroes being cluttered for having manned artillery/anti tank units. It was in fact a great game mechanic that could’ve been integrated with a ton of success in AOE. Trust me it was way cooler to see a soldier loading up an artillery shell and the others covering their ears than seeing a magic trebuchet firing stones materializing out of thin air. The Battle for Middle Earth games also had manned siege.

That was fine with the technology available 20 years ago in AOE I and II times, not in a 2021 game.


I’ve seen most of your comments on age of empires 4 and our ideas are a little different.

But there is something I am wondering 6 7 months later when the game is out, will you buy it?

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Company of Heroes:

Battle for Middle Earth (this is a 2004 game, btw):


Depends, I want to see if Microsoft/ relic takes the feedback from players, I want to see if they stop with their nonsense excuses for “readability” and if they implement textures changes, gameplay changed, but most important, I want to see if the game is fun and impress me, otherwise no,


Ohh look at company of heroes screenshot, game of the year with 93 score in metacritic (more than age2) look at the texture, unit details… C’mon relic you can do more…


I understand you.

In age of empires 4, I would like the units to be more detailed and to change the size of the buildings. There is no closed beta yet, and I think they fix a topic that has been criticized so often.

In my opinion, the lands, mountains, environment look very realistic and beautiful. Do you agree with me on this issue

I’m leaving here a few photos of the fields, mountains and surroundings



Yes the environment, buildings, trees looks pretty nice I agree but units and gold mines, they look terrible… It is like units are not part of the map/environment like if a cartoon units where place In a realistic environment.


yes, they really have mistakes about the things you wrote. I hope they will listen to the criticism and solve this problem.

With the release of the age of empires 4 closed beta, more criticism will come to this issue, and I hope they will solve such problems with such comments from the gamers.

Good to have impressive parts of the game, I hope they listen to their fans about the bad parts.

I, not only wanted them to have crews but also to be able to manually man them possibly, or even to be able to target crews separately from engines, maybe capture enemy engines and so on like the others mentioned above, those are known features and offer appealing gameplay mechanics, but no, they had to do the same ancient thing again.

Even just visually crews they existed in AoE3
So my theories are:

  • They just copycatted AoE2 siege engines out of some irrational fear -as if AoE2 succeeds because of THAT-
  • Relic can’t figure out how to program crews anymore :smiley: (unlikely but lets keep it as a thought)
  • Siege engines with crew would feel ‘not responsive’, too slow and unecessary for competitive esports so they just scrapped them.

If CoH is oh so great, then go play it

Environments look decent indeed but everything else, including buildings show great inconsistency of how they look in all the recent trailers, some times they’re really horrible and buildings just look equally flat and boring, on other occasions they look better.
Could be the way they decided present them in the trailer, what can I say


You missed the point :smiley: which is that those games are being made by the same studio, which is Relic. They also belong in same genre. Checking out the competition and how other games do things is important.
Also, that’s not a very constructive answer don’t you think? :smiley:

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You are forgetting that Relic isn’t making another CoH game, they are making an Age game. Now siege with humans, yes, that is pretty basic thing to add, but you can’t keep comparing it to other games, age has always played differently from other rts games

I’ll bite as I expected this exact comment from somebody at some point.

I still play CoH and Battle for Middle Earth games and also StarCraft from time to time. They have a playstyle that AOE lacks (no matter which AOE you look at).

There is nothing wrong in wanting some of the best bits of those games for our beloved AOE and comments like yours add nothing to the table.

I can happily spend the rest of my life avoiding new AOE games (luckily I love AOE II:DE and that’s surely not changing much). I won’t shed a single tear if AOE IV bombs but I think that it’s our responsibility to at least voice our opinions based off what we have seen so far.


And yet if someone says that they think the graphics are fine, they get a million reposts trying to convince them how the graphics aren’t good. We aren’t allowed to speak our minds as well?

I like the seige having no humans because it’s like AOE 1 and 2.


I haven’t replied to a single one of those “positive graphics threads” stating that folks are wrong. Graphics is a very subjective thing and it’s something that, honestly, I don’t mind that much. If you ask me, I do feel that Relic was told to play it safe both graphics-wise as well as with the game mechanics because we can clearly see how far they can push things with CoH.

I do think that the unit models are crude and weapons are comically huge, but I still play BfME for gods sake, that game looks like a potato compared to recent stuff and I don’t care because the game is satisfying. Nothing better than mow orcs down with cavalry.

This very same thing you mention happens in the Flight Simulator 2020 forums (a game I also own). Threads praising the graphics get hammered with negative comments and viceversa. If you simply disagree and have nothing constructive to say, just stay away.

One thing is voicing your concerns or suggestions to improve the game, another is simply telling people “you are wrong, I am right”.

Back on topic: I think it would be cool to advance from monks converting siege (unrealistic) to being able to kill soldiers manning said siege units and then using them against your enemy. You can decide if you want to spend 2 or 3 swordsmen or villagers so there’s a strategy aspect to it as well.

No crew is a big disappointment and a step backwards in AOE development. I do not mind the graphic simplicity but the animations and small details like crew make it work and immersive!

Even AOE2 had a man push the bombard cannon.

It makes me think the devs are short cutting everywhere they can. That is not acceptable… this is the remake of AOE 2, you have a responsibility to do better.


I think whoever is responsible for making relic do these terrible decisions should stop interfering in the development.
They sure had manned siege in their previous games, so did aoe3 and it was never an issue. Actually a bonus.
Be more creative…


Imagine releasing a game in 2021 [Twenty-Twenty ONE!], and your siege weapons still don’t have any crews.