Siege engine crew, workhorses

Age of Empires 3 introduced horses pulling all the carts and siege equipment. The siege weapons also spawned a crew which operated and moved them around once unpacked.
It was a really neat detail that added much to the overall feel of the game that seems to be missing both from the trebuchets firing in the trailer as well as some packed carts further back in the mongol base.

Could these make a return? The self-moving and firing siege equipment clashes with the otherwise realistic look the cities and units (albeit exaggerated for visibility) seem to be going for.


In the gameplay trailer yesterday Nakamura saw an animation of builders appearing during building construction. Would that meet your expectations when a siege weapon is being set up or would you like to see engineers present next to the siege weapons at all times?


At all times, if possible. It’s definitely something that adds a lot more flavor to the various siege engines.
Having read about the game keeping the torches instead of setting buildings on fire with a pike, this is also one of those little details that AoE3 really got right. In my opinion.


They must have operators and transportation to bring realism, I agree


I like this very much. It was indeed an improvement and great detail in AoE3. It’s been said a few times, they should look into and take the good things and improvements from each title where this is possible, just copying AoE2 as a safe option won’t work.

Mongols there seem to have already invented automation and gps technology.



Well in 2020 I was expecting it too. I would like too see something like:

  • units who have to pull, assemble, load stones and stuff.

They should make specific units to move and use siege-w. A killable units to make siege-w harmless. Siege-w should be usuable by all rather the player who has built them. If the siege-w is unitless it can be controlled by the first sending units there. Everyone should be allowed to create units who are allowed to use the specific siege-w.

I would like to see also horses/bulls pulling wagons and carriages.


Yes It would be great


What i can remember from the Age of Empires 2 trailer, you see people building and firing a trebuchet. It would be nice if in the game of ‘‘Age of Empires 4’’ that becomes a reality!

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Would the opposing player be able to attack the workers and their horses to make it more realistic?

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They would likely share hitpoints with the siege equipment, not separate units grouped together.


Although it would be interesting if you could attack a siege engine crew and then when the attack is repelled just re-crew the weapon with your own siege engineers

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Do you first kill the horse when fighting horsemen? :)))

Adding a crew, especially when the siege units are moving are a terrible headache on the developers. The effort should be put somewhere else.


If I the horse is too much of a bother yes, if I want a horse no

but I agree that efforts first should go to more important places

Why are the siege again without people? Siege ruled by people are more beautifully and realistically. I think AOE4 deserves that human rule siege.


Because it is a Disney cartoon game and you have magic siege weapons that won’t require humans.


I think it’s likely that they will be added for the final version of the game. As the trailer is presumably still of an unfinished game.



I think its better that they are unmanned, they look cooler and its less clutter.


The irony is that machine guns, anti tank guns, etc. in CoH (also made by Relic) all are manned and even more than that, as the overall unit’s health goes down, you lose individual soldiers and then the enemy can capture and use the gun. I would love to see mangonels and such being hijacked that way in AOE instead of monks magically converting unmanned siege units.

Such a ton of high hopes when I first heard about Relic developing the new AOE only to have it neutered by Microsoft.


That’s a good and fun idea… You can destroy it or capture it. That would have been fun.