Siege Speed

Why do bombards, mangonels, springalds etc outrun infantry? You’re telling me a giant bombard cannon is faster than a dude with a sword? AOE2 got it right with the siege being very high risk high reward as siege is slow and vulnerable to infantry and cavalry in that game but also very powerful if you can protect it. In this game you don’t need to worry about protecting siege that much as it is powerful and can out pace infantry. Sure you can use scouts but then you just use some spearmen as a meatshield for the siege. You should be punished for allowing someone to get infantry close to your siege but that’s not the case as the siege just drives away like a car.


Im agree, i put this problem in my topic sieges are way too tanky Important topics list (with broken things that will never be fixed) siege is too overpovered now, im not voting for nerf damage just make realistic moving speed and repack time, and little boost defensive buildings hp


I feel overall that the siege units in this game are mainly too strong and more often than not they dominate the mid to late game. I’d like to see some adjustments to make them more balanced, as in my eyes you should require a mix of different units in order to be able to properly counter an enemies army.

I guess buffing the springalds to take down sieges faster is a good step in the right direction.


Yes they are tanks need a heavy nerf in speed and power and to limit how many a person this game is not dun with seige it really ruins the game a lot they need to nerf them now and fast don’t wait till spring

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Best experience in TG right now?

Chinesse players spamming 12 tiles range + extra HPs bombards to counter everything :slight_smile:

  • (Oh and yoling Fire Lancers everywhere of course)

Siege DPS and HP is fine, if u see the ratio per cost they r even below normal units, but better Range.
The issue is that torch damage its bit weak, and their speed is insane.
I mean… if a unit with BEST Range can outspeed land units without cavalry… its a little weird. I only would Nerf speed, rest is fine.
Maybe 10 bombards seems scaray, but man thats 10.000 resources (6000 from gold). U would hace 40 knights , It isnt op siege


I don’t think it’s bad at all. The speed could be adjusted, but it is a game … not a simulator. The siege may be strong from the middle of the game, but you have to be careful because there are people who complain that it is easy to make a turtle, all very contradictory.

This is just small fix by me, if they combine it with this springald update it can be nice and balanced, not contain siege damage nerf

So, make repack time and speed of siege slower. Boost all defense buildings HP. Add verry small defense bonus against siege for all cavalry units, so people also start playing spearmans more. Its unnecessary to make cavalry or spearman now while opponnet got siege, maybe if you got too much materials but its unbalanced anyway, this will definitively bring more diversity to the battle, not just stupid siege war. Right now is only one good answer to siege springalds. I think its not enough in strategy. Its easy and best solution for us. Thank you.

The base speed + tech is fine. Yam Network and Chinese Dynasty are overkill. If you are infantry, you have no chance catching up to siege. Siege weapons should not get speed buff other than its tech.

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I agree that siege is too fast atm. Decreasing siege speed across the board would be a good move imo.

Also the unpack/pack speed is currently way too fast, it is so fast the the mechanic itself is pretty functionless. I would make it like twice as long for it to actually be a factor that you need to count with.

Maybe both of these combined would be too much of a hit to siege viability, but that depends on the exact numbers, I believe it would be the generally right direction.


no. thats a bad sugestion. if they boost hp on defensive buildings… the game will never end b4 imperial… its hard now to take someone out if he has a keep in theyr base in castle age… until bombards u cant take down the keep … if u boost buildings hp no game will end b4 imperial


Definitely boost walls and buildings or nerf seige heavily

And that the games last 2 hours on average haha.

Seriously speaking, the entire siege (knowing how fast it unpacks) except battering rams should be a bit slower and Imperial’s speed buff should be at base speed.

I am ok playing a long game I enjoy it don’t want a call of duty style kinda of game.

Nobody forces you to play a short game. You can create a custom game for yourself and set the rules you want.

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I shouldn’t be forced to play a custom game I normally play quick match.


Siege in general as a concept is fundamentally broken in this game.

While other unit comps, depending on your ressources and how the enemy reacts forces you to rotate your composition (switch out maas for spears against heavy cav comp, maybe horsemen vs crossbow comp, switching out of spears when you face an archer army), Siege does the exact oposite in this game.

Due to the gemedesign of an anti-siege siege tool (springald, culverin, bombard) beeing pretty much the only reliable way to damage siegemachines in full army compositions, the lategame becomes really quickly about siegeblobing.

Siege with bodyblock blob are forcing siege with bodyblock blob on repeat until someone wins.

I don’t want siege to be useless, but the gameflow is seriously broken with low dmg meele bodyblockable paired with 0 dmg with ranged units against imperial age siege that are hard to get to anyways.

It feels like siege is absolutely untouchable right now, and even if you get to it you have to pull so unbeliviably much cause of the low dmg received.
This is why the game quickly becomes a siege race from midgame on.
Supply efficiency, speed and hp all play into this conceptional issue in which siege only gets countered by more siege.


I mean if you want to customize the game to play how you want, that sounds something that belongs in a custom game. High level players actually usually are leaning on the side of walls needing nerfs right now.

Tbh I think part of the issue with melee units killing siege is the animations. They tend to bunch up and bodyblock themselves and it feels like they run slower with torches out. I have had more success clicking my units into surrounding the siege then torching, but that requires an unnecessary amount of micro in imp.

Walls and defense doesn’t need any nerfs period need a buff. They already die so quickly to op seige if the devs won’t berf seige. People can build so many but seige needs a limt on how many the can have for sure is a must