Siege engines SUCK. especially trebuchets and bombards.

I had been playing with mods to eliminate trebuchets and bombards, however the datapacks broke with the most recent expansion. Everytime I try to start a game, it throws errors saying that there is an unexpected number of civilizations. T_T…

Age of empires 2 is pretty much unplayable now. I build my castles, and i have my forts going great. And then come the trebuchets. Whats worse is that unless in play britons, I cant even use defensive trebs to prevent them from setting up, and by the time I get some horsemen out to hit them, they have already eaten a healthy chunk of my castles hp. Hp that requires stone to repair, which is a very limited resource. T_T…

In other words, I am forced to station armies all over the map, because the only thing that can secure anything is armies. I might as not build castles anymore, because castles are pointless. And that sucks. It sucks alot. I hate that castles are worthless now. T_T

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Sounds like a learn to play issue. Everything should have counters. Why should castles be unbeatable? You can defend your castles with a small army to snipe siege.


Read about the trebuchet counters, it’s not so hard.


I guess your civ could be Mongols or Magyars

protip: use your OWN trebuchets to take down enemy castles before they reach imperial!

I do not play fast enough to ever beat the AI to imp. But, I do play smarter and usually scout for relics and build militia to guard them until I reach Castle. This works pretty well and Ai only send an army to capture a relic v my militia once or twice. I always build a small military camp around my castle once i drop them outside my walls going for map control and siege. The main difference I see between Hard and Hardest level is, you guessed it, SEIGE. Even on 50 pop, the old AI would kill me with an early castle siege while I was scouting relics and couldn’t make enough army to snipe on defense. One thing that helped with my play style and comfort was to pick a larger map. 2 players on 4 player map gives a nice buffer, but still not enough on hardest. But this also leaves more resources late game which draws things out and makes games longer.

I agree, let’s remove trebs and bombards and increase castle HP to 99k. Doesn’t make any sense for guys to smack swords against the walls of a castle and bring it down, i’ve never heard of that being possible.

also rams should only do 2 dmg against buildings because it says their dmg is 2, so devs please remove bonus dmg against buildings.

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this is some serious mental gymnastics to avoid saying “im bad” no siege doesent suck, no castles are not usesless. mabey learn some of the basics of the game instead of using a mod? their are thousands of videos for beginer players to help them get better. watch some pro games and try and copy what they do. but dont come on here declaring that age of empires 2 is unplayable just because you cant imagine that the problem is you and not the game.


Is this some kinda troll topic?


I was doing just fine until the mods got broken. It was so nice playing games without trabs and bombards… and now I cant. I just need a mod replacement. :frowning:

The better way to have said that would have been to ask for help in the mod section and make the topic about disabling unit. Because detailing how you can’t manage the AI without removing its counter to your strat and complaining about it as if it was an actual issue isn’t a good way to be heard.


Oooh hohohoh oh my God. A year ago I made a topic about siege being designed wrong. My hypothesis was that it’s too weak, not strong. In the case of Trebuchets, my case against them was that they come at the last Age and from a building that costs a lot of the most scarce resource.

What difficulty level have you set the AI to? If it’s hard enough (which lately is Moderate), it will finish you in Feudal. I know how you feel, really, but you have to learn to play, not bar units from the game.

Siege is actually balanced I think. The AI is also balanced. People are not. Simple.

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If people play only against AI, there is nothing more easy to do a own data mod with own desired changes and balance changes if want. I ever ask me why people think that everyone need or have to play with the suggested changes .

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One possible measure you could take until your mods are fixed is to limit the ending age to castle.

No bombards no trebs. No paladins or arbs hand cannons etc but still it’s just until your mods get fixed.

this interaction is intended. You are meant to station additional troops next to Castles if the threat is that of Siege engines, sturdy infantry resilient to arrow fire (e.g. Huskarls) or mass Knights. The game is about countering units, Castles are strong mostly vs archer-type units, Scorpions, Mangonels, and to a degree they are good vs infantry and cavalry. SIEGE, as the name implies, has the role of countering fortifications. A Castle is a fortification. Castles are most definitely not worthless, it sounds like you want a 1-size-fits-all type of unit that allows you to AFK and win vs every unit type, in this case I advise against playing a strategy game and playing Candyland or similar games instead.

this is sarcasm right?

I can beat the ai on everything except hardest. After that, the ai armies start to overwhelm my defenses. I usually can hold them off right up until they start to overwhelm my production and then bring up trebuchets.

What mods were you using ?

Just the no siege mod.