Siege weapons OP but i have an idea?

Hey guys!

What if instead of reduce the power(speed,rate,firepower) of siege weapons we create an aura for them where we must have our soildiers. So like if my bombard is totally alone, it would be much much easyer to destroy by torch attack. (so like passive effect, if the bombard alone 50% life reduced) I think this makes sense. Many times after a big battle the enemys siege weapons are moving back to their base and no way to catch them because of the speed and the high life points. And yes, those siege weapons most of the time are totally alone. I think this could solve many problems. Like the siege weapons dominate. I beated the hardest AI with 40 bombards with an Attack and Move command to his base.

If we are letting alone our siege weapons in the battlefield, they should be way more vulnerable.
Right know if the weapons far away, lets say 8 bombards and the enemy sent 8 man at arms to destroy them even if they attacked suddenly from the back, the bombards can easly deal with them. AAAND yes i know many siege weapons cant attack if the enemy is too close, but this is the problem, we just send them back to the base or to our army’s range and problem solved.

Another idea but its more complicated:
So this game is from Relic, isnt it?

What if we change the game to look like the company of heroes? in the CoH we use our troops to operate cannons. If our troops die, the enemy can steal the cannon. I would be happy to see something similar solution in AoE4

What do u think guy? :slight_smile:


I find it hilarious they already have this mechanic in another game but failed to bring it here :rofl:

Great ideas tho, doubt relic would ever take the time to do it

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They didn’t use that COH mechanic in AOE4 intentionally because they wanted a faster-paced game.

Well, they failed, terribly.

Also that really isn’t what lovers of the RTS genre enjoy, at least from what I’ve seen.

Strategically minded people (which most RTS players are) enjoy taking time to think out the strategies and feeling like they’re moving their front up slowly to the enemy

Honestly if the devs had that logic landmark sniping is probably working as intended it’s just another bad mechanic they thought we would enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong I like the landmarks but the instant elimination is silly. Oh your entire army you can make with this tiny little population cap is on the other side of the map? Oh you didn’t use 30 of your 100 free pop for military to stand idle near your wonders thereby making your actual army hugely ineffective? Well tough ■■■■ bc this is a fast paced game


I need to have a word with the design head for this mess

Aoe has always been a game where you can’t do everything so you have to prioritize all the tasks and decide what is more important to do with your limited APM.

it is pretty much a Whac-A-Mole especially after 20 minutes or so, I don’t think the weapon team mechanic is good for that, it will take too much APM.

I honestly hate how this has turned into an esport game.

Man I just wanna play age of empires I don’t give a fk about apm

Also I miss treaty modes so much


Lot of times I see ppl stating following “equal resources matter.” 8 bombards cost 8k resources while 8 MAA costs 960 resources. So how exactly is this balanced then?

Siege should be slower especially bombards should move mush slower, set up and tear down slower and basically get wrecked by any close quarters unit that can reach them, and give culverins to everyone to help fight off bombard players, mangonels seem ok, just slow their rate of speed, at the moment if your opponent see you charging them they can pack their siege weapons so fast and they move so fast you can’t even catch them

Elephants can’t catch bombards, and that has always made me uncomfortable.

I believe overall siege is well balanced except for some Speed/HP issues and hard counters. If anti-siege units equally counter siege for all civs it will be well balanced. Unlike units which have counter triangle siege doesn’t have it. So you can’t give one civ more effective counter than others e.g RUS 13.5 tile springalds. And you can not make exception to rule in hard counters e.g for every civ you can counter bombards with springalds except for china whose bombards become hard counter to springalds.

In units you have counter triangle and you can let one civ have special upgrade that greatly enhance their unit type. It still can be countered. Siege on the other hand doesn’t have this. They can give immense edge to one civ while making no counter.

Also I am against siege nerf. The only thing that needs to be fixed is HP reduction and remove speed buffs from Siege. Speed buffs make it impossible to counter. Nerfing siege speed overall will make them useless except for civs that can make on field. It takes so much time to move siege. And the cost to put one workshop is 350 wood. You need to build it somewhere safe.


Hey guys, take your ideas over to this thread:

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