Sign In Issues on the Mod Part of the Website

Recently I’ve been having trouble logging in to my mods on the website. Sometimes it tries a while and then sends me back to a page that says I have to log in again. Other times it redirects to the most recent page I tried to access. And occasionally I get this error:
my mods

I assume I can somehow clear a cache or something to fix this, but I would be appreciative of more exact instructions.
Also, it would be nice if the mods part of the website worked like the forum part, where I never have log in issues and don’t need to sign in every week again.

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Hi @Zetnus,

Having some troubles with Firefox (already reported). Personally, I have to “Reload (override cache)” each time after first log in attempt. If you’re using Firefox :

  • Press CTRL + F5
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Likewise facing the same problem. Browser is Google Chrome.

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same here… ok with chrome tho

Still happening. Maybe an addon or a cookie setting? I can only look at mods in Edge right now. Both Firefox and Chrome mess up the authentication.