Good day, dear developers! Why are there no skeletons in the game? Is it possible to add a preference setting skeletons?! In the original, there were skeletons, but in the Definitive Edition there is no, it’s like!!! This is very lacking for the depth of the game… I believe that it is necessary to introduce skeletons and that they lay at least 10-15 minutes of playing time)


I think that they will not go this way with rotting corpses, unfortunately. In this renewed interest, it seems that the Age series wants to embrace more the family friendly side of the franchise, and rotting dead people is a no-no on this goal.

I understand that we all can live without the rotting corpses, but I think that bodies and ruined buildings could fade a lot slower. At the end of a long siege there is no evidence of the carnage that took place, and I think that this could be solved by extending the time that destroyed stuff and dead soldiers stays still. This would be just a graphical effect. If you choose to build over a bunch of ruins and dead bodies, you can do so.

I suggest a slider in the graphical options where we can set how much time stuff take to fade away, where the minimun is a little less than the actual default, and the maximun would take several minutes, so it’s up to the player to be cool about destroyed things being sucked by the ground like quicksand or if they want to say cadavera vero innumera after a significant face off.


Yeah, I want this as well.

It was cool in the original game to have this. Does the classic mode include skeletons or were they removed?

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Yes, there is, just checked)

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AMAZING! At least they didn’t remove that! :smiley: