Skins mod idea

HI Age 2 fans! I have been thinking of a cool skin mod for this game which would require a LOT of art. Imagine if 2 people could be playing a game of age of empires but what they see is not the same. Imagine if one person saw the game as cavalry and archers and the other person saw the game as tanks and rifle men and another person sees the game as hovering spacecrafts and troops with blasters but everything in the game still works exactly the same, just the look changes.

One person could see the map as a foreign planet with weird shrubs as trees, instead of stone one person is collecting oil and one person is collecting magic crystals. I don’t know if i’m making any sense but the game would all play exactly the same for both players, just that what they see would be very different and almost seem like a different game.

Maybe this is an idea for a new game entirely, more than a mod but the gameplay for ages of empires 2 is so good.

Anyone have any comments on this?

Certainly graphics can be modded, but it would take incredible amount of work to create quality versions of all units, trees, etc.

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If we can generate destruction animations by tools. I always have plan in creating these slps by hand-drawing, but I can’t draw so many frames for a destructing building.

Yeha i fugured it would just be way too much work, that’s a ■■■■ of a lot of art if there were to be several styles, fantasy, different eras of millitary etc, imagine if one team was like zombies and skeletons misc undead