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Just reply to this post with any suggestions for the mod so we can decide what people would like to see with the mod

Like said in a other post (not to steal the idea but just love the idea)
please add drummers to all euro civs,

btw this is the best mod i know as it has all the things and more i so badly wanted when i played this game back on CD. when i saw fort walls you allready had me, but this mod is just the greatest and it makes good use of things already in the game.

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No problem they will be added, atm i am currently re-writing the code on this one to make it more compatible with other mods, update will be out in a couple of days i will make sure drummers are included, thank you for your kind words.

last time i cheacked there are only 3 drummers trainble (last vew maches i played russions and china so havent checked in a little while) but could this be increased to 5 or 8? i dont know if this disturbes the balace of the game but having more drummers would be nice to make a propper marching army. (maby by increasing the cost of the drummers this could be fixed? idk)

and could you make it that the dutch get more tavrens or merc hiring ability? the dutch used to beat spain with mainly a merc army and it seems a little weird to me as a dutch person to see a lot of banks but only 1 tavren.

also a couple days a go i played a mach as the russions and it couldnt make more villagers. as it would need more “blank” to create more villagers. dont know if it is already fixed as it was a problem before the latest pach

I was thinking of removing the build limit completely from all infantry. If this is something people want, i can do this in the next update. Funny thing is i was going to increase the build limit of the taverns to 10 for everyone, i can look at increasing the merc pool in the tavern to. I am not aware of any bugs for the villagers for Russia i will check myside when i get a chance to see if it is indeed a problem, i can increase the limit of villagers to double for all civs if needed. Just give me the go ahead :grinning:

just wanne say thx for fixing the russion problem, and adding drummers and mercs

and i love the merchant ship idea!

agian your doing a great job on this mod!

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i saw that the brittish can make the captain lizzy hero, and her ship, but could you please make it so the brits can also create pirate sloops? so one can make a little pirate fleet?

and could you make the colony troops march in formation?

Done, done and done lol hopefully all is functional :slight_smile:

do like the cicrcle update but also have a view ideas if you dont mind

first it seems that the circle does get commandery weagons and has the shipment cards for them but the new civ cant use comanderys or build them, so maby just replace those cards with something els or let them build comanderies

also maby give behmonth some extra skills and or abilities with the upgrade for cicrle heroes (maby stealth as he seems always to be lurking around with his knife and maby let him train a couple wolfs as he did have wolfs in the campeign to kill cooper)

i love the baracks units do! and the fountain of youth is a great plus as wel!
the circle of youth how ever seems to have an ability that has no description,(the one with the arms hold in the air)

also there are two trainble alans on a horse. one you start with and one traineble later in the military academy (the place you train extra heroes)

also could you make it so that the allies you can aquire as the circle are re traineble at an royal ambasy? can be just in its normal 7 troops per type , the same as the shipment,

but overal im super glad with this mod and i thank you again! youre making AOE 3 as it should have been!

I will try and fix all these today, i will swap out the fort center for the commandery that should make those shipments work properly, not to sure but will try and see if i can get them attached to the royal embassy may take a bit of testing but will try, 100% will improve beaumont. I will add a description to the power no problem. I also have been advised of other bugs hopefully get it all sorted asap :slight_smile: the 2 Alains are on purpose as one is the uber Alain from the campaign

aaa i see, thx for the update, and with that i mean the comming one and your comment,

But take it easy, speaking for my self, i can wait for and update so no need to rush

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I want it working correctly so you wont be waiting for long i will get this done today, thanks again for your kind words :slight_smile:


i have a nother suggestion, (just an idea and you can get to it when ever you want)

but could you make the other heroes with no abilities for other civs a tad more intrasting?

my thanks in advance

one more item i have, again take a look at it when ever you want.

but it seems that the AI also figured out that it can fill the map with armys. could you make it so the enemy AI has some what of a limit on how much units it can spam? as they just camp at there town center and create extream lagg after 40 min.

thanks for all your hard work

with that one it may be worth looking into another mod on here which does work alongside mine I think its called better AI - imo it tones the AI down a bit

for now big fix has gone out - will look to fix other heroes as we move forward :slight_smile:

I have tested the AIs on here id say the Aggressive AI is ok as it keeps them sending units to atk you so it keeps them in line, better ai is pretty good to tbh try either one as they are both compatible with this mod

thx good sir or mam.

i will trie it

there seems to be a little problem with the AI as they only create Falconets and nothing els.
if i had to guess this might be because the infini pop (99999999 pop) as before this change the enemy armys made al sort of diffrent army types.

i do play threaty so i can build a massive fort. but when i arrrive at the enemy town a swarm of falconets start bombing my army back to the stone age, calvary or not there is no way beating a hunderds of falconets

Ye that is only needed for Russia, so i can fix it so the cap is normal for every other civ but leave Russia with the cap and try that