Skirmish Madness Upgraded

notice i did indeed, and really enjoyed it,

about the bandits etc that dont walk in formation, i dont play this game every day so i might be a while since i find the units that dont walk in formation, but i will write them down and send em your way in this forum when i found a bunch.

Caravan bandit

dont walk in fomration
(you asked me to infrom you when i found some, now mid match with the ottomans and found that these units dont walk in formation)

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Will fix it thanks if you come across more lemme know

i found more units that dont walk in formation

all the units from the forign guild (native civs) dont walk in formation

still loving the mod! thx for the work

Funny enough i was already in the process of hunting them down lol so fix already out :slight_smile:

I’m working on another big update for this mod. It’s a pirate life for me…, i will be adding an animation to the spc fort towers so they go through scaffolding to make it more immersive, i will look to add some of the buildings scaffolding animations to the ones that dont have any so bare with me on this one, but there will be a nice update coming soon before the animations are done :grinning:

you got me at pirate!

im assuming we get some more pirate stuff. and also looking forward to the other things!

im excited already!

The update is moving things are progressing, just keep “pirating” your anticipation :grinning:

yarrr maty, keep them loot, boot them tax

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any juicy spoilers for the pirate update?

Wonder what it would be like to steal an enemys ship…

now that sounds great!


are you going to base this new CIV on the base of a existing civ or are you going to build it from scretch?

Unfortunately i have to use a base of an already exsisting civ, but just like i did with the circle i will be changing everything i can on it, i am sadly just a coder and not very good at the art side so customizations and adding new units from scratch is something i lack in, would love to have assistance with someone who could do the art to bring mine and my freinds ideas more to frution but in the meantime will be trying to make them as unique as i possibly can

Although due to the nature of this civ i will be looking at unique cards and will see if i can make a different situation with revolution, with this in mind this is why it takes a while to complete, i am the only one coding it lol but i do have a partner who contributes a huge amount of ideas

sadly cant help you with art even if i want, tried to do a minecraft texurepack ones, and that didnt turn out pritty, so texureing 3d units if far beyond me since i nor own the knowledge how to edit or the skill to edit., but i hope you find some one who can lend a hand there.

and your doing a fine job on this mod, luckly AOE 3 has a shit ton of untis and buildings that are not beiing used in the base game as you wel know as you have been using it a lot.

Will be doing alot of the update on the weekend hopefully get this out somepoint nextweek, sorry it takes me a while but i do work full time to lol

Dont worry i have not abandoned the update, i have just been real busy irl, i will try and find time to bash out more progress this week and weekend and try get it out as soon as i can