Skirmishers need nerf

Before last patch drush was already comman tactic, now with archer nerf and gabason upgrade long swords dominate castle age. Also ticker woodline protect lumberjacks .Archers would shine at feudal-early castle but buch of skirmisher + maa from drush can dominate feudal so there is no way to win a game with massing archer. There must be a win condition with archers. Nerfing skirmishers would help them. 1 archery range akirmisher product can handle with 2 archer range archer product. There must be some change about it. I think -1 pa would be enough

Have you considered adding Scouts? Archers by themselves are fine in their performance against skirms, you just need to add something that can easily kill skirms, probably either scouts or knights.


As i say above. Man at arms can protect their skirmishers and wasting 80 food for scout is too much for feudal age. It denay your castle age time.

Try and raid with the archers, build a scout once you’ve clicked up, micro down the M@A with the archers. Gambesons isn’t until Castle Age, and they have to research it first.


pretty sure the tandard archer + scout comp will wreck maa skirm as it always did.


No it will not. People were thinking skirmishers are popular bcs xbows are op but now xbows nerfed and skirmishers are more dominant. Also maa+ skirmisher better then scout+archers. You can kiil them but it will cost you a lot and thicker woodline will give enough time to make wall and boom into castle age. Castle age longswords+gebarson will kill archer civs. That is why i say archers have very narrow shine time.

I know what i will do but thicker woodlines allow opponets full walled while you trying to kill maa+ skirmishers. When your reach enemy base you have tobreak walls to give some damage but you op can defend yourself with skirmishers.

Lol maa+ skirm better than Scout+Archer? Id like to see a rec for that. Range+mobility Always better then range+ No mobility. And the skirms cant even do damage against the Scouts. And offensive skirms in feudal arent even that scary since they only do 1 dmg to Vills.
Just add a stable as soon you notice that your opponent goes for a Lot of skirms. You can always dictate the fights since scouts are way faster than maa or skirms.


yeah and jsut my 2 cents for the to:
Lately we saw less and less use of skirms anyways even before gambesons was a thing.
Cause tbh the unit just sucks, dies to basically anything that isn’t archer or spear.

that siad for long time i propose to overhaul skirms a bit. increase their damage output, especially against the units they are supposed to counter and reduce the armor a bit. that would also solve any issues with the archer timings.


Lol, i did not say offansive skirmisher is good. You cant dictate the fight when 3 maa at your base. Also you opponent can add spearman very easy. That is why maa rush very popular.

Dying to anything but enough to defend at feudal age. Before last patch archers were good until late imp now they are good until mid castle age.

That was like 1 1/2 years ago, game has changed quite a lot.

Yes you can. Imagine you have 4 archers and 3 scouts against what? 3 maa and 8 skirms? How do you loose that?
I think its a bold statement to say that maa skirm is better than scout archer.

3 maa can handle 3-4 scout and 4 skirmsirmisher can handle 4 archers. Also whole fight will happen at your base. You op will wall his base, you will spend 240 food for scouts etc… and even after you won the fight you cant counter since your op will wall hiw whole base. That is why archer should have better answer againts skirmishers so you can counter attack and denay his castleage time.

I think wih incas you can play maa skirm actually, cause both get a nice food discount and you don’t need to research supplies. It’s similar to why the byzantine special with spear + skirms (+towers) is so strong.

But it’s really specific to that civ which has almost no eco bonus.

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You know that you can Run away with your Scouts right? Preferable towards your archer so they can kill the maa. With Micro you should never loose that fight. And even without micro by any Player the archers can do damage to the maa while the skirms cant do damage against the Scouts. If we are talking generic units i would still stand by my Claim that this fight would at least favourable for the Scout Archer Comb.
And i cant remember a game where i went for Scout Archer and got destroyed by maa into skirms.

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I mean id like to see a replay where 3 maa and 4 skirms killed 3 scouts and 4 archers. That could change my mind.

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Who i am ? Lierry ? Even if you are Lierry or viper: You still have to come close to attack skirmishers but skirmisher can attack archer with range so maa will hurt your scouts. Also as i say above even if you win the fight you cant counter attack since thicker woodlines and easy wallable maps.

Dude skirms and archers have the same range. So to protect your skirms with maa against scouts they have to be in Front. When they are in Front the maa will be in range of the archers before the skirms can range the archers. Basicly while both players have their melee units in front the Archer so damage while skirms almost do nothing.
I havent tested it but i think If you patrol 3 maa and 4 skirms into 3 scouts and 4 archers and the scouts and archers are also patroled the extra damage of the archers against the maa is enough to win the melee fight and then the Scouts kill the skirms.
You are Not lierry and im Not Viper but still this sounds more like a i-dont-know-what-to-do-Situation than skirms-are-op-situation. But idk. Send a replay and i will have a look. Maybe it is right but i just cant remember to feel oppressed by skirm maa while i had scouts and archers.
If i get maa rushed and i scouted that i just counterattack while i have my res small walled. If i then see that my opponent is only doing skirms without archers i imediatly drop a stable. And dont forget that maa is also ist 280 food investment plus you also almost always need a minningcamp which is an additional 100 Wood.

I tested it many times and opened this topic. Archers have no place to win in this patch, just lost 1 game againts archers after patch and only game i won was mayans ve goths 11 (İ had no hope but goths player massed knight and did let him drop castle). Knight play still has solid place but archer totaly waste.