Slavs Rework: Should the Boyar become a regional Eastern Europe unit?

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What do you think about making the Boyar a Paladin replacement for Slavs (Ruthenians), Lithuanians, Romanians, Serbs and Bulgarians? Ruthenian unique unit could be a Cossack or something else.

From Wikipedia:

A boyar or bolyar was a member of the highest rank of the feudal nobility in many Eastern European states, including Bulgaria, Kievan Rus’ (and later Russia), Moldavia and Wallachia (and later Romania), Lithuania and among Baltic Germans. Boyars were second only to the ruling princes, grand princes or tsars from the 10th to the 17th centuries.

The oldest Slavic form of boyarbolyarin , pl. bolyari (Bulgarian: болярин, pl. боляри)—dates from the 10th century, and it is found in Bulgaria, also popular as old Bulgar title boila , which denoted a high aristocratic status among the Bulgars.

In medieval Serbia, the rank of the boyars ######## bojari) was equivalent to the rank of the baron; meaning “free warrior” (or “free man” in general), it was the first rank after the non-free peasants or serfs. The etymology of the term comes from the word battle (бој, boj). The boyars of Serbia were literally “men for the battle” or the warrior class, in contrast to the peasants.

For the Cossaks for Slavs (Kievan Rus), Cossackhood is most romanticized in the 16th century, but it appeared in 14th 15th centuries. Which is pretty late, but still within AoE2’s timeline.