Slight buff for Persians?

I think the Persians are almost in a good spot but they just lack a little oomph with their civ bonuses. The fact that they previously had their TC faster working bonus start at dark age I think was really good and gave them something akin to an early game eco bonus which I think is the only thing they really lack. I understand that this got removed because it made them insane on hybrid maps because having faster working TCs and Docks in dark age was just too snowbally. So I get that its a tricky thing to balance. So I was wondering what if we gave the dark age bonus back for the TC but still kept their docks working regularly in dark age? I think this would strike the perfect balance between giving them a little something and also stopping them from being OP. What thinks the forum?


Sounds at least somewhat reasonable to me, although TBF I don’t have the most informed opinion as someone who doesn’t go out of his way to play either as Persians or on hybrid maps.

In general though, I do think enough power creep has occurred that some bonuses that were changed because they were previously considered OP may be worthy of reversion. And Persians do feel a wee bit bland compared to the newer civs, such that I think they’re in the running for some kind of small buff.


Persians are strong but bland. I always dont like randoming them on BF games and such but they can keep up with anyone they dont need a buff

What they could use is a bit of spicing up. I say give them the ele archer or ele ram and remove something else so its not just a buff

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Oh no please no more elephants lol :joy:

they should get their faster dark age TCs and docks back but lose the free 50 wood 50 food.
But not because it’s a buff.

I think it is good idea that only give TC 5% dark age bonus since it won’t make it too strong in hybird map but consider the fact that Persians is not too weak in meta I think it may not need this buff at this moment especially after the crossbow nerf


You can’t have only 1 civ bonus though, a big part of the reason Persians are so bland is because they literally only have 2 bonuses.


The problem with Persians is a bit that they are supposed to rely on superior eco. Yet other civs are comparable or even slightly better, and have something special in the military department available on top of that (e.g. Burgundians).

Without any military bonus (aside from the team bonus), the civ should have the strongest boom in the game. One way to achieve that might be to give them additional food and wood at age-ups, especially in castle. Just to prevent the faster producing TCs from running idle.
But getting this properly balanced, both for Arabia and hybrid maps, is quite tricky.


They’ve got their stronger TCs too. Having +100% hp on TCs and having faster producing villagers and ageups feels like having 2 distinct bonuses.

Looking at vikings back in the day when they were an archer civ, I think it can be fine. 1 strong eco bonus, and one military bonus for flavour. (hearty TCs for persians, hearty infantry for Vikings).

The main thing that may have made Vikings feel more alive was their unique unit. Which wasn’t even particularly strong, just kinda-viable and cool.
The best way to give Persians more flavour I think is to fix their unique unit. The only good way to do so (that I know of) is to make it multi-pop, but there’s a lot of resistance to that.

Also ########## crossbows already add some flavour to Persian military already.

I thought Persians were already balanced fairly well?
Surely they shouldn’t receive a strong buff?

Yes especially after the archer nerf and now Persian is in a right spot

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What about get back Dark age faster TC, but remove the dock bonus and give it to another civ?
And maybe give Persians a new, interesting military bonus or unique upgrade for knight-line that replace Paladin with slightly different bonuses than generic Paladin. Like Winged hussar case

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In terms of slightly, Persians already got a slightly bonus of their paladin which is +2 attack vs. Archers.

Nonetheless I agree that paladin among different civ should be more diversify like Champion that which can maybe +4 attack, +1 PA, faster attack speed even ignore armor and ofc with huge drawback say only get first attack and armor upgrade without bloodline and Husbandry or increase the upgrade time and cost like Winged hussar case

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IDK why nobody is talking about “Mahout” UT? It should be free with elite upgrade like Koreans old UT
" Panokseon".

New Imperial UT, knight line regenerate 15HP/min.


Regarding new Imperial UT, maybe CA +3 attack.
They do not have Bracer, so it could be balanced and satisfy some people.

Remove the +50 Food/Wood
Dark/Feudal TC/Dock works +10% Faster, Castle/Imperial TC/Dock works +20% Faster

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Mahouts removed, speed boost by default to war ele.

New Imperial UT, Aswaran, Knights regenerate HP.

At this point is a cavalry civ whose paladins get a team bonus that’s only relevant in castle age, also let be the first civ that can get an UT to paladin.

Persians can’t get back the dark age workrate because that was what made them OP on hybrid maps and nomad. And the faster workrate of TCs is actually good for booming.


Persians is like Cumans with no military bonus. Both civ gain villager advantage with their eco bonus. Cumans has faster Scout, cheaper Stable and Range which are more than enough for defense and raids but Persians has none. They need military bonus.

It won’t help Persians in Castle Age. War Elephant is unusable even with this buff. I think all Elephants should gain +15 - +25 bonus attack against buildings together with this speed buff (0.75 speed by default).

Good buff but it is too late. Hindustanis get 25% faster attacking Camels from start of Castle Age. Persians need similar thing. I propose Spearman are produced 80% faster inspired from Persians hired large number of Greek Spearmen mercenaries in real History.

Without the extra resources they won’t br able to use the faster production.
N2m that leaves them with only 1 civ bonus


The best thing you can do for Persians is removing their imp UT and give them something better.

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