is this scenario? how do you slow the enemy units like that

it is using caravanserai effect but on the enemy to slow them

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How to slow multiple classes units?
I could only set resource 258 to 1 class.

yea its only 1 class for now. I am using a tech to change class so to speak.

it generates a building that slows cavalry class, then another is created to trigger effect of a tech which changes it to cav archer class in the video.

so when you have lots of projectiles sometimes it hits and slows only for 0.2 seconds vs some that slows for 0.5 seconds basically its the switching between classes causing this.

understand, thanks a lot

Can you say more details? it sounds interesting but I cannot remake what you discribe.

its difficult to explain if you dont have lots of experience in complicated modding with AGE3 but I will update the mod after their next patch. which should be soon because May PUP is already out for 2 weeks, so probably 1st week of June and you can see how its done.

@cly0806 quick follow up on this, can’t update the mod currently due to issue players unable to complete download or subbing the mod, which means can’t play.

im waiting for next patch hoping for some bug fixes so I can update it. hopefully by end of june