[Small Balance Suggestion] Re-introduce Wolves in maps

Hey guys,
There are many balance suggestion post in forum, and I think changing map itself can change the balance without drastic change.

In several patches ago, Devs remove most of the wolves in maps and it makes forward villager strategy stronger than before and make Magyars bonus (Kill wolves instantly) useless. Any civ now can do forward villager strategy with little risk. Magyars are now have no advantage on that.

Also it made some civ overpowered in dark age/early Feudal age with their bonus such as Goths (Insta free loom and forward villagers go to opponent’s base to kill Boars) or Incas (Forward villager after clicking Feudal age and infamous tower rush.) than before.

I don’t mean that these civs need huge nerf, they are Top5 winrate in majority of the playerbase but not top-tiers in pro-level. But just changing maps to re-introduced wolves, (even more than previous patch is my suggestion) can indirectly nerf them without significant change and they have to take risk for early forward villagers. And make magyars bonus meaningful to indirectly buff them which is not that bad civ but mediocre for high-level players because they have no eco bonus.

What do you think of that?


personally I think the magyar anti predator bonus was lame to begin with and should just be changed to something a bit better, like a small eco bonus.


Sounds fair to me

Sadly it’s unlickely to happen, I think some players complains about wolves breaking the dynamism of early game. It’s probably true, but wolves have always been part of the game to begin with.

At least, they should reintroduce them in game if there is a Magyar player to balance the bonus and give them a small advantage. It’s maybe tricky to code :thinking:

Personnally, I never use this bonus for laming. I found it very usefull to create a forward stable near your opponnent base, a hidden dock on four lakes, walling on dark forest, etc. And mostly more wolves on the map also prevent Magyars from being lame, and make it a little bit harder to wall against them.

Like Mat said, if they had to change something with Magyars maybe they shoud focus on a small eco balance instead

Yeah i like that, i think adding more wolves like in the HD will be really good an challenging for sending vills forword

About Magyars bonus attack vs wolves i totally agree with Matcauthon3, this bonus really ridiculous and useless, they need to change it.

Please dont go too crazy with wolves, but some more makes sense. In most maps wolves dont play any role at all.

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Surprisingly I don’t remember seeing anyone complaining about the wolf rush strat going extinct.


Good idea, why they removed them? Wolves usually lovd5 my vils instead of enemies but I missed them.

All food sources, wood, gold and stone already being used by civs. I think we don’t need to add same bonus again because we already have a creative bonus.

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It would also remove drush as a viable strategy in a lot of cases. Dunno, i kind of like it.

If they reintroduce more wolfes i think they should extend the magyar civ bonus to all units, to give them the option of a safe drush.

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Lots of unused bonuses. Make hunt last 20% longer.

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340 food boar (x2),
140 food deer (x3 or x4),
Hunting units has faster collection rate so I think it is strong. I won’t calculate decaying.
1 boar gives 68 more food. (a magyar scout)
1 deer gives 28 more food.

2 boar and 3 deer makes 220 food more
2 boar and 4 deer makes 248 food more

I think last longer bonuses strong bonuses thats why i didn’t mentioned them. I think it makes scout rush easier. Which is merged by less lagging and bad pathfinding. So i think it is balanced.

and yet that paltry extra food is still smaller then some bonuses other civs get, and as you said, you aren’t calculating decay involved.

i dont think its lame. its an wonderful idea to have something so different than the regular eco bonus, stats buff etc while still have it’s role in strategies involved, if there are more wolves.

perhaps even have predators respawn mid/late game and attack player villiagers would give magyars even more of an advantage.

except that’s literally whats holding them back. look at all the good civs and what do they have? eco bonuses. to be competitive a civ must have some sort of eco bonus.

not sure how this is possible and not sure i want this type of deviation from how the game is designed.

Problem is Magyar have an extremely strong early feudal age. Cheaper scouts, and especially free forging is huge, also for m@a and spears.
If they had a better food eco in feudal they would be straight up op. Especially considering they get FU Hussar, Paladin,Arbalesters,arguably the strongest post imp cav archers and a trash unique unit that is quite strong itself. Only thing they are bad at is siege and a sup par eco. Buffing Magyar is very tricky because they have a good feudal and good post imp game. They just lack a bonus to get them to feudal faster and they dont have anything special in castle age.

which has done nothing for making them decent in KotD3 has it?

how often are games getting to late imp these days?

I’m not saying they need a huge buff. it could even be a 10% longer lasting hunt. just enough to help them make it.

Maybe zap a random enemy villager every time you age up/build a TC :star_struck:

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No, but if i remember correctly they have been performing quite well in red bull wololo where dark age was removed.
Thing is: you cant be a top tier civ if you dont have a dark age eco bonus. But you also cant give a dark age eco bonus to a civ that already has a strong feudal age.
I am not saying they are not deserving a slight buff, but they are a very tricky civ to buff, because of their many strong options. But i just saw that there is a huge thread about this already thats too long for me to read, so i wont bother coming up with any suggestions, just saying that buffing the dark age eco is not the way to go. Some buff in castle age would be more appropriate.
Well one suggestion i do actually have: lean into their theme of having tons of options, and give archers +10% movement speed, as they are right now the only unit not having a speed bonus. Although some sort of castle age eco bonus probably would do more.

4-3 in RBW2. hardly stellar. positive yes, but not like they were chosen every series.

so many civs prove this wrong.

10% faster archers means they can literally out micro their intended counter. skirmishers.

Only one that comes to mind would be franks, while magyars have a stronger bonus in feudal than franks do.
One thing that just came to mind would be +10 (or +5) carry capacity for farmers starting in castle age. But as there already is another thread about that topic ill stop it here.

Mongols, Lithuanians, Mayans, Aztecs and Franks all come to mind right away.