Smart Drag Box

Why is there an option for Drag box selection: Smart, Military and villagers. When the villagers only and military only options works but the ‘smart’ drag box just selects both. I want it to select military units in a box and not get pesky villagers caught in the same box and when I’m making a box with just villagers that’s fine as well. This is an option on AOE 3 and 2, is there any news if this is a bug or it is designed like this? I keep sending villagers into battle accidently cos I cannot prioritise them in a box.


I second this! I find this extremely annoying.

I honestly expected “Military only” to select military only if I select BOTH military and eco, and “Villagers only” to select villies only if I happen to select BOTH military and villies.

At the moment, those two options make no sense.

The smart selection never works either. Not sure what the logic is behind it. It should be:

  • if I select a whole bunch of mil + villies and attack move, only military should be selected and go.
  • if I select a whole bunch of mil + villies and assign to an economic task, only villagers should go.
  • if I select a whole bunch of mil + villies and do anything else, all units should be selected and do the task.

Any news on a fix for this? This is the one bug I keep running into.

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nothing whatsoever, I’m perpetually sending villagers into battle accidently and forever having to unsift them from any troops i move around. Its so annoying.

This is a known issue. Closing this topic since it is a duplicate.