Smurf culture: Let's vote

I think i found a good thing to quote here as it speaks volumes

Saying you’re a cheat doesn’t absolve you of cheating, in my opinion. And to say that you’re not gaining an advantage by playing against weaker players doesn’t make sense. If being several 100 elo better than your opponents isn’t an advantage, then what is an advantage?

If you’re playing ranked you’re playing on the assumption that your opponents and you will be matched somewhat fairly, but if your opponents are deliberately lowering their true elo with multiple accounts just so they can face easier opponents, that’s them giving themselves an unfair advantage.

Quick edit: i also think they should be harsher to the people that alt f4 or grief the game with deleting their stuff but maybe take a bit lighter response to everyone who is affected by it ( the non griefers)

same as mine, smurf is similar as cheating by ruing the match making system which suppose to match up 2 similar sides.

It’s funny that some of the people here thought the those TG elo push is disgusting however smurf in 1v1 is fine to them. it’s weird seems they only think about the “outcome” about the ridiculuos high score only but ignore the fact about the games they destroyed.
whatever TG or 1v1, smurfs are destroying every single game.

And in contrast they call us selfish eventho we endure that crap and they seem completly oblivious that they Ruin the Environment of the game

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How would you call someone who loses on purpose to drop his/her rank to face less skilled players?
This can be done by anyone, without a secondary account.

Fair enough but in the end why tgs are so much more important here is that smurfing is a much larger issue in tgs. Can’t really remember when I faced a smurf last time in 1v1. Maybe I did recently and didn’t notice but I guess in the end these kinds of discussion aim at identifying counter measures to smurfing. And as long as it’s not a huge problem counter measures will bring new problems (like the altf4 just did).

I dont really too care what the ways of handling smurf issue at all now.
There’s hacker runing the game here but he didnt get a permanent ban for it, so, whatever.

The main purpose of this thread is to brining out the issue about the smurfing culture in this community.
I believe lots of people here start to know the harms it brings and it really needs to bring this up and correct some of the people’s thought about how harmful smurf can bring.

I still think the best - and most hilarious - way to deal with this is to identify smurf accounts, and place them in a separate queue with only other smurf accounts. It’s like a little personal hell for those who want to cheat others, where everyone gets cheated themselves too

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you will see how quickly they gonna get salty and complain in the forum but i mean they only caused it so

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A person with a frail ego

probably I would call them “deranker”

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Who is even in charge for the game, so that we can tag him in the forum? I blame @Cysion all the time, but I don’t know if he is even the right person 24

The big boss is not him, it is adam is green the real guy in charge of all aoe franchise, he is the one calling the shots.

Come one you guys right now nicov is streaming on a second account, although he was pushing removing family share, he uses smurfs accounts just like the rest of the player base, why don’t you go there atafas and call it like you just wrote and nicov is only one example,i can give you more nicks and streamers for weeks.

Dude dafuq is wrong with you i just share a general opinion like others here, and not like you but i would boast my opinion in a streamers face because i got decency

So keep me out or your posts or just stop slandering me

why you always quote those steamers smurfing and try to justify this behavior?

Is that what you really believe an action is right or wrong based on what the famous people do?

I mean there is an obvious line to draw that yes they smurf but not to bash noobs but to progress and climb

Its a double edged sword but nothing to use for justification

In face if anyone try to google smurf, there’s ton of result talking about how smurfing ruining the other games and push away all the new joiner in game.

I feel it’s really weird for people defending themselves by just quoting their personal interest and even the guy above telling me it’s a healthy way to keep the game running.

Honestly we can agree that its damaging but wouldt you agree that there might be 2 parts to smurfing like damaging and non damaging smurfing?

In heinsight both might not be the best equivilant and good for the game but same for example is in leauge of legends were low level are festered with smurfs to ruin expierence for new player but there is also the guys who set 2 different goals one for a high rank and another for like a specific champion that he can rarely play i think these things seem justified as here in age its another thing

some weird example to me that some people play a smurf when they are drunk.
There might be more weird example but we are talking about the general smurfing here.

smurfs are fine to me in some of the MMORPG as smurf actually aa kind of disadvantages due to level issue.
However in LOL, DOTA, CS, AOE etc, AOE even worse because there are no civ restriction like champ in LOL.
smurf is totally dont have any disadvantages.

I wouldnt say smurf is a ban in every games but one thing for sure is that the smurf culture in AOE definitely is a harmful thing.

I know they said they wanna dimminish smurfs in lol aswell as it serves no reason to play on a low level acc and ruin the fun of others and they wanna encourage player to play on their mains

And so i would say its the same in aoe2 its rather disruptive and hurtful the smurf culture in aoe2 and people should play their main rather then a low acc to crush noobs

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Streamers do it as a way to make content. People who aren’t pros but play fairly well do it because they’re idiots. For Nicov and other streamers it’s worth making smurf accounts, if family share is blocked they’ll happily buy the game again and again because it’s a way to create content for the stream, which brings in money for them. Smurf pro streamers are the minority here, most of the smurfs are just people who get a kick out of beating noob players because they reached a point in their main account where they have no more easy games. Why knock their brains out when it’s easier and more satisfying to smurf? :woozy_face::v: (by noob i mean people who are below the smurfs level, doesn’t have to be low elo)