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Smurfing is when a high-level player creates a new account to play against lower-ranked players . There are several reasons players might create a smurf account, like playing with lower-ranked friends and for a new experience. But many players smurf to play easier opponents, which allows them to dominate their matches

To those smurfs who defending family share, please be reminded this is a thread just purely talk all about smurf.

To me, the only acceptable smurf are those who forgot the login only.

It’s really important to have a vote for the AOE community to show the smurf what the majority thought is.
Cheaters they dont feel ashamed, but at leas they know what they do is ruining the game.
However, smurfs think that they are totally fine doing this, and even “some genius” thought that smurfs are helping this game ecology to keep the playerbase.

Why we are having ranking elo? It’s to reflect what your level is and also more importantly, assign a similar opponent to make the game fun and competitive. Smurfing is totally ruining this system.
I am not only talking about the elo push in TG but also the 1v1.
It’s related to sportsmanship, self-morality and the game ecology. Smuring is totally destroying every part of it.

Some people would say “oh but x pro player got x accs on the ladder” but lets be real here its spread across all elos and really affect the high ladder aswell. But then again why do people smurf because they dident play for a month or two and fear to loose elo

I think smurfing is a toxic thing and people should accept if they loose elo after not playing for a while instead of cruching low elos and demoralize them more


The very limited vote leading into your one sided conclusions against family-share to attempt to have it removed are toxic.

Forcing players to not play arabia will never be the answer just like how removing family share in its entirety will never be the answer to smurfs; what should happen is to change the environment for the better.

In terms of making it better for the map pool would be to stop placing non-random map(non-normal start) gamemodes such as the nomad gamemode and nomad maps as well as mega random(until mega random starts with a minimum and maximum of 1 tc, 3 vills,+civ bonus, 1 normal scout or eagle warrior depending on civ, it will be considered a separate game-mode for this argument, and once it gains the normal start of the random maps queue proper it will deserve its place in the random maps(normal start) queue.) To reduce the amount of ‘instant ban’ maps and allow for more possible maps the playerbase will actually consider playing.

Another item is to allow multiple starred or favorite/preferred maps, around 2 or 3 to improve player satisfaction when being able to have a chance to gain a map they like rather than getting set together with a player that bans the only map you favorited out of a list of very few wanted maps and most being insta bans and ones you just hate less which increases the odds to 100% of them getting their preferred map if you didn’t ban that one.
And if both players happen to star a map together it will be the one to be played which will increase satisfaction even more. If more than one is starred together then either way whichever is picked the player’s happiness levels will improve.

For you anti civ picker users out there, the closest restriction I will ever approve of is simple; you pick the civ, you start the queue, the civ is locked in just like the civ bans/favorites are.

Civ picking, specifically hidden civ picking is a wonderful boon for the playerbase and should never be taken away.

This is my opinion: remove ranked mirror, it’s frustrating when playing against the same civ, it’s alright if both players pick the same civ, but it should never be intentionally mirrored.

(Some ideas borrowed from other threads of mine as well as a few recent replies towards some posts I heavily disagree with)

Further: Add chat for parties before the queue starts as well as within the queue itself to allow for consistent and better player to player communication in-game.

For both team and 1 vs 1 place a max 2k normal elo limit, and place an additional elo counter that starts when above 2k yet has no effect on who you’re queued against(the system will count you as 2k elo, and to go below 2k just lose the second counter’s elo to 0) this will allow the current setup to continue while having the populace receive a proper push back into their proper elos on both 1 vs 1 and team games while removing elo inflation from the equation properly, which will also in turn make it harder to smurf using elo disparity, since elos will be condensed properly without inflation.

Instate a 500 elo difference limit in ranked team games for the players on the same side to further reduce possible smurfing using elo disparity.

Reset the team game elo once the 2k limit is in place, as it is much too inflated.

Don’t reset 1vs1 elo as inflation isn’t high enough there to justify the reset, just have elo above 2k set towards the second elo counter.

For those anti-family share users out there; the only restriction I would allow would be to keep them away from the 1 vs 1 and team random map and empire war ranked queues and later the ranked lobbies. However, the unranked lobbies must gain a ranking system of their own that the family share users may play in so that smurfing does not worsen there. The users of lobbies, be them ranked or unranked must have an ingame visible rank so that the playerbase regains player to player regulation that befits the users. No more ‘noob lobbies’ filled with unranked accounts, because that’s where smurfing is most prevelant. add visible unranked lobby ranks. And add the 2k limit + secon counter elo to all future elo rankings.

1 vs 1 has the least smurfs, team games have some, but the lobbies is where it’s most prevalent; do not worsen things for our new players. Do not worsen things for the ranked queues by adding overly restricting features, instead make the environment healthier for the playerbase while at the same time reducing the chance to smurf using the same. No overly restrictive features and most certainly no outright removing family sharing or forcing players off certain maps without giving them a chance to have other maps starred and stop putting insta-ban seperate game-modes into both the 1 vs 1 and team ranked queues.

Let’s ensure age of empires 2 outlives chess and the board-game ‘go’

And an additional measure suggested by another player:
Have the ratings of the highest account be the starting point of the secondary accounts, which would allow the player to still use family share in ranked, but would still be anti-smurf friendly rather than removing them from ranked queues outright.

It’s really important to have a vote about people view’s on smurf culture so that the smurf knows that how disgusting they are.

Cheaters they dont feel ashamed, but at leas they know what they do is ruining the game.
However, smurfs think that they are totally fine doing this, and even “some genius” thought that smurfs are helping this game ecology to keep the playerbase.

Why we are having ranking elo? It’s to reflect what your level is and also more importantly, assign a similar opponent to make the game fun and competitive. Smurfing is totally ruining this system.
I am not only talking about the elo push in TG but also the 1v1.

Why do you keep pushing your wrong ideal over and over, in fact you said you were gonna quit playing as you reached your goal, you could begin with that :slight_smile: so people can actually take you serious.

Anyway this are the wrong forums to talk about smurfs, this are the proper forums to talk about campaigns and hate topics just like reddit, you atafas and several other guys just spread hate towards other users at every single word you guys write, i am really surprised no moderation action has fallen over you.

You want to talk about smurfing like if it was something new, but it has been part of the game since forever and will always be, every single top player has several smurf accounts and they are the rock stars of the game, you will never win boy, your war is against your own frustration, you should move forward cause you don’t really understand the reasons behind smurfing.

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The word you used there is correct: domination. The smurf doesn’t just want to win, he wants to dominate his opponents. But at his own level, the chances of encountering an equal or stronger opponent are rather high, and to dominate then requires a lot of work.

Essentially the smurf is too lazy to put in the work to overcome his opponents, by forcing matches against players who cannot resist as effectively. I just find it pathetic, really. I don’t see how a smurf can look himself in the mirror after destroying lower elo players and think he’s cool or something. It really isn’t.


he just copy pasted that for like the third time and is still on his crazy ideas

thats slander and you know it

Yea i mean its either destroying low elo noobs for them to boost their fragile ego or dodge because they are too scared to face someone else who smurf and ruining the game enviroment with thier grief

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No. I agree with him. Smurfing is a huge problem for those who have to experience it, and it’s probably pushed a large number of newer players away from the game. You definitely come across as someone who could well be a smurf, because their is literally no justifiable reason to say that smurfing is not bad. I know you have tried to prove it before, but the fact is, no matter what you say, the fact remains. Smurfing is an incredibly selfish act that has a really high chance of ruining the game for people at low elo, and could indeed lead to them quitting the game. It’s important that we stand against smurfing before it really is too late.

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i mean are there numbers on players on low and on higher elo i am sure the distrubution changes over the last i think 2 years were smurfs became more relevant

The so called " selfish " is quite normal online because there is no law. There is no solution for all the selfish behaviors. Sometimes I did smurf too, because I can only carry the noobs, trolls, team killers when im smurfing. Image that there is a guy who does not care about winning in your team when you are fighting the enemies with equal skills. Pretty much you will lose the game and you are going to waste 30min at least.

This is a massive issue at 1v1s though. People literally drop elo just so that they can smash others less skilled than they are.

That argument doesn’t make any sense. Why would you need to smurf to do a team carry? If you are playing at a level lower than your actual level, you shouldn’t even be playing there and you are ruining the game for all the other players.


The current anti-alt f4 system wont let us to avoid the players who don’t care about winning. You really cannot carry a team killer in a game with your real elo.

Just report them and start a new game. Also, if they are trying to screw you over at your actual elo, why would playing at a lower elo help fix that? You probably won’t be paired with the same person. Also, I’m pretty sure that most ranked players actually want to win, rather than throw the game for their side.

report does nothing and I don’t want to be a salty guy. I have seen many people reported whoever they dont like, but nothing really happened to anybody.
Starting a new game wont solve the problem because my elo and win rate already lost. Personally I care about my win rate or i would be a person who dont care about winning. I dislike this kind of teammates in ranked games.

I can understand that point of view, but based on one of your earlier comments, would you juse Alt-f4 instead? Wouldn’t that also lose winstreak/elo. And if you are always worried about this kind of player, how are you ever meant to climb elo anyway?

Alt-f4 won’t lose your elo and win rate
I muted the players with toxic behavior and i would alt f4 when they joined my team again.
I also won’t group with the players with lower than 40% win rate in the games with 2k+ elo, because i know normal players won’t get such a low win rate.
In team games, it is really hard to climb elo without premade team

if people wants to know how people discuss with smurf, this one is pretty decent.

I concern my win rate as well as my bottom line is 50%
I have played around 400 to 500 TG games in solo queue.
And let me tell you the fun fact that you really dont want a guy with high win rate teammate with you actually.
Because he got the high win rate by premade and now he’s being solo queue with you now.
You know what I mean.

There are tons of “selfish” behavior you are right, that’s why we are here trying to correct it and not letting Cheating and Smurfing being the main culture.
I think cheating is globally agreed this is toxic.
However, smurfing seems not.
From the replies you dropped here, at least I “believe” you know smurf is toxic, no matter you also think there are tons of other toxic behaours also. (one of the most I can think of is the farming pocket wont help their flank, but it’s beyond the topic)

Everyone wants a win game, I do as well.
However, if you want a win game that hard why dont you play with AI? you can have a guarantee win over there.
One of the reasons you might concern is about the competitive element. And that’s why we have elo system for the match ups.
And that’s why we are here to stop the smurf culture in the AOE2 community.
This game is purely a game with no level, purely skills.
Smurfing will be extremely harmful of this game among the any other games.

(And if you are telling me that you just want to see “human struggling” by playing smurf, I dont think we can have further discussion)