Smurf Smurf Smurf!

In my Asia forum, there are small groups of Smurfs who collectively sign up for smurf accounts and live stream smurf games. Now the forums are in perpetual dispute. I sincerely hope that the official can give some solutions as soon as possible. For example, locking IP like Voobly is one.


i support your idea,you are right.i was teamed up to smurf

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The officials would actually make money from all the smurfs, if there were not game keys floating around for 1usd 11

I think most smurfs will use family share of steam. So they wont even pay that 1usd.

We came across a team yesterday, all had the username ‘123456’. (if you search, there are now lots of players with this username so it’s impossible to know who you are playing)

One of them is the #1 ranked in TG. The others are all ‘new’ smurf accounts with 90%+ win rate and <2000 TG rating so that the average team rating stays low.

It’s absolutely pathetic. They’re all high level players who should know better. It seems like they are a group of friends that includes some of the best Chinese players. There is no reason for them to go around trying to beat lower ranked players just so they can get 4k+ rating. Who is the winner here?

Oh, and in the end we still won. But it was a super tough game. And we only got +1 point for the win. I am sure if they won then we would have lost a huge amount of points.

Ban the smurfs. And their main acc also.


What’s the forum where you saw this?

Playing at steam? Then you can log in at with your steam log in (Note: This is a third party site).
Then you go to (only accessable if you are logged in). You can see your own history and you can also click on the profiles of your allies and enemies. So it is possible to know exactly who you are playing.

123456 is an account of vivi, a well know top player. It isnt the first time he is caugth as having friends on smurf accounts in team games. Vivi is indeed one of the best Chinese players. Based on the current rules it looks like this behaviour is allowed. The devs dont really seem to care about the smurf accounts. Also on the 1v1 ladder there are many smurf account. I know that mbl had at some point 3 accounts in the top 5 for 1v1s.

It is really ashame the devs dont want to baby sit and ban all the smurf account. If they dont want to baby sit, then they really need to implement something for the team games to limit smurfing in general. In my opinion this can be done by changing the way the TG strength is calculated by using some kind of weigthed average instead of just the normal average. Multiple suggestions to change this calculation are already be posted in the thread Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues. As result of a different calculation that puts more weights on a the higher rated players, the impact of smurfing will be smaller.

Currently: Vivi + 3 smurfs of 1k result in an average of 1.8k, so they will be matched against 1.8k players. But if the average calculation is changed, so the same team will count as something like 3.5k and will be matched against other teams that are 3.5k, then it will already limit the usefulness of smurfing by a big margin. Such ideas to change this calculation are already discussed in that thread i mentioned earlier in this post.

123456 =vivi or jibatong

People could just use vpn so that wouldn’t solve much. Also as far as I know there isn’t even a policy forbidding smurf accounts (and I think for good reason).

Yeah I guess not just most of them but pretty much anyone.

I know. But supposedly we aren’t supposed to call out or name people on these forums. But everybody knows who they are… And they deserve our hate.

Yeah that is the exact crap i faced yesterday and a few weeks ago. I’m pretty disappointed that you have to do these kind of things as pro player.

Not sure if the asians have other attitudes but i feel like somebody like viper would never do sth. like this… and i have absolutely no clue why this doesn’t get punished. It is literally destroying teamgames. Other games don’t accept these kind of pushing…but i guess aoe4 is too important so the devs don’t care anymore about this game.


I think the official members should look at this.
Smurf players are not afraid of the official, they start to show off in the forum or community, and clash with other players


In Chinese forums and communities, many players are discussing the Smurfs, and as far as I know, it’s been going on for close to a month

Official must take this seriously

Full grown up men behaving like childs. Fix this crap already.

I agree this is kind of a trend in some Asia groups.
But when I did TG before, I saw this issue is not just happened in Asian players at all.

I started raising smurf issue at least half year ago, no one gives a shxx at that time, saying smurf is totally valid.
Even someone doubting me that I cant prove any smurfs at all and it’s true we couldnt 100% spot logically, I agree and we are only able to say “very likely” to be a smurf.
But then I saw that user keeps saying smurf issues are getting serious recently, I really dont get his point.
When I raise the example he doubt mine, and when the situation is getting worse, voice is bigger, and now he agrees, yeah this is a problem now. LAMO.

I really not quite respect people here always a kind of double standard.
They always like to deny people just because they “like” to deny, thinking that they are smarter, rational.

They won’t fix it. They don’t have staff capable of doing it. It’s really that way.

The devs successfully ruined Team Games.

You have to question any man who takes his only validation in this world from curb stomping people 500ELO lower than they are. Very strange lonely characters.

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You’ve lifted a sodden log at the bottom of the Age of Empires garden; all of the lice are going to come scurrying out…

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