Smurf Teams and New Dodge patch are make with many troubles

I am not good at English.
I used a translator.

I am not a racist.
But my experience. Most of the Smurfs are Taiwanese and Chinese.
Why do they enjoy slaughtering novices?
Why do you always create a new account?

Most of the day, from evening to night, there are many Smurf teams.
There are many Smurf Team vs Smurf Team matches.
This proves that there is a problem with the system.
Team points of 3300 points and team points of 1200 points together form a team.
And it slaughters beginners.

Due to these problems, many beginners stop playing the game anymore. I also haven’t played for a long time.

I asked the Korean community.
to so many people.
Also, many foreigners agreed with my opinion.

The difference between the minimum and maximum scores is more than 300 points. Then they must not form a team.
Or 500 or 400. Anyway.
The current team game system has a problem. A new patch is required.

Dodge Penalty Patch - This has a bad effect.
A lot of people don’t play AOE2 anymore because of that problem.
they quit
You need a rollback again as before.

Need a patch for the Smurfs team
Dodge patch needs rollback

thank you for reading.

This issue is going on for ages, sadly there is no fix and i doubt any fix will ever come. Many ideas are there such as turn off family sharing to prevent smurf accounts, resetting ladder and better match making or bans but sadly all they care about is NEW CIVS and Aoe4. Best of luck.

I would rather:

1.) get rid of non-standard game-modes from ranked to get rid of the insta-ban maps that waste map bans and increase the star amount for maps from 1 to 3.
(Nomad, mega random(currently needs a consistent 1 tc, 3 vills+civ bonus, 1 scout/eagle scout standardized start to be considered for the ranked queue))

2.) Capping elo at 2k + a second counter that starts after yet doesn’t effect who you’re queued against so inflation is removed on both team and 1 vs 1 elo.

3.) Pick civs at the start of the queue and once done so the civ pick and map stars/bans are locked in regardless of what map pops up.

4.) Introduce an unranked elo so that lobby users have more information on non-ranked users to reduce lobby smurfing.

5.) Have new accounts made under family share start out with(may still lose) the highest elo account under the user’s family share umbrella, while at the same time improving the anti-drop measures to further reduce reverse elo farmers from smurfing (usually 1-1.3k elo attempting 700-900 elo) (do not remove nor overly restrict family share.)

6.) If incorporating dynamic elo - I’d imagine 15 temp elo gained for each map ban, and 30 elo for picking civ.
However no temp elo gained for starring maps. (So for 1 vs 1 a max 75 temp elo may be gained(any higher would be too much)

7.) Introduce a 500 elo disparity limit on who you may be teamed up with in ranked queue(not ranked lobby)
(Secondary counter elo would not be counted towards this limit) this will more or less remove team-game elo disparity smurfing by high elo users teaming up with 1k+ elo below them to gain easier opponents.

8.) Reset team-game elo to help remove the insane inflation there, but do not reset 1 vs 1 elo since inflation isn’t so high as to justify a reset there. Elo above 2k in 1 vs 1 will automatically be counted towards the second counter

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It doesnt matter how often you wanna push your agenda onto us but like @MatCauthon3 said in a different post that nomad and megarandom are still rm maps with a different set up and that it is good to have this diversion

Because China got the largest population, that’s why you met them more often.
IMO, winning is more enjoyable than losing overall. You know, our real life conditions really affect our ingame performance. Many people want to play more games than they can handle in hard competitions, so they go to smurf because they don’t want to lose.

Smurfing got nothing to do with beginners. Most smurfers don’t really want to fight beginners. Nobody want to fight a player who plays like an AI. They usually want to beat up the guys who are better than the hardest AI and copy the build orders.
Personally I also hate those TG team smurfers for different reasons. Abusing the system and playing with rules are toxic behaviors. Anyway, this is online, nobody can do anything to anybody.

It’s futile to play teamgames, I just learned the hard way again.

Either you queue up with high level players and the matchmaker runs out of possibilities, or 2 out of 3 games are decided by smurf accounts.

It’s not worth starting about nations. Even if some nations have a much higher rate of smurf users, it would be a waste of effort to talk about that.
Because solutions need to be independent of nation.