⌛ SNEAK PEEK! Age of Empires II: DE November Update!

HELLO Age II conquerors and kings! It’s been nearly a year since the launch of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, so we’re kicking off the birthday celebration with a sneak peek at the MASSIVE update coming your way this November!

More to come next month, including some exclusive looks at some of the content on the way this November! :fallen_leaf:


:open_mouth: so excited for the new civ selector!!! Very interested to see what balance updates are coming. Hopefully some of our long-term reported bugs are finally squished too :smiley: Good work team! Love your work.


I hope the “Battle royale” gamemode isn’t just renaming free-for-all because every game need battle royale nowadays 11 Otherwise sounds pretty nice, also it took 21 yrs but AoE2 maths are finally fixed (you can see in the vid the misleading percentages have been updated)


Looks so promising
Please the potential Lithuanian nerf should be tiny and Teutons should remain as they are.
And a Chinese nerf


So cool, I just think the new main menu looks kinda bland but other than that everything sounds very exciting!

Especially the new Civ Select UI!


@Legitti I absolutely agree.
I love and am hyped about everything they talked about, but that main menu is simply ugly, and imo doesn’t make things better if you now have to click 2 times to reach what you want.


Hopefully the menu can be modded back for people who don’t like the change.


Yes!!! Been waiting for something like Quick Play for a while. On a similar note, would be fantastic to see a ping limiter for Ranked… I would much rather wait 10+ mins for a match on a low-ping server than get one quickly with high ping and serious lag if it gets to Post-Imp.


I don’t see any real advantage to the Quick Play system… I’d rather wait a bit longer to get an even and fair game in ranked. Also this will just make it slower to get a game across the board since players are now divided into 3 sections.


yeah 11 I noticed that aswell


Are there patch Notes yet?

what do u mean? just curious

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Nothing for singleplayer? Guess they don’t care about us. The last thing this game needed was a Battle Royale mode. Dissappointed to be honest.


You have to see between lines:

What units do appear when he talks about big changes? War wagons, elephant archers, cav archers (all of then are cav archers), and ships.

What civ appeard when he talks sbout some balance changes? Tatars, Khmers, bulgarians, turks…


Looks very interesting, the only thing I don’t like is the new Main Menu UI. I really like the way it looks and feels right now, involving the little pictures above the text now seems a little bit sketchy to me.


I love so much this game and the support of the team and I dont want sound salty but dont forget stuff as game stability, improve the optimization in hardwares, pathfinding, I am sure that the team going to reach this goals.


In the tech tree the percentages are often misleading. For instance, the technology Stirrups is supposed to make your cav attack 25% faster. But actually, what it does is reduce the reload time of the unit by 25%, which translates into practice to 33% faster attacks. A similar thing happens with production speed bonuses, where instead of making your unit train faster they would reduce the training time which would mean the bonus you end up getting is bigger than what the tech tree says. In the video, it’s shown that “25% faster” has been replaced with 33% faster, same with 20% becoming 25%, which means they corrected the values.


I love the “MASSIVE UPDATE”, and also love how when he was talking about reduction in bonuses and techs the video showed khmer.

Please give insiders an opportunity to beta test the update before it goes live.