So is the game dead now by the ridiculous management?

in TG, they leave the smurf issue (and many other TG problems they ignored) behind for at least a year, letting the TG games dead.
Now in solo 1v1, they still leave the hacker issue behind. and it’s been at least one month since the first few threads about this hacking. There is no fix, there will be no ban? reporting system is just useless. These hackers can keep using family share to create a new “free” account to enjoy ruining the game.

I can’t believe this classic good game is ruined by this bad management. All they are doing is keep making the new civs and selling it to keep their pockets full.

This guy, he can
a. kill your boar by command only
b. bring natural lion to attack you by command
c. stop and cancel you TC tasks
d. stop all your villages works.

so literally if he doesnt want you reach fedural and castle, he can just keep cancelled all your TC tasks.

updated on 13 Nov

so this cheater is top 10 now?
Cheating in 95 games and he’s still able to play, not getting banned.
It starts to make me curious if this is kind of a strategy to boost the sales of AOE4?

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I have been saying that for years now - and people here, on reddit and on aoezone still don’t see it

it’s way older than that, the exploit has been known for ~4 months


People here they like to make things complicated.

For example, simply the smurf issue, ban the family sharing so as to make the smurf has cost. However, people here they dont like this, they would prefer adjusting the matching in TG to stop the smurfs blah blah blah, which seems absolutely dumb to me. Smurf is not only happening in TG, it appears in solo also, what the hell they think smurf in solo is acceptable while in TG is not?


Sorry to say this, but the game is about to enter into dark age.

We are losing the top players and streamers, meaning an inactive top with less and small tournaments, little content dedicated to aoe2 on youtube, on top that we are not only losing the top players but also other experts who might stop playing cause of the same reasons, cheaters doing their thing without a single official explanation or announcements that they are aware or working into it, banning players cause they resign early, banning players to refuse to play vs a team with 2k elo difference, but i guess they are already working on the next dlc…before the aoe2 sinks.


i agree, all of the things you mentioned I can sum up with bad management, I am not quite sure if this is the common issue among the RTS games.
But I think I am going to move on to some upcoming FPS game like 2042 to have a try.

This is one of my favorite game 10 years ago but I really cant ignore the bad management here (so as to AOE4, I dont see they are doing good marketing over there, same with here that zero response and announcement while there are a chaos among the forum.)

this guy is currently queueing for teamgames. He has 64(?) wins 1 lose by now.

The Thread about this guy is 9 hours old and this guy can still destroy multiplayer. Now i know how useful this report button is :slight_smile:


I can’t even see this guy’s profile, because his name is empty.

@ChristheCo this needs to stop. Thanks

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I also want to give credits for this unbelievable good blocksystem. I faced this guy today about 6 or 7 times. Sometimes in my team sometimes in the oppoenent’s.

I even did a break between some games but nothing stops him from getting into my lobbies :^

This is just embarassing. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is an intended try to get people playing aoe4. Not gonna work with me


Even if you muted him?

Yeah it isn’t reliable. Doesn’t stop from being matched.

This stuff is the community’s fault…echo chamber posters not realising before hand what a bad idea this was… and how it could be so simply circumvented.

Also a weird recurring issue with these Devs and others like them…like what a difference it makes if they just put the slightest effort into communication with the community…

Is it really that hard to ask someone to make an announcement at least once a week about where things stand or why they’re doing what they do…

It will keep on isn’t that bad, and there’s still enough of an online presence to keep it going for a long time.

Even if aoe4 is getting most of the money and names

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so pathetic :smiley: this guy is ruining teamgames for 10 hours and nobody is banning him

Go ahead, buy aoe4 - there are no cheaters there and the devs are more focusing on that. It’s just a coincident that this all started a week before aoe4 release

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Not dead. But possibly dying unless the devs really up their standards. :sob: :sob: :sob:

It’s really funny even this issue is absolutely serious but nobody in this forum cares.

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i care a lot, these smurfs have ruined many aoe nights for me! (also most ppl here don’t care because they smurf too lmao) i’ve been saying for over a year that family shared accounts shouldn’t be a thing. it’s ridiculous. Why the hell would i want my family to share my steam account for real?? My brother plays aoe too but he bought it for himself, that’s how it should be. Most ppl who use Family Share is to create smurf accounts, that’s all. They should block Family shared accounts from playing Multiplayer, and delete the accounts from the ranked ladder imo.

Imagine how good the game could be if people played vs their actual level, as it was meant to be :crazy_face:


yes, I totally understand what you ve said, I was the same keep saying no smurf should be allowed as they are ruining the game but the people here are mostly very toxic here, it’s really hard to understand why people against banning family shares.

There was a guy almost dominated in everyposts saying the inflation stuff, and it’s funny that the smurf was absolutely became serious since the dev change the ladder calcuation and he said it’s a good change and keep talking about reset elo, most of the idiots believes this stuff and thought that reseting elo was the only solution.

Ban the family share and the elo inflation would be much improved. It’s very simple. It can prevent smurf in solo, TG, and ban the hackers so he wont keep making smurf ruining the game.

It’s really simple but I dont know why people here like to make things super complicated.

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We need both. Resetting ELO is necessary because the previous way to calculate it was wrong.

But I agree banning family share and hackers has higher priority.


yes, I would agree reset elo is the way to clear the mess as well.
However as you have said also, if this is done without banning family share, nothing will be improved.

It’s time to review all the idiots in this posts, now the game is dead and I wonder if they have ever changed their minds now about family share .


Lmao smurfing is not that common XD what a joke, i’ve been playing vs smurfs every day for months. If you check the profile of the players using you can see many of them have steam account lvl 0, and some don’t even have their accounts validated!

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Yes, and I feel the same with the original post user there as I had the same experience when I pointed out smurfs here before.

If you keep looking on those comments, you might be surprised why there were so many people refusing banning family share, maybe it’s just like one of the comments above said, there are many smurfs that probably they are the one who commit this dirty toxic behavior.

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