So Relic, are you actually taking in feedback or just going to play dead?

The game is great and a great solid base for future content but why are you being silent?

I don’t think I’ve seen any developers talking with fans on the forums (AOE, Steam, Reddit etc.) and it kind of gives the impression that you just… don’t… care? :man_shrugging:

You’ve recieved a ton of feedback yet not a single one of you devs have said anything. No “Yes, thank you for the feedback over the last couple of days! We have heard your issues and will address this as soon as possible.”

You could then list what you’re working on.

But instead you’ve released the game and just gone quiet. You know, fans have bought the game and are giving feedback that will make the game better. Please don’t ignore it!

  • Colour selection

  • Random Civ Select

  • Global Queue

  • Moving the resource bar to the top

  • Pop increase for custom/skirmish matches (not ranked).

Just a few of these are some things brought up.

Don’t do what Paradox are doing and release a great base game (Crusader Kings 3) and then just take your sweet time releasing updates.

A Fan


Bro, they released the game 3 days ago… chill out, they’re working on it.


Pretty much any developer worth they’re salt responds the day after.

All games I’ve known to turn out really damn good have had communication from day 1.


There is something called patience. I’m sure that they are well ahead of things that needs to be addressed post-launch but as someone else said above me it’s been 3 days since the release of this game.

Edit: I think they are worth some time to rest after been working non-stop for years to make this game happen. We have a great game as you have stated, and I’m sure that they will provide with new information in the near future. I’m also very eager to know what else is in store for this game, but I understand that it will take time before we get there. At least we have the game out to occupy our time with :slight_smile:


People saying that the feedback is from 3 days ago are completely unaware, these requests come from the closed beta, just hope they are quiet because they are working hard instead of vacation.


Bruh do you even read the forums ? they are replying to alot of the bug reports and such , qo obviously they are reading the feedback


I think that they deserve some time off to get new energy to continue working on this game post-launch, it’s not like they are robots that can work 24/7 without any need to rest or eat.

And besides it’s not like the whole team is gone on vacation at the same time, but I don’t expect any big announcements within a week or two at the minimum and that’s okay.


If you click on my name you will see a 3d read time from an account of feb of 2021 , you have 4d read time from an account of 2019 , so yes i have been reading a lot the forum and a feedback towards these requests were not given.


Every thread with the relic logo has a developer response.


I understand that my friend, 2 weeks are ok for sure , just hope they work at these this year at least.

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I’m quite positive that we will get our first major patch for this game before the end of 2021. :slight_smile:


Still silence from the Relic team…


They’ve been replying to lots of bug report posts in the last few days, as multiple people have now pointed out to you. Do you expect them to prove something to you personally by replying to this post?


These things takes time first they need to gather all the feedback from the forums, then they need to have meetings of their own discussing what’s possible/not possible, priorities, time frame to implement said changes etc.

Again I’m sure we will get our first major patch update before the end of 2021/early 2022.

3 Days ago, weekend in between. People sometimes seem to think Gamedelevopers work 24/7 all day long.

Edit: And yes, they are way more active right now in the Bugs section then they have been during closed beta and stress test.

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I prefer developers implementing stuff instead of spending all their time on a forum reading or even responding to each post :joy:


They will react soon. Its clear you dont have any patience and just come in here demanding a response…

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I prefer the resource bar where it is, I find it much more confortable that on top. Devs, don’t change it :slight_smile:


They are doing both so please have patience.

chill out, the game is like 4 days old and your´e complaining lol