So when are we getting basic RTS features

Such as:

  1. Full hotkey binding
  2. Selecting other colors
  3. Playing random

Other stuff I’m missing


Imagine their team determining it’s ready for launch and no one noticed these things… People who get paid too.


Nah, I highly doubt that the devs don’t know about this. It’s just leadership and financial pressure.

I would bet my life on the fact that there was a meeting where leadership issued a directive that this game has to launch in early Q4 in order to catch the wave of the Christmas/Holiday season.

Which is why we get a somewhat unpolished game with promises that it will get “fixed” over time. I assume some of the devs actually wanted to launch the game in a much more polished state or at least include ranked gameplay at launch, since they want this to become a competitive RTS with tournaments, etc.

Money talks though.


I agree you. You opinion is logically.

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There’s tons of features that would be really easy and cheap to fix. Like stats after game, and observer stats. The observing would be so much better if it had basic features such as a tab to see military units, villagers , upgrades being researched, resources lost. It really would improve aoe4 as an esports as well. And they already have the data. They have the frame. They just need to add it to the list of things showing. Did they manage to do it yet? Nope. Will they ever bother to do it? Who knows. It’s so easy and quick to do, that them not doing it yet is worrying.

Also you should be able to rewind in the replay. This is probably a bit harder if replays are coded like in aoe3, so they need to change how the replay files work. But comeon, we had the technology to do it 10 years ago for starcraft. It surely cant be that hard?


I would generally steer clear of implying something is easy. We have no idea what is easy or not easy to do. We know nothing about the code, nothing about the testing process, nothing about how prioritization works, nothing about the release process, and nothing about their milestones or other obligations.

They are probably dealing with various very high-priority bugs and there’s a lot of pressure to release ranked play before worrying about how to make iterative improvements to menus and so on.

I’ve said before that they likely had to release a somewhat unpolished product due to release date pressure. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that ranked play will come with some of the stuff you are asking for. Until then, it’s a nice to have.


Its pretty basic that you have to make code thats easy to implement changes to. If you cant make simple changes like this its bad code.

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This is absolutely what I thought too, the multiplayer element is just likes a game in 10 years ago, just trying to match 2 players in a game.

There are lots of elements of current competitive games, player profile, player stat including different civ, map win rate, or even the time spend for everygame, after game stat, more statical interface.
AOE2 never improved this competitive element in its DE version and I cant believe AOE4 is even simplify these elements.

It really seems like a half-done product cost 50USD

i wish this game could be a huge succeed as this is a big chance to gather different RTS players in 1 game, this is absolutely a good news.
However, I dont see the sincere from the Devs replying or making any schedule for thousands of the problem of the game.


No “patrol” command? Hasn’t this been in every RTS since Starcraft?

“Random” option when setting up AI skirmish.

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to turn on health bars for units. I’ve changed the game setting option to “always” and I never see a health bar. Bug?

I want to set a worker rally point to a gathering building and have the villager find the closest appropriate resource. When I do this, the villager walks to the building and starts picking their nose. I don’t want to rally to a sheep or a berry bush that might not be there in 20 seconds.

This game has a lot to like, but it also feels like there are some glaring deficiencies.


As a guy who has played thousands of online 1v1 ladder RTS games, I really miss MULTIPLAYER PAUSE.

Oh and I just finished the Mongol campaign last night. The final scenario and its massive trebuchets would have looked much cooler if they’d let us zoom out 10-20% more.


I’m actually generally against this feature for ranked multiplayer games. I think they shouldn’t allow any player to unilaterally pause (it’s a competitive game after all).

With that said, the general ability to pause in unranked or even ranked games is fine with me if it’s very limited, maybe like a 1 time 30 second timeout per player or if it’s a vote by both players to briefly pause.

Yah we are missing a bunch of stuff, you’d think they’d notice. But lets look at another perspective, how well the did in other departments. I think if they focused on how well multiplayer is working before release I give them props. Most if not all games I’ve played in the last 2 years, its a nightmare connecting with friends. But day 1, me and buds were playing smooth multiplayer.

But yah the need to come out with quality of life changes, and balance changes soon. Or at least communicate that they are working on it.

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They should be allowed to pause because it’s competitive. Assuming you sit down for a 20-60 minutes long competitive match, you should be OK with waiting an extra minute or two in pause in case the other player has some kind of an issue, whether technical or a real life issue.

As far as I know no decently implemented pause system has been abused on a level that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

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Guys programing things like seeing map after a game is flicking some values in the code, it’s not like they would have to sit there for months needing to prioritise this over other things. Most of these missing features are a result of people who are out of touch when it comes to RTS. Hotkeys, again, easy to program. Random civ too, I mean really? It’s just basic stuff.

I remember sitting there waiting for the game release hoping we would have things like possibility to rewind recorded games, which wouldn’t be something new either, when in reality we don’t even have something more basic like a pause function.

But here is what really boggles my mind, how comes people who tested it to give them early feedback didn’t tell them these features should be there? I mean surely not everyone was complaining about “euro centrism” and some people actually understood AoE and RTS?

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Imagine they have many things, and prioritize accordingly. None of those things are release blockers.

Lets take these in order:

Full Hotkey Binding is a nice to have, certainly not a must when the hotkey system is already the most reasonable and optimized one.

Selecting Colors is pretty irrelevant, total nice to have. Most people play on Green Yellow Red anyways.

Playing Random is a non-feature that would destroy the game. With how asymmetric the Civs are, Random would win all the time as the other civ cant prep accordingly, especially on Water maps.

Lets not even talk about “other stuff im missing”, shall we?

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How the current systeme is optimized?

Oh we did.

That’s a big part of why it’s so annoying. These things were definitely called out during the beta periods and it was assumed they would be fixed because they were so obvious and simple.


Plus it was allready delayed many months to its final release date

The more “Game is fun enough. These are not deal breakers. I do not use them anyway” comments, the later.

We need to reconnect and stay on the map after the end!!