Some Balance Changes Suggestions Hoping for a Better Balance and fair match-up!

Note: These balance changes were made base on high levels 1v1 Arabia/Arena and S tier tournaments performance and some pros tier lists and suggestions.


  • Eagles food cost increased to 30F instead of 25.
  • Monks no more able to garrison in TCs.
  • Heresy cost reduced to 650G instead of 1000G and available to all civs.
  • Starting Eagle scout no more able to garrison in TC.



  • Researching Monastery techs gives monks +3hp instead of +5.
  • Team bonus changed to Relics generate +20% gold instead of +33%.


  • Buildings cost -10% wood instead of -15%.
  • Universeties work 50% faster instead of 80%.


  • Stables units 10% cheaper in castle, 15% in imp instead of 15% castle, 20% imp.
  • Camel archer cost increased to 65g,55w instead of 60g, 50w.


  • Monasteries generate food rate reduced by half.
  • Gunpowder units deal 15% more damage instead of 25%.
  • No more acess to redemption.


  • Camel riders, Skirmishers and Spearman lines 15% cheaper instead of 25%.
  • Advancing to imperial age 20% cheaper instead of 33%.


  • All units cost -10% gold instead of -20%.


  • Resources last 10% longer instead of 15%.
  • Team bonus changed to wall 25% cheaper instead of 50%.
  • Hunting and fish traps no more affected by last resources bonus.


  • Military units cost -10/15/20/25% food in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial instead of -15/20/25/30% food in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial.
  • Blacksmith imperial age upgrades no more applied to villagers.


  • Team bonus changed to Camels and Elephant units are created 15% faster instead of 25%.
  • Start with 1 Forage Bushes instead of 2.
  • Shrivamsha rider no more dodge ranged melee attacks nor gunpowder shots.


  • Get back access to Guilds.
  • Grand Trunk Road UT no more reduces trading fee to 10%.
  • Shatagni UT gives hand cannoneers +1 range instead of +2.
  • Shatagni cost reduced to 400F, 250G instead of 500F, 300G.
  • Camels attack 15% faster instead of 20%.

It was a big mistake to buff this civ in the last patch, it was totally wrong and not needed.


  • Team bonus changed to Stables work 10% faster instead of 20%.
  • Cavalry archers 15% cheaper in imperial instead of 20%.


  • Castles no more have 25% discount and back to normal cost.


  • (Elite) Dismounted Konnik base armor decreased from 2/1 (2/2) to 0/1 (1/1).

Well tbf Bulgarians didn’t need any buff and their UU is already strong and one of the best UUs in the game.


  • Mameluke gold cost reduced to 70 instead of 85.
  • Scout line +1 attack start in feudal.


  • Team bonus changed to Cavalry archers created 15% faster instead of 25%.


  • Team bonus changed to Monasteries work 10% faster instead of 20%.
  • Leites gold cost increased to 70 instead of 50.
  • Tower Shields cost increased to 700F, 350G instead of 500F, 200G.


  • Economic upgrades research 50% faster instead of 100% faster.
  • Imperial Skirmisher upgrade gold cost increased to 400 instead of 300.

Like Hindustanis, It was a big mistake to buff this civ, it was totally wrong. I prefer to remove all the buffs they got in last patch but what to do.


  • Bogsveiger cost increased to 750F, 600G instead of 650F, 500G.
  • Chieftains cost increased to 700F, 500G instead of 600F, 450G.


  • Infantry units move 15% faster start in dark age instead of starting in feudal.
  • Now access to Bloodlines.


  • Lose the access to heavy camel upgrade.


Since devs said they will change them I won’t suggest anything regard them, but imo both of their UTs are bad and need a replace.


  • Comitatenses Militia-line, Knight-line, and Centurions train 25% faster and receive +3 charge attack over 20 seconds instead of
    50% faster and receive +5 charge attack over 20 seconds.
  • Comitatenses food cost increased to 900 instead of 700.
  • Centurion Pierce armour reduced to 2 instead of 3, and their hp reduced to 110 (130 Elite).
  • Centurion’s Aura effect range reduced to 8 (10 Elite) instead of 10 (12).
  • Hunting & Herdables no more included to gathering rate bonus.


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Why would TC not allow monks to garrison? It makes no sense.


None of these should be adopted.

You are basically making every civ the same. Devs have been more or less going this route in the past, and it’s making the game more and more boring. Might as well play full tech mode.


When you nerf each civ, you’ll end up with the same result as before, while the buffs are just making civs even more generic.


It is about reducing the gap and give chances to other civs when they face a strong civs like these. It will bring much better fair play. Those nerfs are not equal to each others. These civs in this list have a very unfair big advanatges over any other civ.

Equalizer just blew up his cover.


This you? Balance's suggestions for the next patch

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Yeah, this may be the worst list of balance suggestions I’ve seen in a while. There have been plenty of iffy ones in the past, but they’d at least stumble across a handful of ideas I thought were good. This is just 90% weird homogenizing nerfs that seems to be optimized for turning the civ pool into tasteless sludge. And a few gratuitous buffs that have a similar effect (e.g. Celts Bloodlines). Only things I find vaguely compelling are a possible centurion aura nerf and perhaps Celts getting their infantry speed in Dark Age again, although this probably isn’t necessary after their recent buffs.


Gosh! Why didn’t you say so? Guess we’d better go ahead with it then!


Heresy is a castle age technology.


11 sorry for the mistake, the whole time I thought it imp, then just make it cheaper.

This should be enough proof to show how is doing ban evasion, using 2 years old thread by himself lol


Proceeds to suggest changes to brand new unused bonuses.

Seriously I don’t understand people wanting things changed back instantly without letting them play out.

Sometimes it’s understandable like people who think Vietnamese are good and don’t need a significant eco boost but other times?

Why nerf Magyar can Archer bonus? Why revert the Hindus guilds/grand trunk road change? Why more expensive imp skirm?

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I will answer this. Let me ask you a question; are Hindustanis eco is weak? The answer is big NO. So why do you even give them eco buff? 10% free trading fee? They already have great eco with cheaper vills and carnaval building and castle age UT. For Magyars it seems you didn’t try the 25% faster created CA. It gives them the access to have a huge death ball to a unit that it is one of the best and hardest units to counter when get numbers, it is also broken in team games. 15% would be good. For imperial skirms why they even buffed them? The upgrade already was not that much expensive.

Wrong ??? What wrong you said, and hindusti what they have ??? Reduce 300g instead 450 it benefit they worthy get from 2018 not 2023. If not get reduce elephant cost what thing good bonus you are thing ???. This bonus just OK not make it supper good civil


The balance suggestions in this topic are not for you, this is why you misjudged.

How do you know it? Burgundian nerf?

Yes not for me,your balance it was joke many haizzz here about many civil :))))).


Do you know 25 f for eagle make they not fomular for famous more, and american civil like some one say if not have gold they are not thing but from 20 change to 25 it was nerf much for they,
2 scout need increase from 80f to 90 f or 100 like aoe1. Powerfull trash unit special at late game you say it need reduce 70f @@@ what ???
Civil many things inadequace china at last updated they get nerf very much now you say they need more nerf I can’t understand:v. For many things/.v.v
beside I will create 1 topic for issue about reduce 2 range of skirmisher but + 1 damage melee for they let see how people thing.

25f eagle was a big nerf? 11. Mesos got highest winrates in KOTD5 and you are saying 25f is big nerf?

Eagles are so broken this is regardless the powerful bonuses that mesos have in general.

30F should be good, you think it is a lot then no problem adjust the cost to 30F, 45G.

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