Some bugs,

ok, so bunch of bugs,

here are some that i have spotted whilst playing today.

  1. ships going on land,
  2. pathing issues - bumping into wild animals and not moving until makig them take a weird route around them, also similar things happen for the walls
  3. indestructible building, a player who had resigned had the foundations of a building down i had 30 units attacking this foundation with 0 health and it was indestructible
  4. units getting stuck, ive spotted this happening on trade sites/native outposts with the explorer getting trapped being most frustrating, also has occurred with villagers on cliff
  5. multiple players using revolution i the game. and then the revolutionaries bugging out and getting trapped on farm
  6. ai being buggy and just walking up and down on hte same spot - probably a pathing issue
  7. dead units not fading away

these bugs were found in the skirmish mode again ai, over several games, i don’t have recorded files but have very little doubt that it would be too challenging to recreate as ive only played 4 games with 2 civs and already found a whole host of bugs…

there is also a long running aoe3 bug that a villager will often block themselves in a clump of houses.

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  • BUILD #: 201.12.1840.0
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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