Some Classic Terrain Mods

As much as I like the graphics in DE, sometimes I get nostalgic for the old ones. As far as I could tell, no one had made a classic terrain mod, so I made one myself.

This mod replaces the terrain textures and tree graphics with those from The Age of Kings/The Conquerors, and HD Edition. It also includes cliffs, forage and fruit bushes, gold and stone mines, and various gaia objects.

I also made a couple of extra classic graphics mods. First, farms from an alpha version of AoK:

Second, cliffs from a different alpha version (and I think maybe some beta versions?) of AoK:


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Thats great! Can you perhaps combine them all in one classic graphics pack? Also think of adding the original taunts and sounds and mouse sounds. There is already mods for that, perhaps just combine them all! What do you think? Then that way one mod can be a whole classic experience!

If you do too much, you risk hitting the file size limit though, and the mod manager wouldn’t let you share it.

That wouldn’t really work, since the main classic terrain one has its own cliff graphics and farm textures from the release version of AoK. The alpha ones are supposed to be optional extras (and need higher priority to be used with the main one).

Hahaha, I didn’t even know the DE taunts and mouse sounds were different… As @TheConqueror753 says, the file size limit is a potential problem – plus I have a pretty slow upload speed so would rather keep the size of any mod I’m going to publish as low as I can.

But if you want them all as a single mod, you could combine them into a single local mod. Download all the mods you want to combine, click on open directory in the mod manager, and you’ll find separate folders for each one in …\mods\subscribed. There’s also a …\mods\local\ folder – make a new folder in there, then copy and paste anything you want from the subscribed mods into the new folder (making sure that everything is in folders exactly as it was in the subscribed mod folders). The next time you boot up the game, you’ll have a new (local) mod with the same name as the folder you created. (I hope that makes sense – let me know if not.)