Some DLC concepts with the same pattern as LotW and DotD

Next DLCs with the exact same concept as LotW and DotD:

Sultans of India

New civs:

  • Cholas/Tamils (South Asian)
  • Pala/Bengals (South Asian)

New campaigns

  • New Persian campaign (Mahmud Ghaznavi)
  • Tamil campaign (Rajendra Chola)
  • Pala campaign (Dharmapala)

Might of the Mansas

New civs

  • Kanembu (Sahel African)
  • Swahili/Somali (Sahel African)

New campaigns:

  • New Turkish Campaign ( Mehmed the Conqueror or Suleiman the Magnificient)
  • Kanem Bornu campaign (Idris Alooma)
  • Somali/Swahili (To be honest, not sure, but the Adal Sultanate lead various wars against Ethiopia so this could be potentially something good for campaigns e.g. Badlay ibn Sa’ad ad-Din)

Gifts from the Gods

  • Tlaxcaltecs (Mesoamerican)
  • Chimu (Mesoamerican)

New campaigns

  • Maya campaign (Pacal the Great)
  • Tlaxcaltec campaign (Obvious, the other perspective from the Aztec campaign, similar to Burgundy within Joan of Arc)
  • Rise of the Chimu empire (other options and more details here: New civ concept: The Chimu

Those are just a few ideas. If you have better suggestions, feel free to critize.


I imagine Tlaxcala campaign in style like in LotW with Burgundians and Britons. Now you will see the point of view from Tlaxcalans perspective fighting alonside with Spanish against the Aztecs.

Tlaxcalans could speak nahuatl language, so there will be finally aztec language in game.


They could gift us this Gift from the Gods as they did with US in AOE 3


Would be nice. I’d be happy though already if they give us any new American civs.

Has been a while since we got one (8 years)


They could even rename it Gift from the Devs


The order in which I would like to have these would be
Gift from the Gods
Mansas and Sultans
Might of the Maharajas


I would actually rename them:

  • The first one I would rename to “Sultans of India” mostly for the Bengal Sultanate
  • The second one I would call “Traders of the Sahara” and while Alooma is the most widely known I
  • The third one I think had an okay name, but I would rather call it “Empires from the New World”

I would honestly divide the African DLC in “Traders of the Sahara” for Nubians and Kannembu and something for an Eastern African civ DLC including Bantus and Somalis/Swahili

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South american civs need to be separate from mesos.

Apart from that, I’m on the East Asia train because most people seem not to talk about this region when suggesting new expansions.


Maharaja is too similar to raja so people might get confused.

Ghaznavids would be good as a new civi with tibet for an dlc.other than this Id like to see venice swiss and finns(maybe) added.venice and swiss can be mercenary dlcs.

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Several ones would be definitely nice, but just one already for those suggested regions would be really nice.

But Palas were Mahayana Buddhists and Cholas were Shaivite Hindus. So I don’t see why they should be called sultans?

Might of the Maharajas (MotM) is a better name. It also fits the naming style of some other DLC names they have used RotR, DotD.

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If we have only 9 more civs to go, then I like the idea given by Szaladon with a few minor changes.

Sultans of Hindustan
Afghans (Central Asian 3)
Bengalis (South Asian 2)
Kannadas (South Asian 3)

Afghan Campaign based on Muhammad Ghori (Ghor Empire)
Bengali Campaign based on Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah (Bengal Sultanate)
Kannada Campaign based on Malik Amber (Deccan Sultanates)

Lawgivers of Islam
Kanembus (African 3)
Somalians (African 4)

Turkish Campaign based on Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire)
Kanembu Campaign based on Idris Alooma (Kanembu-Bornu Empire)
Somali Campaign based on Badlay the Beast (Adal Sultanate)

Gifts from the Gods
Tlaxalans (American 4)
Araucanians (American 5)

Maya Campaign based on Kʼinich Janaab Pakal ( Palengue Maya City-State)
Tlaxcalan Campaign based on Tlalhuicole (Tlaxcaltec)
Aracucan Campaign based on Caupolican (Mapuche)

Might of the Maharajas
Tamils (South Asian 4)
Oriyas (South Asian 5)

Chinese Campaign based on Zhu Di (Ming Empire)
Tamil Campaign based on Rajendra (Chola Empire)
Oriya Campaign based on Kapilendra (Gajapati Empire)

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I vote for Mehmet The Conqueror campaign or doing something similar to Hauteviles. Focusing on Ottoman dynasty altogether. Sultan Suleiman feels more suited for AOE3 timeline although the game picked fictional route.


I like this idea a lot its not everyday a slave foreigner gets to become the hero in a distant land.

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If you want Turkish campaign you need Serbian civ, battle of Kosovo 1389 would be an awesome scenario!


Don’t we want to take a break from (South) Eastern European civs? We got 4 lately. I could see Serbs either using Mediterranean or Eastern European architecture, both sets which got recently new civs. I think it’s time for something else.

Listen, after Dawn of Dukes i agree next two DLCs should be Asia and Africa (in whichever order), then back to Europe (in my opinion).
And there wasn’t much (South) Eastern European civ in general, only ones being Bulgaria and Byzantia.
However, like is said previously, If you want Turkish campaign you need Serbian civ.


I like Euro civs. But Asian and African civilizations seem to be stronger in every way.

debatable. by no means comprehensive but


These are probably the strongest civs in the game right now


Slavs can represent serbia for a campaign.we dont need everybody from europe just for the sake of having.