Some DLC concepts with the same pattern as LotW and DotD

Warriors of the misty islands

Introduce the Irish and the Welsh (Celt renamed Scottish)

A campaign for the Irish (they fought against the viking, english, raided Wales and conquer Scotland)

A campaign for the Welsh and a third campaign with the Viking in England

Lord of the east

Introduce the Tibetan and the Jurchen/Manchu

Put a steppe architectural style

A campaign for the Tibetan empire and the Jurchen/Manchu who founded the Jin Dinasty and a third with the Chinese or the Korean
Tibetan and the Jurchen/Manchu are already present int the third scenario of the Genghis campaign (Tangut Kingdom for the tibetan and Jin dinasty for the Jurchen/manchu)

Quest for Eldorado

Introduce the Mapuche and the Chimu

Put an Andean architectural style

A campaign for the mapuche in the XVI century when they fought the Inca and the spanish
A campaign for the chimu
Réintroduce the Orellana campaign from the Age of Empires II HD the Forgotten

Barbarians of the Mediterranean

Introduce the Suebi and the Vandal

The Vandal fight against the Roman, byzantine, suebi, wisigoth, berber during their long journey to Tunisia

The Suebi moving to Iberic peninsula and setting a kingdom here.

A third campaign with the byzantine when Belisarius and Narses have conquered the ostrogoths and the vandals

Lord of the mountains

Introduce the Swiss and the georgian

The swiss have an interesting history in the late middle age, they fought against the teutons ( William Tell against the Habsbourg), the burgudians, the frenchs, the italians and the spanishs

The georgian campaign show the georgian reconquest during the reign of the king David IV

Seafarer of the mediterranean

Introduce the Venetian, the basque and the aragonese

Rename the spanish to castillan

A campaign featuring the Navarese kingdom (basque)

A campaign featuring the Catalan Company (Aragonese)

A venetian campaign (the fourth crusade or Skanderberg)

Replace the french (Barcelona county) by the aragonese in the Cid campagain and the spanish by the aragonese int the bapheus scenario

Lords of the Balkan

Introduce the Serb and the romanian

Rename the Slavs to the Rus

A campaign of the Serbian empire

A Byzantine campaign featuring the Despotate of Epirus

A campaign featuring the struggle of Skanderberg against the ottoman

Put the Romanian in the campaign of Vlad Tepes in place of the slavs and the hungarians

Lord of Africa

Introduce the Kanem Bornu, the nubian and the swahili

A campaign with the swahili an important naval civilization

A campaign with the Kanem Bornu a mighty kingdom who living an thousand year

A campaign with the nubian kingdom with this bowmen

Replace the saracens with the swahili in the third scenario of the portuguese campaign

Warriors of the Anahuac

Anahuac was an aztec name for Central America

Introduce the Purépecha and the toltecs

The Purépecha funded the Tarascan kingdom who fought against the aztec and the spanish

The toltecs were a powerful civilization who fight in the central mexican plateau and invaded the mayas

A third campaign featuring the struggle of the maya against the spanish

Celestial mandate

A DLC introducing chinese dynasty civilization

Outsider of the east

Introducing the Thaï and the Ainus (and maybe the nanzhao kingdom)

Ainus have an history of fighting against the japanese (with their emishi horse archer) and latter they fought against the mongols

Another campaign with the Thai and another with the nanzhao (of maybe a chinese or korean campaign)

Splitting of the holy empire

Introduce the saxon, the hanse and the bavarian

A campaign featuring the saxon (maybe in England or against Charlemagne)
A campaign featuring the struggle of the Hanse against the danes and the Visby pirate
A campaign featuring the lombard conquest of Italy

Replace the goth by the saxon in the William the conqueror scenario

Mystery of North America

Introduce the Mississippian and the Iroquois

A DLC who explore North America. Mystery because we lack of writing record for this period.

Maybe a campaign figuring Hernando de soto expedition


By posting this and the chimu empire you’ve changed the original timeline you’ve traveled from. The devs now took your chimu empire bonuses and distributed those into other civs.

This is totally unnecessary dynasties should not be civis.

I don’t think Serbs are necessary given Slavs - however Romanians or Vlachs or Wallachians (call them what you like) would make sense as they aren’t slavic.
They already have a campaign where they’re falsely represented though and played different roles in the Middle Ages.

But I disagree with adding North American civs, they were of no relevance in the Middle Ages and it would feel wrong if they could stand up to the in-game civs in Imperial Age.


Vlachs were a minority who were ruled by Hungarians, Cumans, Bulgarians, Poles, Tatars and Turks. They should NEVER be added to a history game. Serbia is not needed either, but on the other hand they were MUCH more influental than Vlachs ever were.

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You’re right. However, there were some foreign peoples that established dynasties in China and could be great additions for the game, like the Khitans (Liao dynasty), Jurchens (Jin dynasty) and Tanguts (Western Xia dynasty)

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Viper believes the next DLC after Return of Rome will be dividing China, which can be nice but a suicide move ofc.

Depends of who gets added

If we get Jurchen/Tangut/Gokturks theres 0 risk


very unlikely.

If ynything they would probably add different chinese dynasties.

Source? I am curious if he has insider information.

In one QA post:

Don’t remember where but was here


What would you like to see in the next DLC?

That’s actually a different question than what he expects it to be.

Seems he either likes chinese or… he doesn’t like the current chinese :smiley:

Maybe turning Chinese into 3-4 civs like they did with Hindustanis?
New campaigns, new features and generally speaking just any improvements in the game.


3 new Chinese civs and 1 new Japan civ.

Very unlikely, maybe they do campaign for the Vikings…

China blocks the game if that dlc comes out… Korean campaign maybe they would have to be before the battle of Noryang, or in the time of the three kingdoms in the 10th century…

Maybe the Mapuche will put them in, but it would have to be a campaign against Lautaro fighting Pedro de Valdivia… the Chimues is very unlikely since when they started their expansion to the south in 1470 they ran into the Incas and were subjugated by them last…

Vandals might put them in, but inside the aoe 1 launcher after return of rome came out… Belisario would be fine replacing Bari, of whom I’m not a big fan…

William Tell is not a historical character…

I would put Queen Tamar who is the leader of Georgia in civ 6 and protected the Angelo emperors after the siege of Constantinople in 1204… and from Armenia to Ashot I, a great king who faced Emperor Basil I at the end of the 9th century (and by the way you fill in the gap at the end of the 9th century in the chronology of aoe 2)…

It is unlikely that the Spanish will divide, otherwise we will end up with about 100 civs for the game xd…

I would include the Serbs (Dušan the Mighty), Croats (Matthias Corvinus) and Vlachs (Romanians is a very modern and anachronistic term for aoe 2) (Dracula)…

Ali Gazi, Ali Gaji Dunamami ibn Zeinab, or Ali ibn Dunama, was a ruler of Bornu Empire from 1476 until 1503 or 1507.[1][2][3]

Prior to his reign, the Sefuwa ruling house had split into two ruling branches. The result was palace intrigues and internal strife. He consolidated his reign by killing the candidate from a rival house and restricting opposition from challengers.

Ali Gazi later took on the Bulala nomads, who had driven out his people from Kanem during the decline of the Kanem Empire. He defeated them and re-captured the old Kanem capital, Njimi. He also founded a new capital at Birnin Gazargamu.

Amara Dunqas was the first ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar, which he ruled from 1504 - 1533/4. “Dunqas” is an epithet meaning “bent down, with an inclined head”, referring to the way of how he required his subjects to approach him

I see it as difficult… Purepechas and Toltecs wouldn’t be bad, but I don’t believe in the overpopulation of civs…

Very similar to Moctezuma, it would be better if it belonged to Queen Lady Six Sky (queen and regent of Naranjo between 682 and 741 and also Mayan leader in civ 6)

How would that be?

thai and nanzhao could be…ainus I don’t know how they fit together…

Ram Khamhaeng (Thai: รามคำแหง, pronounced [rāːm kʰām hɛ̌ːŋ] (listen)) or Pho Khun Ram Khamhaeng Maharat (Thai: พ่อขุนรามคำแหงมหาราช, pronounced [pʰɔ̂ː kʰǔn raːm kʰam hɛ̌ːŋ má hǎː râːt] (listen)), also spelled Ramkhamhaeng, was the third king of the Phra Ruang Dynasty, ruling the Sukhothai Kingdom (a historical kingdom of Thailand) from 1279 to 1298, during its most prosperous era.

He is credited for the creation of the Thai alphabet and the firm establishment of Theravada Buddhism as the state religion of the kingdom

Yes, it could be… I don’t know if a dlc would be viable to include three Germanic kingdoms in one go…

I see this as likely since it would be like a prequel to the warchiefs expansion of aoe 3…they can use the unique units there like the tomahawk (the iroquois warrior from vinlandsaga scenario, although the first throws axes like the frank ax thrower) and the Lakota club warrior (which here would be called simply club warrior)…



Of course, and for the Iroquois/Hauds I proposed a Deganawida campaign and the foundation of the Haudenosaunee confederation (1534-1580) based on the song of Hiawatha (who would be the narrator of the campaign and is the Haud leader in aoe 3;happening the same as with Cuathemoc with the Aztecs in both cases)…

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I get the civs in the vicinity of China, but Japan? There is only one candidate there, the Ainu, and they were not an empire or even a united polity.


The Ryukyuans could be another potential Japanese civ since for much of their history they were independent from Japan, however the unified Ryukyu kingdom only formed in 1429 which is a bit late though still fits within AoE 2’s time frame.

Oh yeah I forgot about them. Still, probably a lot of other civs that need attention more.

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People have been complaining about Slavs being too broad an umbrella for ages tho?

Even if Serbs don’t get added, Slavs should seriously be renamed.

Allow me to disagree. Wallachians would be a great addition imo.

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