Some features the game is still missing

Despite the game now being about 18 months old, there are still some obvious features/fixes that are still missing.

  • Updated sinking animations for ships. The unique ships and fishing ships have nice updated animations, but not the galley line, fireship line, or transports. The old animations look so clunky compared to the smooth new ones.
  • Proper corpse decay. Corpses still just sink into the ground, instead of progressing through a series of decay images like they used to. I always find this less engaging after a large battle.
  • Persistent lobbies. After every game on the unranked lobby you have to create a new game and re-invite your friends. Surely this is something that would not be too difficult to change so it returns you to the game room like it does in single player.
  • More zoom functionality. Despite buying larger monitor than I originally had when playing DE, I am still disappointed at not being able to zoom out further and see more of the map. Though I know it works differently, Capture Age shows that it is both possible and useful to have more zoom options. It would be nice to see some of this flexibility implemented into the base game.
  • In game chat visible for spectators. T90 has been talking about this forever so I’m sure my voice will not make any difference, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Would be great for the devs to spend a bit of time on these features.


As someone who mostly plays multiplayer ranked matches with friends I can attest that this has been an annoyance for far too long!


Vanilla game had animated sails for ships,it would be nice to have them back.


I 100 % agree.

We need more blood and longerdetailed decaying corpses.


Yeah, that eliminates the problem of kids playing AoE, now the only people playing the game will be 30-year-old fanboys who really need to get a life.

kids these days are literally playing call of duty and grand theft auto, they literally see blood and stuff like that everywhere.


What about the parents?

what do the parents have to do with anything? if they don’t want them to see that type of stuff, they should research the games they buy for the kids better.


But that means less kids will get to play the game because their parents won’t let them buy it.

some games aren’t meant for kids to play. you’re talking about a game where the objective is to literally KILL YOUR OPPONENT, and you usually do this by killing soldiers, civilians, and burning down buildings, but some blood and bodies is where you draw the line?

come on man, the game is rated teen as is, if someone’s going to get upset by some blood and bodies, it makes no sense for them to be playing aoe2 anyway.


Ever heard of wonders, relics and pacifism?

Yeah, the game has a perfect amount of blood now and that dude’s suggestion is gonna make this whole thing worse.

so you’re telling me these people bought a game called “age of empires”, which prominently features pictures including battles, buildings being razed, and massive cities under attack and goes “hmm, i should buy this for my kid and restrict them solely to playing these pacifist game modes”.

at least try to be realistic.

so more blood and bodies is too much but burning down houses and murdering civilians is fine.

again. i say. at least try to be realistic.

the game is literally rated Teen.


We don’t need more blood and bodies, that is my stance.

and that’s fine. but your argument is not a good one. kids these days are playing call of duty left right and center. rated Mature.


Why do you people like blood anyway? Blood is disgusting.

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Frankly i don’t like it either, but let’s be real here. the blood in game is not realistic at all. but the whole thought of bodies slowly decaying over time, making it obvious where a massive battle took place, is kind of cool.


Did bodies really stay on the ground for like 50 years after a battle?

depends on if people came and cleaned them up. but usually they dug mass graves. but there is no such feature in game. but i still think it would be cool for bodies to stick around for 30-45 seconds, which would be roughly 6-9 years game time.


ES_Graveyards has mass grave-yards.

I forgot about wonder race, I’ve wanted to win a game by building a wonder for several months now but I usually forget to set it to standard victory so I’ll just play wonder race today and finally win by building a wonder for the first time since last year.