Some idea for rework hun atheism technology

1 - seems to weak
2 - seems to powerful
3 - seems like interesting idea
4 - probably not good idea

Perhaps one idea could be that after getting that tech Tarkans cannot be converted.

it might work but as you know many of the civ bonuses and UTs are designed with campaign in mind be it malian wood bonus, magyar wolf hit bonus or this hunnic UT. We are not just free to redesign them without considering the campaign part may get broken as a result.

I think is the other way around. They design the campaign around the civ’s bonuses to better emphasize them.

It’s a lot easier to first design the civ with from a multiplayer balance prospective and then build the campaign around that, than the other way around.

If you are worried that new players may not be able to complete the last attila mission, then it’s enaugh to modify the timing of when the cities start to build the wonders.

read the article on how they created the recent LotW dlc, they designed the campaigns first then created the civs to fit in.

Link it please…

I agree with this. May not be too powerful as it is an imp tech.

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I think that the current effect is so weak, that even if you leave it unchanged and you give a second effect, you can have a decent UT for multi-player and have the campaign as it is atm.

Huns do not need such a great buff, so the UT secondary effect can be situational.

For instance, you can give hussars (or cavalry in general) extra attack vs villagers, to make the civ better at raiding.

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Huns don’t need buff. And not all UT should be useful in Ranked play.

That tech is useful in campaign and give some variety in game design. No other UT is related to the Wonder victory or Spies. It is Unique in itself and don’t need much change.

Also, it is really useless in ranked play AT ALL? No. it can be useful when your opponents refuse to resign and hide their villager. You can research Spies in half price in that case.

They totally don’t care about campaigns when rebalancing civs. For instance Bari 4 and Honfoglalas are so much harder because of the buffs the Teutons received.

But however, it should be renamed because the name doesn’t make sense since the Huns weren’t at all atheists (even though the christians thought they were).

If the effect changed to

then there is no need to change the name.

No its never usefull in ranked even for this situation, if the ennemy hidding with some villager its better to research directly spy instead of atheism + spy. Its cost nothing once he have almost no villager

When you research it your units can not be converted, but you can’t train more monks, Relics don’t generate gold and you can’t win by relics

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This is a MASSIVE nerf to Huns monks in general, maybe Huns as
well. Pretty unnecessary I’d argue.


In the late game relic gold > protection against monks. I suppose such a tech would be an even bigger flex to research compared to current atheism 11

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Another possibility:

When you research it, your monks can’t convert anymore, but do AOE healing

That might be a nightmare to balance tho

It has it’s uses.


finally :smiley: Atheism: No longer reduces the research cost of Spies or Treason , but now also reduces the enemy gold income from Relics by 50% .

I was not so far with my idea


Team up with the Burgundians and Aztecs to make the new effect not as strong. Checkmate, Atheism.

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