Some ideas inspired by recent gaming experiences


  • After obtaining a type of mercenary unit from home city cards or church techs, that unit can be trained at the Tavern-type buildings.

  • Introduced Mongols as a powerful cavalry archer mercenary unit to replace Manchu in the game.
    If we want to reintroduce Manchu, Manchu can be a kind of Spahi-like cavalry archer unit that have to be send by cards for Chinese, or be an unit of the potential Chinese Isolation (replace the German ally) at Consulate.

Consulate shipments

Inspired by the recent British ally’s changes, some shipments should probably be infinite as well.

British ally

  • The Roger’s Rangers in the British Brigade should be changed to Rangers instead of Skirmishers.

Dutch ally

  • The Church Wagon, Bank Wagon, and Arsenal Wagon become infinite, but require cool down and the build limits of these buildings are respectively 1.

Japanese Isolation

  • The Military Rickshaw and Clan Offerings become infinite, but require cool down.

  • Military Rickshaws can be used to rebuild the lost Dojo.

Portuguese ally

  • The Exploration Fleet and Expeditionary Fleet become infinite, but require cool down and the build limits of Caravel and Ironclad are respectively 1.

Russian ally

  • The appearance of Blockhouse should follow the upgrades.

  • The Fort Wagon becomes infinite, but requires a long cool down and the build limit of Fort is 1.

  • The Russian Expeditionary Army should provide Tatar Loyalists instead of Kalmucks.

Spanish ally

  • Bullionism provides a trickle of XP to differentiate it from Mercantilism.

Church Cards

Renamed non-mercenary units, or units that cannot be trained, should be consulate units like French Guards to avoid from name conflicts and from decreasing researched value over time.


  • Remove Card “Master Surgeons”, and let the Church cards add the tech “Master Surgeons” (II) at Church. It will provide the same effect.

In order to make the effects of Church techs and card “Rangers” more different.

  • Techs “Roger’s Rangers” and “Queen’s Rangers” are no longer able to turn Longbowmen into Rangers and to replace Longbowmen with Rangers, but the Rangers they provide should be the consulate units named Roger’s Ranger/Queen’s Ranger. The tech “Queen’s Rangers” can also changed to give the Counter Infantry Rifling instead of giving the free veteran upgrade.

  • Card “Rangers” should be renamed to something like “Royal Green Jackets” or “Royal Rifle Corps” to avoid confusion with simple unit shipments. Perhaps it should also ship 12 Rangers and give the free veteran upgrade.


  • Tech “Blue Guards” changed to provide Consulate Musketeers named Blue Guard and give the free Socket Bayonet upgrade.


  • Tech “Risorgimento” also allows Revolutionaries to be trained at TCs.

  • Tech “Carabinieri” changed to provide Consulate Carbine Cavalry named Carabinieri.


  • Techs “Westernization” and “Petrine Reforms” should reduce cost or return price difference proportionally, when the unit upgrades have been researched already.

  • Tech “Kalmucks” changed to provide Kalmucks (Mongols with rifles instead of bows) and upgrade Mongols to Kalmucks.

  • Tech “Bashkir Ponies” changed to provide Consulate Hussars named Bashkir and give the free Cavalry Cuirass upgrade.


  • Tech “Royal Alabarderos” changed to provide Consulate Halberdiers named Alabardero.


  • Tech “Gustavian Guards” changed to provide Consulate Halberdiers named Gustavian Guard and give the free Infantry Breastplate upgrade.

  • Card “Dalcarlian Rebellion” not only turns Pikemen into Halberdiers, but also makes Pikemen upgrades also benefit Halberdiers.

French Settlers

The Settlers offered by The Naturalist occupy the slots of Coureur des Bois. I don’t like this.

Fille du Roi
Based on King’s Daughters.

  • The female version of Coureur des Bois. In Age I/II/III/IV/V, there can be a 0%/10%/20%/30%/40% chance to get Fille du Roi instead of Coureur des Bois respectively.

The Nun
Based on Marguerite Bourgeoys.

  • A new Politician that replacing The Naturalist for French. She will ship 3 Filles du Roi and 1 Church Wagon, and have the chance of Filles du Roi fixed at 50%.


Reduce the quantity to save space.
Make it end up with a maximum of 5, but with the same efficiency as the current 11.

  • Merchants build limit +10.

  • Cards “Bank of Amsterdam” and “Bank of Rotterdam” changed to cost 500 coin, ship 1 Bank Wagon and make Banks generate +10% coin.

  • Card “Dutch East India Company” also reduces the cost of Bank of Amsterdam and Bank of Rotterdam.

  • The effects of Techs “Coffee Trade” and “Excessive Taxation” on Banks changed to make Banks generate +40% coin.

  • Card “Tulip Speculation” changed to make Banks generate +40% coin.


Make it slightly more useful.

  • For all civs, Native Embassies have to be built by heroes and Envoys instead of Settlers and Villagers. To be fair to the Dutch.

  • Card “Peace of MĂĽnster” can also give Envoys the Stealth mode.


  • Under the investment button of each resource, add a toggle button respectively for automatic investment. When the toggle button is on and the resource is sufficient, Lombards will automatically press Investment button once (that is, invest 250 of the resource) when the deposit of the resource in Lombards comes 0. In theory, it is just like the auto farm and auto fish trap in the AoE2.


Improve the livestock mechanic a bit, at least make access to Cows not require a card.

Europeans, US and Chinese

  • Remove Cards “Ranching”, “Llama Ranching” and “Water Buffalo Ranching”.

  • Add Tech “Ranching” (III, or I) at Livestock Pens. It can allow Cows to be trained at Livestock Pens.

  • Add Tech “Buffalo Ranching” (III, or I) at Villages. It can allow Water Buffaloes to be trained at Villages.

  • Card “Viceroyalty of New Spain” can also give the free Ranching upgrade.

Native Americans

  • Remove Card “Ranching”.

  • Add Tech “Captured Cows” (III, or I) at Farms for Haudenosaunee and Lakota. It can allow Cows to be trained at Farms.

  • Replace Aztec Sheep with herdable turkey.

Japanese and Indians

  • Replace Sacred Cows with Sacred Cattle (Zebu).

  • Remove the Livestock Pen in the Dutch ally at Consulate.

  • Add Tech “Inari Okami” (IV) at Shrines. It will cost 900 export, allowing the Sacred Deer to be trained at Shrines.


Mainly for fun.

  • Tech “Zweihänder” also benefit German Explorer, and make it use a zweihänder instead of a sword in melee.

  • Card “Sovnya” also benefit Russian Explorer, and make it use a sovnya instead of a sword in melee.

  • Cards “New Ways” and “Leman Trade Muskets” can give Lakota War Chief ranged stances with a rifle.


Unnecessary changes that complicate the game.

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I didn’t say these were “necessary”, but I don’t think they complicate the game.
I have listed many items only because I explained each thing in detail.

Let the mercenaries from HC able to be trained at the Tavern.
Allowing Consulate shipments can be infinite like the British ally, but require cooldown and build limits.
Solve the problem that Church cards’ units become obsolete by making them be Consulate units like how French has done.
Introducing Mongols and Fille du Roi.
Solve the problem of French settlers.
Reduce the number of banks.
Make livestock and Lombard easier to use.

That’s mainly it, plus some little problems that can be solved together by the way.


thats just the swede bonus

thats not a bad idea

already the case

dutch changes are just straight buffs

auto invest or atleast an onscreen invest button for lombards is probably a good idea lategame

If I remember correctly, Swedes can train at military buildings like Barracks, Stables and Forts, and what I stated here is only at Tavern-type buildings for other civs.

I check it. You’re right.
Its appearance doesn’t change when it upgraded so I had not noticed it.
Maybe the appearance should be update together too.

If there is other way to effectively reduce the upper limit of Banks and maintain their total trickle efficiency, it can be considered.

I’ve always wanted the French to have female Settlers, I’d like them to include the filles du roy in some way, be it as a female version of the Coureur, or through a card, or as some mechanic, etc. This is nice to increase the representation of women in the game, and because it’s weird to see Coureurs transform into female Sansculotes.


Just… mongols?

Like an unit called mongols?

Not even Mangudai? Just… Mongols?


I want them to be the female version of Coureurs des Bois. That way, without any cards or techs, you can definitely see these ladies in French games. The Probabilities are designed to reflect why them come to the French colony.

their appearance don’t have to be as wild as Coureurs des Bois. they can be more flamboyant and French than generic female Settlers, just like how them wear in the paintings.

The term “Mangudai” is medieval.
I think it’s acceptable to call it “Mongol”, simple and good. Just as we now call those units “Rajput”, “Gurkha”, “Cossack”, “Gaucho” and “Manchu”.
Of course, we still can consider other names.

i think this has too much implication for some factions in terms of balance, this would destroy british cow eco as an example. it also wouldnt really make these options any more compelling, the issues with cows is that they are too expensive in the early game and by lategame most civs practically gather at the same rate from mills.

no. part of these techs is that its a risk reward option, holding out to get enough resources for westernization means that your units are going to be weaker for a bit but in return you can upgrade all your units cheaper.

im not sure why you want to buff these unit “cards” or change them to consulate units, they are strong as is.

Church cards are already pretty useful for most factions, compared to the cost invested you get a descend chunk of units and them upgraded, sometimes beyond the age you are in. as an example black watch sends 8 highlanders for 1000 food, comparatively a HC shipment of 9 would cost 1000 coin, so its about the same per unit but it only takes a 3rd/4th of a card to send.

I’m always proposing merging some cards that do not worth the cost (even by just looking at them on paper) or giving them some additional bonus, such as master surgeon (and its worse cousin Florence Nightingale).
Rangers as an age 4 card only transforming units is also unacceptible.

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In my opinion, among all the livestock cards, the Ranching is already the one that has the least impact on the game balance when becoming a tech.

If we don’t want to improve the livestock mechanics by turning a card into tech, we need relatively complex changes, which is not my original intention to create this thread, although I also had posted so-called relatively complex changes in other threads.

Reducing the cost proportionally should not lose the risk reward you mentioned.
They still won’t save for the units that were upgraded first, but the remaining units can still enjoy them without a worse and worse ratio. Players can still choose to hold out without researching any upgrade first, then research the Church techs to save the most resources.

You can notice what I stated.
“Renamed non-mercenary units”

There is no changes to the renamed mercenary units like the Black Watch. Well, besides making them trainable at Tavern.

You can see all the units I change to the Consulate units are which cannot be trained by the civs themselves, because they cannot be upgraded anymore. For those units such as the Swedish Halberdiers, Dutch Musketeers, Russian Hussars, etc., even if they might have higher upgrades than the Age they are in, once the civilization can’t train them, it means that their upgrades will only stay there forever.

They lose value over time when you don’t access them in the earliest Age you can access them. Of course, we can still say that there is still their cost advantage even in the late game, but why should I spend resources on some units that have weakened and are no longer effective, instead of training competitive units at the time?

The Consulate units are a decent practice. Although only +10%, it is still better than units of the same Age. And in the later stage, it will still be useful, and the cost-effectiveness will be higher in conversion. And if you are willing to enjoy it later, it will still be useful. This method also helps to solve the problem between the church techs and the card for British Rangers, which is similar to the French Guard before they got the change.

in rush? yes

in treaty? no.

this is a change that would effect treaty and should thus be considered from that mode first and foremost.

It’s actually embarrassing that they still haven’t done this yet.

Overall I agree with the general idea of most of this. However, changing the number of Dutch Banks seems unnecessary and it causes a whole bunch of issues for literally no benefit.

I don’t think Florence Nightingale is that bad because it helps defense. It allows you to not train healers, since you’ll be building Manors anyway. If it needs a buff, maybe have this card can heal all units like Temple of Heaven at the time it arrives.

So I want it ship at least 12 Rangers and give the free veteran upgrade to Rangers if the player don’t have the veteran Longbowmen yet.

If your concern is that this change will give an extra slot in the deck, I think reducing the effect of Card “Fulling Mills” (Villagers gather food from livestock 300% faster) to 150% then introducing a new Card “Abattoirs” which has the same effect as Fulling Mills. This allows for the same total efficiency and the same number of required cards in the late game, but at least Ranching can be a tech.

As for the civs that don’t have Fulling Mills, I don’t think they would have tried to put Ranching on the deck in the first place.

I just thought it was weird and a waste of space to have tons of banks, and I try to keep their numbers down without reducing their overall generation rate as much as possible. My original intention was not to specially give benefits to the Dutch.

Eleven, usually the game doesn’t set such a large number for a kind of important building.

my concern is the other way, it makes the eco worse.

you start cowing from age 1 as british etc. delaying it by 10 mintues till you are age 3 and has taken an upgrade is less than ideal.

nerfing fulling mills would also be a mistake as would splitting it up be.

the factions not using ranching now aint going to start using cows just because you make it a tech, if one wanted that then the base gather rate villagers have of hearded animals would need to be higher, but frankly i think that is a pandoras box that does not need to be opened.

its fine for some options to be less than ideal for most factions and in most situations. Cowing should stay a relatively unique feature for factions designed around it.

Or we can put Tech Ranching in Age I.

To be honest, I also don’t think the most of old civ need to have stronger livestock mechanics for their economy. As I replied earlier, I didn’t say these ideas were necessary. But I also think that some changes would be interesting.

Other types of livestock can only be accessed with a card is a design that feels redundant. Nor am I trying to improve this thing to encourage civs other than the Brits to become actively using livestock. Chose to split Fulling Mills just because I think this card is the key to Brits Cowing, making them necessarily put the as same number of cards in the deck as the past, in order to prevent Brits Cowing from becoming stronger. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to solve the problem of having an extra card slot when Ranching become a tech.

  • Card Atonement and Koxinga (Chinese).
    The former makes Manchu/Mongol trainable instead of Iron Troop.
    The latter also makes Iron Troop trainable.

  • Fixed Gun
    Ă—0.1 vs Artillery (from Ă—0.2).
    Requires moderate distance from other buildings, similar to Cherry Orchard.

  • Architect
    No longer be able to build Outposts.
    In Age I/II/III/IV/V, the training limit is 1/2/3/4/5.
    Can be tasked at Basilicas and Lombards to gather 0.8 XP per second.

  • Basilica
    Card Uffizi no longer gives +1 Basilica, but improve the XP trickle of Basilicas by +50%.

  • The Logistician (Portuguese, Age II)
    Ships 2 Military Wagons and 1 Cannoneer instead, and enables Cannoneers to be trained at Tavern.

  • Agent/Assassin
    After the Church Cards arrive, Spies are automatically upgraded to Agents/Assassins in Age II/III for each civ respectively without requiring the upgrade cards.

  • Kapikulu Corps (Ottomans Church Card)
    Cost 2000 food (from 1400 food), and ship 5 Kapikulu Spahi (from 4).
    Also adds an effect that gives +1 Spahi per Spahi card.

  • Consulate French ally
    Should provide launchers for Guards after hitting Age IV.

  • Consulate British ally
    Spies should be upgraded to Agents after hitting Age IV.

Banner Armies training rework

Experimental ideas. Encourage to stay in Age II longer.

  • War School (or other better name)
    A new building that can be built from Age II.
    Can train Old Han Army, Standard Army, Ming Army and Mongolian Army and upgrade Chu Ko Nu, Qiang Pikemen, Steppe Riders and Keshiks at here.

  • War Academy (or other better name)
    Now can be built from Age III.
    Can train Territorial Army, Forbidden Army, Imperial Army and Black Flag Army, and upgrade Changdao Swordsmen, Arquebusiers, Iron Flails and Meteor Hammers at here.

  • Castle
    Imperial Army and Black Flag Army can no longer be trained at here.

  • the ship starting with F (it got censored…)
    Can train Imperial Army and Black Flag Army.

  • Summer Palace wonder
    Initially, only Old Han Army, Standard Army, Ming Army and Mongolian Army can be trained. Need to research upgrade to unlock Territorial Army, Forbidden Army, Imperial Army and Black Flag Army.
    Mandarin Duck Squad, Beiyang Army, Iron Cap Princes’ Army, Emperor’s Army, and Ever Victorious Army can also be spawned by the Summer Palace wonder after being shipped.

New Cards


  • Dejima (I)
    Ship a TP Wagon and let each TP trickle 0.25 export per second.

  • Shigakukan Dojo (IV)
    Ships 1 Dojo Rickshaw.
    In Japan, Shigakukan is known as “The Three Great Dojos in Edo at Bakumatsu” together with Genbukan and Renpeikan.

  • Somei Gardeners (IV)
    Turns Cherry Orchards to Yoshino Cherry Orchards; Orchard Rickshaws can be trained at TCs for 500 wood, and can build Yoshino Cherry Orchards instead of normal Cherry Orchards.
    Yoshino Cherry Orchard no longer requires a distance, no longer has food that can be gathered but has a trickle of 0.1 export per second; the build limit is up to 8.
    Mainly want to see beautiful cherry blossoms more. Just for fun.
    From the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period, gardeners and craftsmen at Somei, Edo cultivated, grew, and offered yoshinozakura, or someiyoshino. It is the most popular cultivar of cherry blossoms and has spread throughout and beyond Japan through grafting. Although it has great ornamental and artistic value and grows rapidly, the edible value of its fruit is extremely low.

Two cards based on wiki/Mango#Culture.

  • Akbar’s Mango Orchards (IV)
    [Team] ships a Grove Rickshaw.

  • Mughal Patronage of Horticulture (IV)
    Turns Mango Groves to Totapuri Mango Groves; Grove Rickshaws can be trained in TC for 1500 coin, and can build Totapuri Mango Grove instead of normal Mango Grove.
    Totapuri Mango Grove also has 5000 wood, but when Villagers gather wood at Totapuri Mango Grove, they will also generate 0.1Ă— the export for the wood they gathering; the build limit is up to 2.


  • Three Sisters (I)
    Gives a trickle of 1.5 food per second.

  • Metal Weapons (IV)
    Turns 100% of the Tomahawk’s wood cost and 50% of the Mantlet’s wood cost into 1.25 x the coin.
    To provide a way to reduce reliance on trees in the late game.
    The British took advantage of the gift-giving culture, offering a great deal of European goods. Warriors became more reliant on metal weapons and thus valued trade and military alliances with the British.

  • Mourning Wars (IV)
    Ships 1 Warrior for every Longhouse.
    Warrior no longer loses HP over time, and gain a firearm.


  • Tribal Defense (I)
    TC +50% attack.
    Buildings spawn (the cost of the building/100 +1) Warriors when destroyed.

  • Elder Warriors (IV) (500 coins)
    [Fast] ships 30 Warriors, and upgrades Warriors to Elder Warriors, which +100% HP and +50% Attack.


  • Air Guns (IV)
    Makes Landwehrs and/or Skirmishers fire 10% faster, but may also cost 10% more.


  • French Cuisine (I)
    Exchanges all food for 0.6Ă— the XP, and makes Tavern have +100% coin trickle.
    The world-renowned French culinary culture has brought influence to France. Just for fun.

ÂżRecuerdan el botĂłn de movimiento de los edificios lakota?
Es molesto convertirlos en travois, luego volver a colocar uno por uno. Debería funcionar más o menos parecido al botón de Deconstrucción de aom, pero en vez de que se teletransporten los edificios, generan un travois que ya debe tener el destino a seguir. No sé cómo se implemente, pero tal vez se pueda.

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Let me guess, what you wish is,
click the button → the cursor displays the graphic of the building, and enter the state of selecting the location to build → click a new place as the destination.
Then the building will be automatically converted to travois, automatically go to the place, and automatically converted into a building.

Yes, exactly that. I feel like you read my mind.

Another change I would like to make is regarding the Sharpshooters. Everything they do is done better by the Gatling gun, so they don’t get much use. They were trained to take out high value units, so I wanted to give them a bonus against mercenaries and heroes, like spies.

I would also like to give otontin Slingers small area damage.