Historical units that need to be added into the game

I’m going to present a few ideas of units that I think would be a cool addition to the game. Please feel free to add more units you think should be added.

French Foreign Legionnaires

I’m thinking of having them as units which are similar to the Zouave and the Fusilier units already in the game. They should be a 2 pop unit with low hit points but an attack which is three times greater than the average musketeer, movement speed of 4.5 and increased range of 15. They will still have the same anti-cav melee multipliers as Fusiliers. They should only be available at French Forts and Taverns. They should have a cost of 300 coin each but should be affected by all France’s Musketeers HC Upgrade Cards including the battle promotion one. (with three kills under their belt, a Foreign Legionnaire should be able one shot most single pop infantry)

Royal Marines

I think these units should act similarly to Humbaraci. They should be a single pop unit that have a x3 multiplier against all artillery and a range resistance of 20% but a siege resistance of 50%. Their range should be 16 and they should also have a high siege attack (especially against defensive buildings). They will have the same states as a British musketeer in all other regards (except no melee cav multiplier). They will be trainable from all British ships and docks. They will be able to build docks. Twice as many Royal Marines will be able to fit on a single ship at a time than normal units (limit of units allowed on ship increased to 100 from 50). The perfect unit for island hoping campains.


This one is a lot more simple than the others so far. I’d like the Spanish dragoon to be replaced by Conquistadors (basically the same looking ones as the Jesuit Conquistadors), but be available in age 2 rather than age 3. I’d probably make their overall stats slightly worse than normal dragoons but give them a much wider line of sight and a few more hit points.

Coldstream Guards


Despite the first picture above showing them in red coloured uniforms I think it would be nice if they were depicted in their less popular grey uniforms (as shown ## ##### ########## photograph). They should be a unit with pretty much identical stats as a Giant Grenadier but cost some amount of food instead of only coin. They should be obtained through an infinite Home City card shipments in Age 3 or an Age 4 card which will allows them to be trained in British Forts.

Royal Gurkhas

They should have opposite stats of Rangers - a weaker range attack but a LOT more hit points. So this would make them similar to a Cherokee Rifleman (but will still have a range of 20). They will have a high movement speed and a x4 multiplier against heavy infantry in melee combat which they’ll deal using their Kukri knife. They will have the ultimate survivability if any single pop skirmisher type unit. They will be available to the British in the barracks after a Home City card has been sent allowing them. (Royal Gurkhas will be very different from the Gurkhas currently available to the Indian civ).

If all my proposals went through, I’d get rid of Gurkhas from the Indian barracks (as Gurkha only starting fighting as part of the Indian Army in the 1950s!!!) and replace them with Banduqchis. Banduqchis will act similar to Volunteers and Strelets. They will be a cheap skirmisher unit that will be able to be trained in batches of 10 and have an aura ability that improves their stats when stood in large numbers together. I think this actually would be very appropriate for Indian civ’s game play, as for a country with such a large population they only seems to field a smallish arm in-game because of the huge population space elephants take up. The introduction of cheap spammable Banduqchis unit should change this.

Royal Highlander


They will be of a similar purpose as normal mercenary Highlanders but will be unique to the British. They will be available from Age 3 onwards and will take up two population. They will have extremely high based stats but have no multipliers against any unit. They will have a range of 15 to compensate for their lack of multipliers. Royal Highlanders’ ranged and melee attack should be equal. They will normally have a range resist of 20% but will have a charged ability (like Caroleans) called, “The Highland Charge”, which will lock all Royal Highlanders’ attack into melee, increase their movement speed to 5 and change their range resistance into a 30% melee resistance. They should trade well against all units apart from Artillery and long range skirmishers which will be their main weakness because of their “Heavy Infantry” tag.

Prussian Line Infantry

Based closely on the Line Infantry unit available from the the Habsburg Royal House but with more standardised stats. Available only to the German civilisation only, they will have a range of 13, a rate of fire of 2.5 and a movement speed of 4.65 but will have less hit points and attack than regular musketeers. To make up for their lack of hitpoints they will have a 1.3 ranged multiplier against all cavalry. Available in the barracks from Age 3.

Filles du Roi

“The King’s Daughters”. Basically just a female Coureur des Bois for the French. Maybe give her a passive ability to heal units (I don’t really know, I just saw it before on another post so thought I’d add them to here). (the second image was from the Mods Single - Age of Empires mod)

Dutch Blue Guards

Basically just a unique Dutch musketeer unit that is available to be trained only after sending the Religious Freedom church tech home city card. It will be obtained similarly to Rangers for the British. For 800 food, it will replace all your existing Halberdiers into Blue Guards. Then after that another tech will swap Halberdiers for Blue Guards in the barracks for 2000 coin. Blue guards will have similar stats as a Caroleans but will not have a charged ability; they will, however, have an increased amount of hitpoints instead. These new Blue Guard units will replace all the Dutch musketeers in the Asian Consulates. (second image from the 5.8 - UNIQUE HISTORICAL ARMY SKINS - S.XVII-XIX - Multiplayer compatible! - Mods - Age of Empires mod)


Well, I mean, the reason Gurkhas “only” started fighting for the Indian army in the 50s is because there was no “India” until the 40s…


Possible Outcome: introduce new cards, which are named regiments of renown in history, and give units + buffs.


Adding so many units that actually are re-skined muskteer? Dont make this game become another total war:empire, unit identifiability is an important point to RTS games.


This could work similarly to the USA civ Home City “United States Marines” card.

I think it would be a great unit for potentially Stuart Royal House.

Prussians offer so many possibilities that they deserve to become a full-fledged civ in AoE 3.


Well with the context of AOE3de, the Indian civ is represented by the Mughal Empire. To my knowledge the Mughals never were able to conquer any of the Nepalese region where the Gurkha are native to. So, I am confused why they where chosen to be the primary skirmisher unit for the Indian civ in this game. My proposition for introducing Banduqchis unit is far more fitting for the Mughal Empire context as these where the primary soldiers deployed en masse by the Empire. To this day there are roughly 4000 Gurkhas serving in the British Armed Forces despite the majority of the battalions being accumulated into the modern Indian Army in the early 1950s. So, to write them off as incorrect for the British civ would feel unjust and potentially insulting. From a gaming side of things, even if they are not trainable at the barracks they should at least be obtainable through an infinite Home City Shipment especially now that the Indian civ has access to an Infinite 2 Rocket shipment.

Honestly I don’t believe this is too much of an issue. Since the first 8 vanilla civs we’ve had 14 more new civs added, each one with new units and special mechanics. They all seem to have been fairly well received by the majority of the AOE3de community too. So, in my opinion, as long as the new European units comply with the standard out of unit type (i.e. infantry with bayonets counter cavalry / infantry without don’t / ranged cav carry a gun/bow counter hand cav / hand cav carry sambre counter artillery and skirms etc.) then there should be no problem.

Why are people so reluctant to this? It would be a way to enrich the game.

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Because we already have a completely functional German civ than more than fulfills that need.

If we keep bringing that topic though this thread will get closed too.

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Why would this topic be closed? I’ve seen a lot of support for a “Kings of the Baltic” DLC which could introduce a new Prussian civ, a Danish civ and a Polish Lithuania civ to the game, with the existing German civ being turned into Austria. The resentment around this idea is because Germany was one on the original vanilla civs so no one wants to dramatically change it but if you where coming into the Definitive Edition for the first time and only had an interest in history, you’d find it weird that Fredrick the Great is leading a united German confederation with a roster of Austrian troops in, when his most famous victories were against the Austrians themselves.

However, this is a subject worthy of new post all together. Lets keep this post about new unit ideas only. :grin:

P.s. I’m not too worried how these units will fit in the game, I just wanna see some cool ideas and worry about the in-game implications of them later.


There’s a lot of pushback against it too.

I think the truth of the matter is that the civs that I guess make the ‘Kings of the Baltic’ dlc idea are all completely valid and sensible, however it would be a real shame to not get a few more unique Asian/African/Native American civs/literally anything not European in before those doors (developer work) shut (not scaremongering - I think it will get plenty of support and love for a long time yet!).

I am European and probably biased to Euro civs - I’d personally love to see Danes and their gunboats momentarily before I sink them all (sorry Copenhagen) or the Polish(-Lithunian Commonwealth) and their Winged Hussars and Tabors… however it would be a reaaaaaal shame to miss out on lots of arguably much more unique and interesting civs that would boost the incredibly low numbered (and untouched since TAD) Asian Civs.

I’m all for more stuff added to our current Euros in way of more unique shipments/mercs/units (though not oversaturated!), however Persia, Siam and even Korea ( yes I know their global impact - however they have a really unique military ) - would be more exciting and help to round out the roster to be more international rather than Euro-centric.

African civs deserve attention as well - a North African Morroco and Sub-Saharan Shona States (let’s leave the incredibly short-lived Zulu as a minor civ!) are would be great. An Arabian civ that had prominence in Africa that I’d also love to see is the Omani.

Whilst there’s lots of potential Native American civs that would make good choices, I’d be really eager to see the Haida and Mapuche - both rather unique to one another and the existing set. Pueblos would be interesting too, though I believe they are out of the question due to bot wanting to be portrayed in a game.

In all honesty (and I’m happy to have my mind changed!) I’m not a big fan of US and Mexico, however I feel that Brazil has a place to represent a Portuguese-speaking post-colonial civ to cover a part of South America.

I’m also all for some more unique left-field civs as well that had relevance (contact with with other civs essentially) during the AoE3 timespan …


This entire argument against Korea is based on weird CCP propaganda aimed at downplaying the sovereignty of China’s neighbors. Korea would be a great option for a civ.


Turtle ship please!


We can have those unique things, but it doesn’t have to be a whole civilization just for this reason.
The quickest and easiest way is to use those unique things as mercenaries.

Do you have any evidence to prove that their weak national power and regional influence after the establishment of the Qing Dynasty is just CCP propaganda?

If you have studied the history of Southeast Asia and East Asia more, you will really feel that the Korean Peninsula was pretty quiet during that period. The title of “Hermit Kingdom” was not given to them by the CCP.

Koreans can be a valid option, probably about the same as Vietnamese in my opinion. I may look an anti but I just think before Koreans and Vietnamese, the struggles between the Siamese and the Burmese is more suitable ans interesting as a Far East themed DLC.

Of course you can take all of this as my personal opinion, but it is not correct to simply classify the opponents as influenced by the CCP entirely. I am replying to you just to express this matter.

They and the Persians would be great Middle East themed DLC.

A while ago, several threads were taken off-topic by the fans of splittng Germans, and ended up being a debate betweem two sides.


Honestly, the stability and quietness of Korea during the period speaks loads of their national power if anything. Like the only thing that separates it from Japan from that optic is that… Japan had more notable civil wars, which is the opposite of stability.


I agree.

They fought the Wakou pirates and the Japanese (defending against a seaborne invasion so great in numbers that there would be no greater amphibious invasion until Normandy, WW2), fought with the Ming dynasty against the Jin which later became the Qing dynasty, later became close allies with the Qing (Manchus) and fought against Russians and then much later in the 19th century there were even instances of engaging in conflicts with the French and US. Much like Japan, the Koreans opened up to the world towards the end of the 1800s and modernised their armies even aquiring Maxim and Gatling guns from the British and US respecively (Gatling guns were used to tackle the Donghak Peasant Revolution).

That’s plenty of context for an awesome Asian civ!

Incidently, I used to play Empires: Dawn of the Modern World (spiritual successor to Empire Earth series), which featured a rather neat Korea civ, from medieval to 1800s.
In that game the Koreas civ traits/quirks such as that they spawn a villager for any enemy villager killed (called Bondservants) and Planned Cities, which meant villagers constructed buildings quicker. The units in the game included Joeson Tridents, Joeson Sword Cavalry, musketeers, Hwachas, Turtle Ships as well as Gatling Guns.

A Joseon Korean civ in AoEIII could be a defensive faction with the trait that their military units are stronger near their own buildings, otherwise lack strength in the open. Some of their units could be:

  • Jochongsu - Joseon Musketeers
  • Salsu - Heavy Infantry, armed with Dangpa (tridents).
  • Pengbaesu - Elite sword and shield soldiers, occupying the Halberdier role
  • Kisa - Mounted archers. Uses flail in melee.
  • Kichang - Spear/lance cavalry
  • Masang ssanggeom (Twin Swords) - Elite Cavalry that use twin swords in combat (Shipment only)
  • Chakhogapsa (Tiger hunters) - Skirmishers
  • Panokseon - Caravel tier exploration ship
  • Geobukseon - Turtle Ship, occupying the Galleon tier.
  • Hwacha - the good old rocket launcher. Fires a prolonged salvo of fire arrows though has a cooldown between each round. The heavy ‘cannon’
  • Chongtunsu - archaic handgunner, occupying a grenadier/abus gun space as seige trooper. Uses grapeshot (area of effect) for units and fire arrows for seige.
  • Wan-gu mortar - Lightweight and portable that still requires. a deployment action (these mortars had to have holes dug for them to sit in)
  • Hongyi-po - Light European-style cannon (originally from the Dutch) - fulfils the Falconet’s role
    Righteous Army - Lastly, their militia/irregular equivelents could be rather special too as they were a key part of the Joseon defense on homeground.

I can’t imagine Koreans civ without this unit.

I think this unit could resemble a combination of the British Rocket and the Portuguese Organ Gun - it would be a rocket launcher that would flood the enemy with a mass of fast projectiles (it would be less powerful than the British Rocket but faster). Unique traits and abilities would be welcome for this unit.



Maybe it would the Korean equivelent to the Falconet in terms of role? Great ranged anti-infantry with less building attack than the Falconet. Unlike the British rockets, it fires in a salvos of small rocket darts/arrow so maybe its firing pattern is similar to your mentioning of the Organ Gun - with maybe the unique trait that it peppers the unit and the surrounding area with a sustainted barrage at a great range (more than the Organ) followed by a lengthier reload animation compared to either Congreves or Organ gun.

To empower the Hwacha there could be HC Shipments which enable an aura when their massed together (‘Hwacha Battery’) which give them some more firepower, at the cost of increased minimum range.


The appearance of the Hongyipao could be based on this model that is displayed at the Hwaseong Fortress in South Korea. It would help with giving the Hongyipao a more distinct look in comparison to some of the other models of the Hongyipao.

Maybe the Chinese and the Koreans could have their separate versions of the Hongyipao. Where the Koreans will have the Hongyipao with the wrinkly appearance, which can be called the [Rugged Hongyipao] or [Rugged Cannon], while the Chinese has the non-wrinkly one. Though this idea may just be unnecessary.


I would dare say we need Brazil first to complete The Americas, then Persia and only then can the game be completed.

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