Some ideas of renaming/remodeling artillery units

That’s because they did the Asians civs dirty and gave them the dumb consulate instead of all the cool artillery they actually had.

Ottomans, Mughals, and Persians should all have some kind of Turkish cannon in their roster. I’d like to see them at least have a “regular” Bombard as a Falconet equivalent. The fake “Siege Elephant” could be replaced with Gajnal and elephants towed/carried guns.


China should have Hongyipao instead of Flamethrowers (which were only really used in the Song Dynasty). A Korea civ could also share this as well as other unique artillery like Hwachas.

In southeast Asia there are guns such as Lantaka that could make an appearance with new civs.

If we ever get a Siamese civ, Gatling Elephants could be a possibility.


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Persian artillery was nothing to write home about. Like sure, they could have “turkish” cannons But they only ever used the smalles calibers of cannons during the Safavid Dynasty.
You see, they experimented with getting artillery early on, but it turns out it was wildly impractical for the conditions they lived in. There weren’t that many walled cities they had to lay siege to and most of their opponents and wars they fought were against steppe nomads. Even in their conflicts towards the west (by west I mostly mean Caucasian peoples and Ottomans) the terrain was very much not very suitable for big artillery trains.
Now Nader Shah changed this and put a lot of emphasis on improving the capacity of Persian artillery during the Afsharid Dynasty, and if you read online you could be led to believe that meant they had super special, like unique huge cannons. But no, he mostly just focused on getting the Persian artillery up to par with European standards, which sure was a huge success and a large step forward, but still nothing particularly noteworthy on a more global scale.
I ain’t even gonna talk much about the dynasties that followed. Enough to say they really didn’t stand out much for their artillery, most of it was just Zamburaks and the smallest calibers of ottoman guns, Firangi, zarbzan, whatnot.

The idea of these “Gunpowder Empires” is kind of a very eurocentric, orientalist view of how these three states rose up and it very much doesn’t reflect the realities of these territories.

As for the Siamese Gatling Elephants, they are a nice idea for a meme unit, but it must be said that they weren’t actually elephant mounted, fired-from-their-back gatling guns, they just transported Gatling Guns in the backs of elephants to deploy them later as normal.


A little additional thought:
I think there are two types of units in the current roster:
Units that lasted and evolved throughout the game’s period: musketeer, skirmisher, hussar, dragoon, field gun (falconer).
Units that fell out of use in reality, but still accessible in the late game: pikeman, halberdier, dopplesoldner, crossbowman, rodelero, culverin, caravel, galleon, a lot of mercenaries, most Asian units, the entire Aztec and Inca civilization, etc.

It’s really difficult to give the latter a more “modern” look because they are already “frozen in time”, unlike say the musketeer which gain iconic uniforms that progress through time. In the game most of them just got fancier with the upgrade, as a “modern” unit wearing no armour and a shako but carrying a greatsword would look very odd. And you cannot turn it into another unit either.

En general hay varias piezas de artilleria faltantes dentro del juego, y ya que juego el empire total war, me gustaria ver algunas de estas dentro del juego xd

Cañones pesados que no son tirados por caballos y quedan suspendidos en una sola zona de disparo. (Disponible para: Todas las facciones europeas)

Podrian ser como culebrinas, con un bajo daño de asedio, pero con excelentes bonus de daño contra edificios y infanteria (Todas las facciones europeas)

Ametralladora Puckle
Bueno como una unidad de broma estaria bien xd

Cañon pesado de 64 libras
Estaria disponible para los otomanos y indios, tendria un ataque muy lejano y un daño debastador, pero seria muy lento de mover de disparar y caro de pagar

Pistola organo?


Am I the only one who thinks that “Heavy Cannon” is a very generic name?

I mean, there aren’t heavy and light artillery classifications, all of them are just Artillery, so the prefix “heavy” doesn’t fit at all.

But I don’t find any idea of how to suggest a better name.

On the one hand, yes, heavy cannon sounds generic.
On the other hand, cannon is actually a specific designation of artillery, particularly towards more medieval times, cannons referred to particular calibers that separated them from, say, bombards.

Trying to give the cannon that comes from the Factory a less generic name that somehow fits all civs that can produce them is easier said than done though.

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Sometimes gun is translated as pistola, but it really means cañón here.

Artillery in early modern era wasn’t standarized. So you have falconet that looked like culverins and viceversa. Only in the end of modern era we have standarization (Gribeauval system, french card)

If I remember well, there was a type of artillery called “gónada”, its name also comes from “gun”, wasn’t it?

Let me guess, you got that from WotTA.

The “Gonada” were gunnades used in the Rio de la Plata area whose names were just translated into spanish in the crudest manner. The Gunnade in turn is a 1820ish development of the Royal (british) navy that combined cannons (gun as per their designation) with carronades. Thus, gunnade.

Mi pregunta a hacia el termino organ gun era si llamarla asi o simplemente cambiarleel nombre, se lo que es una entandarización de artilleria, si uno de mis sistemas favoritos de artilleria fue el krupp xd pero igual gracias

Seems that Gatling Elephants were more real that Gatling Camels, at least we have photos. But it doesn’t seem, like Gatling Camels, that were used at all at a real conflict.

Well, I don’t know much about history like all of you, but I suppose Japan could acquire machine guns through the consulate with the ‘Meiji Restoration’.

The idea comes from watching the movie ‘The Last Samurai’

I feel this thread need more discussion!

• I’d love to see Imperial aesthetic upgrade for arty

• There totally be Howitzers. They should be the gun in the middle of Falcs and Mortars - medium range seige artillery. In game they could do the most seige damage but would lack the range if the cheaper mortars. Uses explosive shells and can fire at units however it’s slow.

• Falconets should be Sakers (most Euros had equivalent/similar names). Failing that, let’s go with the 5 Pounder. Falconets were pea shooters!

• Introduce more Merc or even Royal Euro House artillery units to add more interesting options without interfering too much with the Euro civ rosters. For example the House of Hannover could also include Grasshopper Guns (Grasshopper cannon - Wikipedia). Lots of other interesting guns have also been mentioned here on this thread.


Maybe some civilisations could have access to the Howitzer which will replace both the [Mortar] and the [Horse Artillery] for them, just like how it would work for the Russians if they get the Licorne howitzer in the future which I suggested in an earlier comment in this thread. By doing this it won’t overlap with the roles of other units, because it would probably be redundant for a civilisation to train both Mortars and Howitzers if the latter is going to fill a similar role to the Mortar by being an effective anti-building unit.

I’d go for a 5 pounder cannon, in terms of looks, or name it after another cannon rather than renaming the [Falconet] to “Saker”.

The Saker cannon seems to have strong ties to the English in terms of use, therefore I am in favour of making it into a unique unit for the British. But I wouldn’t be too bothered if the [Falconet] got renamed to Saker.

Maybe the [Falconet] could be renamed to [Battalion Gun], since it is the general name for the specific type of artillery that was first used by armed forces which was for supporting infantry.

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5 Pounder would look so awkward as an unit name though.

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@HoopThrower You have a good point. “5 pounder” just refers to the weight of the shot that the cannon fires, so it would be weird if it just got renamed to that. I spent some time trying to find a cannon with a particular name that fired a 5 lbs cannonball but I haven’t been successful.

Sakers were 5 - 6 pdrs, and were used by many Euros under different names (Sacres for Spanish for example). There’s nothing inherently English about it aside from the English name (who would have thought! :wink: )

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Much like the post a few messages above, in the 19th century field pieces were called “Foot Artillery”, so that’d be a pretty fitting name for what the role of the unit is imo.

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related unrelated - - does it bug anyone else that all new artillery has no pack/unpack animation. only euros and s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶n̶ civs with euro artillery tacked awkwardly onto their roster have to deal with the limber mode

A bit off topic but it would be nice if area denial damage was introduced to the game by adding a new technology called the “Carcass Shot” which would be available from the [Arsenal] building.

After researching this technology the [Mortar] and Bomb Ketch (Monitor) will gain a special ability where they will shoot a cannonball that will set the area that it strikes on fire.

This fire will spread out to a certain radius and last there for a certain amount of time, which will damage any enemy unit that is inside of it. There could also be a second but smaller damaging radius outside the fire that will poison enemy units, but the poison won’t harm buildings and ships.

I created a post last year where I suggested that the Carcass Shot could be added to the game.