Some new cards for future updates

Alright, I’ll take the risk with some ideas I’ve posted before in the thread, with some changes

Yes, the icons are from NE, but I consider them good enough :sweat_smile: please, tell me if the balance can be improved.

Ice Fishing (II): Ships gather 20% faster from fish and whales. Caravels and similar war ships increase their gather rate in 10% instead.

Polearms Combat (II): Hand infantry (AbstractPikeman) get +1 melee range. Halberdiers, Papal Guards, and similar units, get +15% attack.

Advanced Agriculture (III): Researches Seed Drill, Artificial Fertilizer and Bookkeeping for free.

Cash Crops (III): Estates and their counterparts produce coin 10% faster.

Beer Trade (IV): For every 3 minutes the game has passed, exchanges 100 food for 25% more coin, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Higher Education (IV): All economic technologies research 25% slower, but are 30% cheaper. Not a TEAM card, in my opinion

Red Cross (IV): Ships 2 surgeons, increase their healing rate in 10% and increases Field Hospitals built limit in +3.

Grain Supplies (IV): Delivers 4 Grain crates, a unique food crate that contains 200 food for each one, but are gathered 50% slower than conventional food crates.

Revolution cards

Reserve Forces: Infantry train 15% faster and cost 10% less food, but has 25% less hit points.

Floating Batteries: Broadside Attack causes +0.5 additional damage against ships.

Artillery Craftsmanship: Artillery cost -20%, but moves 10% slower in Bombard Mode.

Advanced Marksmanship: Rifle Infantry can benefit from the Hunting Promotion, increasing their range for each defeated military unit, up to three.


Suenan bastante interesante, aunque la carta de cruz roja suena algo decepcionante para una de edad 4 xD

Alguna sugerencia para cambiarla?
Colocarla en Edad III no me parecería la mejor decisión :grimacing:

Cruz Roja: Edad IV Los hospitales de campaña mejoran su rango de curación y la velocidad de esta, a su vez permite el entrenamiento de vagones enfermeria, los cuales pueden moverse por el campo de batalla y donde los soldados guarecidos en estos se pueden curar con mayor rapidez envia 4 cirujanos y 2 vagones de enfermeria

que tal?


te sirve la sugerencia colega? o es algo exagerada? xd

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Quizás los vagones de enfermería pueden ser algo medio complejo de incorporar :sweat_smile: pero me gusta la sugerencia

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Otras ideas que tengo

Nueva unidad unica (Rev de Chile): Huaso: Unidad economica con gran daño cuerpo a cuerpo (+17) y que mejora su recolección con cada envio realizado, y cada envio hecho antes de la rev se sumaran una vez revolucionado (cada envio mejora un +2% la recoleción de todos los recursos sin importar cual)

Miquelets (Portugueses): Los milicianos ya no pierden puntos de resistencia y aumentan su daño en un 15% los cazadores obtienen más armadura a distancia (5%)

Viñenos de Napoles y Sicilia (Italianos): Les mejora el goteo de recursos de las tavernas y a su vez les otorga un goteo de comida (+0,50 monedas por segundo 1 de comida por segundo) por consecuencia la carta trattoria deberia permitir la creación de tavernas por parte de los arquitectos




New Card.

Viceroyalty of Peru: (Age I)
Effect1: Allows access to early versions of the South American revolutions.
Effect2: Give new cards to old South American Revolutions.
Effect3: Change the appearance and the name of the home city.
Effect4: All revs replace the dragon with mounted riflemen.
Effect5: All revolutions lose the ability to train rodeleros and crossbowmen.
Effect6: Revolutions can only upgrade Pikemen to Veterans.
Effect7: Revolutions lack the Bastion upgrade for walls.
Effect8: Revolutions have the Redoubts upgrade for walls.

Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata/Argentina.


Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. (Equivalent to Age II)

Bonus1: Each age receives a cattle corral cart and 5 cows.
Bonus2: The explorer becomes a general.


Gaucho Population (Age I)
Description: Citizens are accompanied by horses that they can use to move faster around the map and transport more resources.
Effect: Citizens now ride horses to travel long distances or when in danger.
Effect2: Villagers collect 10% faster from all sources.

Revolution of May: (Age I)
Description: Upgrades Militiamen into Revolutionary and allows revolutionaries to be trained in urban centers.
Effect1: Levy/Conscription now produces revolutionaries.
Effect2: Town centers can now train revolutionary.
Effect3: Revolutionaries improve with each age automatically.

Mounted General. (Age I)
Description: Allows the general to ride a horse, increases his damage and hit points; increases rewards from treasures.
Effect1: Enables the mount and dismount ability for the general.
Effect2: 50% more damage and life points.
Effect3: Doubles all rewards from collected treasures.
Effect4: If the general falls in combat while mounted he will stay alive with 15% of his total health, but will not be able to mount a horse for 20 seconds.

Town Militia (Age I)
Description and Effect: Town Centers get +50% attack and can now use Conscription.

Ranching: (Age I)
Description and Effect: Livestock Pens can now train Cows.

Stockyards: (Age I)
Description and Effect: Livestocks fatten 30% faster when tasked to Livestock Pens, Farms, and Villages.

Estancias: (Age II)
Description: Cattle pens automatically produce cattle and increase the limit of all cattle by +10 for each pen.
Effect1: The pens pruduce cattle automatically every 40 seconds.
Effect2: Each pen in the match increases the win limit by +10

Pulperías. (Age II)
Description and Effect: Send out 6 bar carts, increase your creation limit by +6; allows you to recruit outlaw units at half price and population.

Córdoba agriculture. (Age II)
Description and Effect: Citizens gather food from mills and plantations 15% faster.

5 Musketeers (Age II) (Inf)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Musketeers.

10 Musketeers (Age II)
Description and Effect: Ships 10 Musketeers.

5 Skirmisher (Age II) (Inf)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Skirmisher.

10 Skirmisher (Age II)
Description and Effect: Ships 10 Skirmisher.

United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. (Equivalent to Age III)

Bonus1: Enables the creation of Montonera in stables, bars and Galleon.
Bonus2: Citizens harvest 15% faster from mills and plantations.
Bonus3: The montonera improve automatically with each age.

Note: Montonera = Old Gauchos, Cavalry that hurls bolas which can slow down enemies.


Governor of Cuyo: (Age I)
Description: Allows you to train Soldado and mounted Grenadiers as well as improve the speed of artillery creation.
Effect1: Allows you to train Soldado in barracks, fortresses, and galleons.
Effect2: Allows you to create Grenadiers mounted in stables, Fortresses and galleons.
Effect3: Artillery units are created 30% faster; also the heavy cannons.

Note: Soldado and Mounted Grenadiers automatically upgrade with each age.

Libertos (Age I) (New Unit)
Description: Replaces Pikemen with libertos, upgrades them to Veteran, and allows them to be upgraded to Guard level. (libertos gunpowder unit that fights with musket and halberd)
Effect1: Replaces pikemen with libertos.
Effect2: Allows libertos to be trained in Barracks, Fortresses, and Galleons.
Effect3: Libertos are upgraded to Veterans and allows them to be upgraded to Guards in Age IV.
Effect4: Send a libertos for every house in the game.
Effect5: Libertos can be trained in amounts of 10 instead of 5.

Cavalry Hitpoints (Age II)
Description and Effect: Cavalry get +15% hit points.

Declaration of Independence: Age (III)
Description: Replaces the Spanish Musketeer with Revolutionaries.
Effect1: Replaces the Spanish musketeer in the barracks and Galleon; allows you to train the revolutionaries in his place.
Effect2: Replaces the spanish Musketeer from hometown shipments with revolutionaries.
Effect3: All spanish Musketeer become revolutionaries.
Effect4: Revolutionaries can be trained in amounts of 10 instead of 5.

Infernals of Guemes. (Age III) (New Unit)
Description Replaces Spanish Lancers with Infernals. (The infernal is a Lancer, with more damage and defense, but less health)
Effect1: Replaces the Spanish Lancers in the stables and Galleon; allows you to train the Infernals in his place.
Effect3: All Spanish Lancers become Infernals.
Effect4: Infernals can be trained in amounts of 10 instead of 5.

Santa Fe Agriculture. (Age III)
Description and Effect: Citizens gather food from mills and plantations 20% faster.

5 Spanish Lancers (Age III) (Inf)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Spanish Lancers

7 Lancers (Age III)
Description and Effect: Ships 7 Spanish Lancers

5 Montonera (Age III)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Montonera.

5 Hussars (Age III)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Hussars.

Cavalry Combat (Age III)
Description and Effect: Cavalry get +15% hit points and attack.

Liberation March (Age III)
Description and Effect: Infantry, cavalry, and Shock Infantry get +5% speed and -35% train time.

Advanced Frontier Defenses (Age III)
Description and Effect: Ships 3 Outpost Wagons and upgrades Outposts and Blockhouses to Frontier status

Fort (Age III)
Description and Effect: Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1

Arsenal of Cuyo (Age III)
Effect1: Enables Advanced Arsenal.
Effect2: Send out two Arsenal Carts.
Effect 3: Allows you to research all armory upgrades at half price.

Argentina. (Equivalent to Age IV)

Bonus1: Send 10 half-fat cows and 10 montoneras.
Bonus2: Increases the cow limit by 20.


Extensive Fortifications (Age III)
Description and Effect: Outpost build limit +7; Walls, Outposts, and Forts get +25% hit points.

Crossing of the Andes. (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Send 4 heavy cannons and 2 Soldado for each house in the game.

Argentine barbecue (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Livestock Pen automatically gathers up to 5 fattened livestock in a radius of 20 at the gathering speed of 8.0/s; Cows fatten 30% faster when tasked to Livestock Pen.

Factory (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Ships 1 Factory Wagon.

Castrametation (Revo) (Age IV)
The General can build Outposts; Fort build limit +5; Outposts cost -50%; Forts cost -50%; Wall, Outpost, and Fort build time -50%

Carga de Juana Azurduy. (Age IV)
Description and Effect: The hussars gain the charge ability; The hussar charges at the enemy, which deals 90 damage, has a range of 2, and an AOE of 3.

4 Gatling Guns (Inf) (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Ships 4 Gatling Guns.

2 Ironclads (Inf) (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Ships 2 Ironclads.

Argentine Mortars (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Ships 5 Mortar; Upgrade Mortars to Imperial Howitzers; Imperial Howitzers gain 15% more speed.

Government of Juan Manuel de Rosas. (Age IV)
Description: Allows Argentina to advance to presidential age for a cost; Food 1829, gold 1852
Effect: Gives access to more cards for the Argentine revolution.

Argentina. (Equivalent to Age V)

Bonus: All first-age cards do not cost shipments.

Presidential cavalry. (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Upgrade all cavalry to imperial for free.

Presidential Artillery. (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Allows you to research artillery upgrades at half price.

Casa Rosada. (Age IV)
Description and Effect: Dispatch a capitol wagon; Enables the construction of the capitol and the research of all its improvements.

This is a request and I hope that the developers end up applying it. :upside_down_face:

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Why would Portuguese get a tech that references Catalonian and Valencian militias? Makes no sense.


entonces en el empire total war esta mal ya que alli los portugueses tienen como unidad unica los miquelets xd

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Rayos colega! si que te aplicaste en tus sugerencias eh? estan bastante bu!ena!

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Esto es lo que pasa cuando el insomnio se junta con el aburrimiento XD

Igualmente siendo realistas, no creo que los desarrolladores hagan que España tenga la capacidad de revolucionarse de manera temprana, seguro darían la excusa en que eso haría menos único a México. :disappointed_relieved:

PS: if someone has more knowledge than me about South American revolutions and wants to make use of the Viceroyalty of Peru dummy card, please don’t be shy, I don’t have enough knowledge to make more early revolutions without abusing cards too much and existing units.