Some New Map Ideas

Here are some map concepts based on geographical locations not yet depicted in the game:

A pair of small cold island in the middle of the ocean. Resources are very scarce on the islands and most of the terrain is unsuitable for farming, but there is plenty of fishes and whales in the ocean. A naval trade route runs through the gap between the island with one trade socket in each island.

Southern Andes:
The map is split in the middle with a massive mountain chain running from north to south. Most of the mountain chain is unpassable, with the exception of a few small gaps that serve as chokepoints and can be easily fortified. Both sides have about the same resources quantity and native allies. The west side has a naval trade and some fishing options, while the east side has a land trade route and cattle roaming free in the vast plains.

A massive mountain stands in the middle of the map while players spawn near the limits of the map. There is a moderate amount of food and wood sources in the periphery, but no gold. In order to get gold, players must climb the mountain to fight over the huge reserves of silver mines in the center of the map.

Players must survive in the harsh wastelands of northeastern Brazil. Resources are plentiful in the thin strip of coast to the east, but further inland they become much more scarce. A naval trade route running along the coast helps to bring valuable resources in.

Similar to “Amazonas”, but with the big river in the middle ending in a coastal area in the east side of the map.

Mexican Gulf:
A great central sea covers most of the map. At the periphery there is almost a full circle of land with varying biomes. To the southwest you have the jungles of yucatan, to the west you have the mexican coast, to the northwest you have the texan plains, to the north the bayou, to the northeast a tropical Florida and in the southeast a tropical island separated from the rest of the land ring by water. Players spawn in random points of the land ring or in Cuba.

Two rocky land masses are separated by a small canal in the middle of the map and two wider seas to the west and the east. In order to reach the other side of the canal players must sail around the rocky formations and find somewhere suitable to land in the other side.

Cape of Good Hope:
This map depicts the Southern parts of the African continent as a great landmass the dominates the center and the north of the map, with great oceans to the west, south and east. Players begin somewhere along the coast, near one of the many stops of a very lucrative naval trade route that goes around the entire coastline. Inland, players can find plenty of resources and native allies.

Players begin a small coast in the western edge of the map with just enough resources around to age up to the commerce age and build a couple of ships. Across the sea, in the middle of the map, is a large island covered in a lush jungle and rich in resources. Players must race to establish a foothold on the island before their opponents do.

A large landmass surrounded by water, resources seem plentiful near the coast, but further inland a massive barren desert with strange and dangerous animals awaits those daring enough to explore it.

New Zealand:
Players began at the opposing edges of the south and north islands. Players can fight over the ocean or adventure inland to seek help from the powerful Maori natives.

This map is mostly just a vast open ocean with tiny island randomly spread around the map. All players begin at the edge of the map with a caravel(or equivalent ship) with a town center wagon and their other starting units. They must venture into the unknown ocean to find a suitable island to settle and begin their colony. Since all islands are very small, players will have to focus on a maritime colony, with buildings and resources spread around multiple islands. Native allies, great treasures and naval trade routes stops can be found in many of these islands.


In the Andes, only the center of the Andes is represented, the areas dominated by the Inca empire. The north is not well represented either. The Amazon could also be subdivided into many more maps. Here I explain it a little better:


All of South America is woefully underrepresented both in maps and native allies options.
Brazil, for instance, is roughly the same size of the continental USA, with an arguably even wider variety of biomes, but it’s only represented by 3 maps in the game: Amazonia, Pampas Sierras and Gran Chaco.


I liked your suggestions, if I could add I think that due to the importance of the region, there should be a map that represents the mouth of the Rio da Plata in the southern cone of South America


I’d call it Amazon Delta instead

Gran Chaco isn’t even a Brazilian biome (and you forgot the Pampas)

There’s Bahia and Minas Gerais now as well but I think both are too big to be represented by one map each.

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Leave New Zealand out of potential maps. They are already left off a lot of world maps anyway. Why change that?

This an old topic. Back them Bahia and Minas Gerais were not released yet.

Because I want a map with the Maori, they are awesome.

That’s why I said “now”

This is a joke. Check out mapswithoutNZ