Some new naval unit ideas

Don’t know if it has suggested before but was thinking of a naval siege ram that has a charge mechanic, a naval boat that can build sea walls and a trade cog that can defend itself.

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Yea Caravels essentially were real life trade ships that were armed. They missed an opportunity with that one.


Ramming ships would get destroyed if the other player micros ships well.anyway the fire ships are kind of a ramming ship.


I would also like to have a raft that can transport units. This could be either starting unit along with the fishing ship instead of transport and later get upgraded to transport, or a separate unit that is available only for scenarios. And then, as you said, some crossover units like trade ship that can fight, crane ship that can build and repair other ships (oh please, and bridges too) and maybe a transport ship that can fight?

Whats the point of having a transport ship in dark age? Do people stay in dark age that long?
A UU ship that can fight and transport would be interesting(venition gallys)

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landings? something to allow new map types?

Raft - yes, its important for campaigns, story and map editor designers.
F.e. Im creating map for inland nation that actually had a lot of river base “small ships” but almost none galleys or huge sailing boats. Also what else would dark age people used ships for? Transport and fishing.

This would be covered by a scenario editor ship is already available.

but it doesnt work as transport ship

What about a UU that increases its attack when garrison units, similar to towers. It would work for the Malay


Believe or not I’ve played games where it was dark ages only

Now that is something interesting!

I wonder if they can readjust it?

I owuld say a catapult ship that deals well with galley like units but not with fire ships and demos and a short ranged galley with no bonus damage against ship but high ranged damage

Demolition ships are the ramming ships.

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How about a cho ko nu ship? Or ship with a mangnel like shot with area damage.

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isn’t that the long ship?

It has a attack like a castle with a arrow volley,but you might be right it could be too similar.

Isn’t the demolition ship the one that’s kind of like a ramming ship?

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