Some speculation about the future

I think this update might have been the start, as others have pointed out already, the wording in the patch notes indicate that they do have plans for the future. One more thing I would like to add to that is the fact that this patch was released 2 days before the April 10th event and is a relatively small update so they might announce bigger changes in the event as a surprise or as a change of plans after the outcry of them not including AoE1 in the trailer. What do others think?


I hope they announce an expansion.


I hope we get a Barbarian civs expansion with campaigns. But that’s probably too much to ask.


i think for a final definitive edition, i would like to see:

  • Flare
  • Easier to see-click units behind objects
  • A few new maps ( even in a new DLC )
  • Spectator slot for 4x4 match
  • SHIFT queu command
  • Recorded game option
  • A new DLC ( land trade, some new units and civs )

Not an AOE player, but when they talked about the definitive edition during the fan preview I was surprised they skipped right to AOE2 DE, looks like no expansion for AOE at this point :pensive: sorry fellas.

It’s the definitive proof AOE1 DE has been forgotten. It means this latest patch is the last.

The wording of the last patch shows that they do have plans for the future I think


They don’t care for AoE anymore, and it sucks. That and AoM were left forgotten.

  1. Replays; By far and most useful item on the list. It allows players to check their mistakes. See opponent build orders. Cast games played in the past. Superior value.

  2. Map Rework; Current map pool has too similar maps and many of them too unbalanced. Inland should never have rivers(or at least not as many). Large islands should become team islands. Coastal should not spawn people on an island. Either narrows needs to be switched to a new map. All maps with water should be re-balanced, inland, coastal, narrows, medit, can all spawn the sea on one side and favour that side massively.

  3. Ping; Preferably different kinds for attack and defend. Would allow easy communication between teammates in multiplayer matches, even if they don’t speak the same language.

  4. Dedicated Spectator Slot; This would allow people to cast 4v4 games live. Seeing as this is easily the most played format, this should be a no brainer. The availability of replays would help here as well so they could be watched and cast later.

  5. Transparency; This can be done with smaller sprite mods now that the steam version allows modifications. But a proper transparent model+border for units hidden behind buildings and trees would be welcome indeed.

I’m not really a fan of DLCs. Especially if they are done by the same crew that makes the AoE 2 pay to win DLCs that ruin game balance for the next two patches every time they happen and cause powercreep. Another problem is that if they keep happening over and over again, the game is going to bloat, just like Age 2, to a point where there’s gazillion civs and mechanics that are really add nothing real to the game. They just raise the bar to jump into a multiplayer game as you get hit in the face with a new civ/unit/mechanic every time you launch into your first thousand multiplayer games. Also no free land trade like AoE2, it has to convert resources just like AoE 1 sea trade does. It’s also a huge balance issue that would need a lot of testing on implementation but that’s more of a question of how and can be solved. One of the reasons AoE 1 is nice for casual gamers like me is that you can just jump into a multiplayer game after not playing for three months and still know how things work.

Obviously all this is just for multiplayer. All new content is always a bonus for singleplayer.


New stuff is great and all but I think the bugs should be fixed first since I play AoE I to bring me joy for a couples hours a day and I find that the bugs are the only things that hinder that experience so I think the devs should fix the bugs before introducing new content.


I completely agree with your list, however I still do think that AoE 1 would benefit greatly from new content (contrary to AoE 2, where adding more is doing more damage than anything else to the game at this point). It would also help attract new players, which is good both for single player and multiplayer. Still, performance, bug fixes and quality of life features should get the priority. In my experience, the greatest turn-off for people coming to AoE 1 DE is the horrible pathing of the units. It really needs to be improved.


DLC name “Land of the Germani”
Just some options that they can choose from( feel free to point out any that you feel don’t belong)

Goths(could be split into Visagoths and Ostragoths)

comes with 6 new maps

comes with 4 new campaigns

Vandals and Goths would be awesome.


I agree, for example, the pathfinding still needs help. However, something new would cause some buzz, and maybe bring in some players to justify continued support for the game.


precise and elegant.
Improving the existing game mechanism is much more important than keeping adding new civs / units which will confuse gamers and destroy game balance, I really don’t like what they did now for AoE2. Sick to memorize all those civs and balance patches

I really think the PRIMARY goal of the DE version is the removal of EXISTING defects (including map/civ/units balancing) and the implementation of modern RTS / MMORPG control & micro. AoE2 has done it well, now it’s our turn


I don’t like to speculate, but I’d like:

  • The flare feature being brought to the game once and for all
  • A fix for projectiles not showing visual effects on impact (currently the effects are only shown when projectiles hit the water)
  • At least 2 new civilizations, with 1 new campaign and at least 3 brand new units (a land trade unit, an upgrade for slinger, and resource changes so trees offer more wood)
  • An improvement for the AI movement and decision making
  • A fix for the soundtrack not playing on a loop under certain circumstances
  • Military unit formations since Bronze Age
  • A fix for unit animations not playing correctly
  • New tracks (songs) for new campaigns
  • Better communication between players/clients and developers/publishers
  • More stuff to do with scenario editor (+fixes, improvements to current content)
  • Possibility to create matches without other players in “custom games” screen (offline)
  • A new and improved hotkey editor, allowing for erasing all key binds at once, and one by one
  • New (additional) environmental and atmospheric sound effects
  • Priests fixing allied units as they should, instead of ignoring damaged units near them
  • A more consistent and complete UI (revision of the current one)
  • More regular updates, so we don’t have to wait 9 months to see the changes
  • One new DLC campaign per year at least, with acceptable/realistic pricing (not costing more than the base game)
  • And new surprises every now and then, once or twice a year, including performance improvements, more hotkeys for better managing of units and buildings.

I’m pretty sure then, the game will be on pair with Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition as far as quality goes. And even then, such sequel would be miles away still. But nevertheless, it will be a much better game than it is right now.

Oh, and functional gates. Not gonna forget that one!


With content, normally comes trouble; though with regular game support, it wouldn’t be a big issue if Microsoft pays a good chunk of attention to the community.


Composite bowmen do 5 damage that would mean nerfing them back to original value. Horse archer does 7 damage.

Composite bowmen maybe should get upgrade which would have: 50 HP, 6 or 7 damage, 8 range so foot archer would outrange mounted archers. He could be called Gastrapheterer or crossbowman. Gastraphetes - Wikipedia


Oh. Nevermind. I was wrong with damage dealt by Composite Bowmen. I just got confused.