My wishlist for the next big update

Hello, community! Together with the usual bug corrections, this is what I expect to come with the next big update adding new features to the game, in order of importance.

  1. Gates: like the ones from Age of Mythology, that opens to the sides.

  2. Silhouettes showing units and animals behind trees and buildings. Carcasses from hunted animals must be shown as well, and have priority for being selected over the tree or building in front of them.

  3. Task queuing for villagers and military by keeping the Shift key pressed. So, to command a villager to build a house, then a barracks, and finally to cut wood, for example.

  4. “Battle formation” tech, available at the Government Center, allowing units to make a line formation at their destination. Or it could be a option in the menu.
    I believe this may be the hardest feature to implement, so I think that make units to move in formation, like in Age of Empires II, it’s too much to ask for, but would be great!

  5. Option of easy drag selection of military units (to not select villagers in the same box).

  6. Flare.

  7. HUD scaling option.

  8. Remaking of all the cheat code units.

  9. Highlight the health bars of damaged buildings and boats when a villager is selected, and the health bars of damaged units when a Priest is selected. This would be specially helpful for repairing walls.

  10. Buildable Trade Workshop that trains a Caravan unit for land trade. It could be a donkey carrying baskets being conducted by a merchant, for example.

New ideias:

  1. Improved in-game chat window, with options to send the message only to allies, enemies or all.

  2. Messages informing which enemy is attacking when the warning sounds, like in Age II.

Some of these suggestions, and other great ones, were already mentioned on this topic: Some speculation about the future - Age of Empires: DE / I - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

In this topic of mine - Let’s debate some game improvements! - Age of Empires: DE / I - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum - I have already pointed out everything I expect from this game in the future, but at the moment, I think these twelve features are the most important. What do you guys think?


Just update the game regularly. That’s all i want


I really want a treaty feature in the next patch.


These are excellent proposals. It’s everything I want too.

Gates and land trading are the most unlikely, because they mean new content. I have my doubts with the formations, but everything else should be implemented.


we definitely need those and much much more


Yes. To summarize, I commented basically what I want the most for the game here.


That is an awesome list, if they made this happen, i would recommend to other players I know to buy this game


I think the most important feature is Random map script interface, which enable player to create custom random map, which will vastly improve the current map pool. Moreover, this feature is easy to implement, since the game generates random maps from script anyway, the only thing to be done is expose that feature to player.


I think it would be nice if they released a new major update next month and announced a new DLC (at least a long term plan for a new DLC).

In a major update they could give two new civs - Iberians and Dacians.


I think that the DLC could include 5 new civs and new campaigns and Historical Battles - this game simply belongs.

It’s nice if the first DLC for AoE 1 DE focused on the areas north of the Roman Empire. This DLC could be called “Fall of Rome”, it would fit the name of another DLC - “Rise of Rome”. This DLC could include the following civs: Goths, Huns, Slavs, Germanians, and Celts. I think it would be interesting not only for AoE fans.

Of course, more new DLCs could appear later:

  1. Africa and Arabian Peninsula DLC - Nubians, Lybians, Berbers (Numidians), Israelites and Arabs (Nabataeans)
  2. Asia DLC - Indians (Mauryans), Armenians, Scythians, Mongols (Xionghu) and Funan (Southeast Asian Empire)

Plus, Total War: Rome Remastered is approaching, so the new AoE 1 DLC can “consolidate” fans of both AoE and TW, as well as people interested in antiquity. Total War: Rome Remastered is due to premiere in a few days. The announcement of the plan for a new DLC for AoE 1 DE at this time could be a great move from the devs.


Enough with the speculating, @MUTYLATOR5553.

Unfortunately, AoE 1 is only speculation. AoM even bigger.


Yeah but you and some others turn every single thread in this forum into a discussion about Nubians, Mauryans, Numidians and a plethora of other civilisations no one has heard of, cares about or want in a game like AoE. I like Roman and Greek history and that’s it, I don’t care about the Lybians or whatever it is you guys talk about.

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This is the reason why I play AoE I.

Just look at those Cataphracts and Legions, they are too awesome.

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So you don’t want to develop this game …


Yes I do but you should leave that to the devs.

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Don’t be vulgar…

In your opinion, fans have no right to talk about the development of the game ???


They do but please don’t overtake every single thread. Just come up with one thread about all this stuff and stick to it.

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In the case of AoE 1, this is not a problem. The more topics discussed about AoE 1, the developers see that people are interested in this game.

AoE 3 has quite a few topics that repeat themselves. AoE 2 is literally jammed with new topics.


In that case, start discussing and don’t stop until we get a new DLC. :+1: