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This time without references to the 20th century.

As I said in the previous post Austria was much stronger than German states in the 17th century. Habsburgs Monarchy survived many wars, developed economy, art and had many nationalities ( but long time before Hungarians took equal civil rights). Germany in the 17th century for example one - they own. Only later in the 18th century did they take some lands from Poland - for exaple Gdańsk, Poznań, Toruń and other. The strength of Prussia is next period - the eighteenth century and the victorious struggle for rich Silesia (Silesian Wars Silesian Wars - Silesian Wars - Wikipedia) with the Austrians for example and Seven Years War fights ( with Russians and Austrians ) Miracle of the House of Brandenburg Miracle of the House of Brandenburg - Wikipedia

Ps. Less known battle of Mohács than the one from 1526 but also interesting. Battle of Mohács (1687) - Battle of Mohács (1687) - Wikipedia
And other battle good for , Historical Battles mode" Battle of Saint Gotthard (1664) - Battle of Saint Gotthard (1664) - Wikipedia

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Let’s hope so, We are watching you 21


Teutonic Knights could work as a reskinned Doppel. Reiters/Ruyters would probably be the most thematic option for their light cavalry unit. But that is a pretty significant change to how Germany is now. Changing a few card names to make them into Austria is overall much easier.


If Devs will add to other countries Austria i suggest Maria Theresa as faction leader. Diplomatic , trade bonuses ( in military aspectc bonuses in the defensive). Roster should have units like for example : Windbüche Jaegers , Austrian Cuirassiers , Pandurs , Hungarian Grenadiers , Grenzers , Hungarian Hussars.


okay ill say it directly.

Austrians are a subgroup of Germans, similar to how swedes, danes and norwegians are subgroups of a larger scandinavian identity. within the time frame of AOE3 austria was the leader of the germans first in the form of the holy roman empire and then later in the form of the german confederation.

it was “luck” that austria is a seperate state and not 1 or 2 states within the german federation, and where excluded for 2 main reasons in the 1800s:

  1. austria had a large multiethnic empire, which wasnt exactly a great start to the national unification project of germany.

  2. prussia wanted to lead the federation as its head, Austria being about as strong as prussia also wanted that role, the german confederation was split in who it wanted to support for leadership which lead to the 2nd war of german unification, also often called “the brother war”. in german “deutcher krieg” (german war) or “deutcher bruder krieg” (german brother war).

its important here to realize that states in the 1700s where not nation-states, they don’t reflect the national identity of the people living within them but are largely simply the results of what a given ruler directly owns, this leads to some nationalities being split between many different states and that some states includes many different nationalities within them. “Germany” in the 1700s includes lots of territory it doesn’t today including Prussia and Austria, these where just as much Germans as people from Bremen or Cologne was, but you would obviously find regional difference which mind you you still do today in even relatively small nation-states.


Units in Napoleon: Total War - Total War Wiki These roster + Pandurs. In my is good for Austrian units ( I mean skinks and some interestimg units like Windbüche Jaegers. I think it’s a interesting idea.

Pandur - Wikipedia Nice unit to add.


Home City

Unique units
Windbüche Jaegers
Austrian Cuirassiers
Hungarian Grenadiers
Hungarian Hussars

Maria Theresa

Historical Battles

About Army


So… you actually expect people to buy all those books or…?


Potential materials for Developers.


the devs have said no, simple as.

also why no 1500s stuff? is it because you don’t want to admit doppelsoldners are Austrian?


Yeah that material is all rather late 18th century to Napoleonics.

I mean I’m sure there’s some interesting earlier Austrian units however 17th century and earlier all HRE militaries were all just lumped in as ‘Imperial armies’

The Imperial armies were and are often simply refered to as the Austrians. The HRE is just so intertwined with the Austrians in the time period, having an Austrian civ next to a German HRE themed civ would just be silly.

Ive said it before but the Gemans are really flexible currently, through ingame choices you can represent whatever German state you’d prefer. All that it lacks is a way to change the flag ingame to show your choices.


Game with Mexico and the Aztecs but…Austrians cannot be playable as separator faction! Silly.

Germans should be reworked and Austria should be new FLC faction.

Devs have changed many decisions because players want ( for example more faction Dlc). I think that with Austria will be the same if players say yes.

Habsburg Empire was a very important power in this time. Anyone who things another way should read more about this.


According to Office of the Historian (Austrian Empire* - Countries - Office of the Historian)

“Austria was the German-speaking heartland of the Holy Roman Empire (until 1806), the Austrian Empire (until 1867), and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (until 1918).”

So we could have second Austrians AND third Austrians :rofl: :joy: :laughing: (just joking)

The Habsburg Empire has enough historical content to be included as a civilization.

The developers simply just don’t want to :disappointed:

the current civ simply is austrian.




the revolutions (hungary)

and like half the unique techs.

separating austria from the faction would fundamentally destroy the german civ, separating Prussia would mean a name change for a royal guard and a new homecity and leader. at least until recently.

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So can we have a beautiful Vienna Home City :face_holding_back_tears: instead of the dreary Berlin we currently have? and Empress Maria Theresa instead of Frederick?


I hope developers can support the division of Germany into Austrian and Prussian civilizations, while some unique cards, units, Age up, and the separation of home city,revolutionary state and artificial intelligence require developers to gradually move from opposing division to responding to Germany’s division


They’re not going to divide the Germans…


Yeah, I doubt it. The way I look at it is that I’d rather them be spending their resources on new civs than splitting a civ (and if we are look at civ splitting, India would be first in line…). However people paint splitting HRE as easy, it’s still a lot of time and money which would be better spent elsewhere.

Now if it was a few shipments which further focus (along with a flag/HC change), then fine.