Some thoughts about the Chinese

Civilization features:

  1. Tax revenue is halved (1/4/32→0.5/2/16); All landmarks provide influence (tax increase by 100%).

Taxes provide too many resources for the early and middle of the game, and it is better to reduce them.

  1. Yuan Dynasty bonus was changed to: Dynasty unit cost was reduced by 15%; Ming Dynasty bonus changed to: Gunpowder unit damage increased by 10%.
    Increased health of all military units by 10% while owning all landmarks; Dynasty bonus can be inherited.

This version weakened the Palace Guard and the Fire Lancer, but are these two units really strong? What is really strong is the Yuan Dynasty speed bonus. For most of the time, entering the Ming Dynasty is not a good choice, because it is obviously unreasonable to lose a powerful bonus after spending huge resources.


  1. Imperial Academy
    The effect has been reworked to provide a greater area of influence than other landmarks, and you will receive a Imperial official for free immediately upon construction.

2, Barbican of the sun
Palisade walls, stone walls and gates can be built directly near the landmark, without the involvement of villagers, and at a 30% lower cost.

This is without a doubt the most boring landmark, completely featureless. In addition to being able to build defenses faster and seal off escape routes when enemies rush in, it’s also more in keeping with its historical role: a trap.

  1. Astronomical Clocktower
    The effect is redone, no longer acts as a siege workshop, but you can still research siege technology. After construction, ignores Age requirements, the two technologies of Siege Works and Greased Axles were directly obtained free of charge.

  2. Imperial Palace
    New effect: Increase the upper limit of 2 Imperial officials after construction.

  3. Spirit Path
    Removes bonus to dynasty units. New technology: All Dynasty units attack speed increased by 20%, recover 2 health per second, cost 200 food, 500 gold, 90 seconds.

Dynasty units have buffs that permanently apply to themselves, but can no longer provide buffs to other units, and require resources and time to research.Will they become op?Zhuge Nu generally don’t appear in large numbers later in the game, and Fire Lancer who lose their movement speed bonus are not very effective in head-on battles, and Grenadier is a joke.


  1. Zhuge Nu
    Cost increased from 30 food / 30 wood / 20 gold to 30 food / 30 wood / 30 gold, damage changed from 4/5/6 to 3/5/8.

When entering the Song Dynasty, give Archer a little living space, instead of always choosing Zhuge Nu, and let Zhuge Nu can also play a role in the later game.

  1. Palace Guard
    Callback cost.

Compared to the Ghulam, it is somewhat monotonous and looks more like a universal unit than a unique unit.

  1. Fire Lancer
    Cost increased from 120 food / 20 wood / 20 gold to 120 food / 30 wood / 30 gold, Torch damage reduced to the same level as other units, melee armor increased from 0/0 to 2/3, after 3 attacks, the fourth attack is changed to use charge attack.

The Fire Lancer was designed to be a unit focused on surprise attacks and harassment, but this is completely out of line with its historical role, much like the Ninja was designed to be a slow moving unit with high armor.

  1. Nest of Bees
    Cost increased from 300 wood / 300 gold to 400 wood / 300 gold, bonus of Additional Barrel increased from 1 to 2.

The changes to the Nest of Bees can be seen that the official does not want it to be mass-produced, but it can be balanced in damage.

Imperial Officials can drop off taxes at this building.

If you have a better idea, please add.


Great idea,thanks for reading.

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I don’t think there is a single good suggestion here.
It seems that you just want to eradicate what makes China special and fun to play. It is fine to not like a civilization, you don’t have to like them.

In my opinion, the reworks you want to do to Landmarks doesn’t make up for the harsh nerfs you do to civilization.

I wouldn’t touch anything from China currently (maybe increase 10 wood on Zhuge Nu, but nothing more).

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I don’t agree with most of the suggestions. It is better to leave Chinese as it currently is.

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If you want Chinese simply stronger, change nothing but let Imperial Palace and Spirit Way get the influence, even if you get those influence by unlock corresponding dynasty, it still make this civ far more stronger.

The other change/feature, I think, they’d better appear in mods. Sure they seems technically fair, but they also mean Chinese strategy overhaul, not to mention other civ has their game plan.

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