Some thoughts on AOE3 DE

There’s an older thread here but as a newcomer I don’t now if it is a good idea to reply to a thread four months ago:

Not sure if the developers could see these threads. I enjoy the whole franchise a lot, but there are still a few things that I believe can be improved. There has been some new options, modes and contents added to AOE and AOE2 DE, and they are great. So these are my thoughts on some minor additions that can improve the experience:

  • Larger maps. I actually quite enjoy the small and more competitive maps in the original game, but I also want more prolonged gameplay sometimes (even maps like Large Great Plains don’t seem large enough for me).
  • Higher population cap. Not sure if this is necessary considering the map sizes and the amount of micros required, but having this option would bot hurt.
  • A few balancing issues, of course, especially cards. Some cards are too OP in terms of cost-effectiveness.
  • EUROPEAN MAPS AND NATIVES PLEASE. We already have quite a few European mercenaries and I’d like to see them under a European setting.

My point is that as a remake of a classic, it’s a good idea to include more contents and choices to make it more entertaining while not significantly altering the gameplay.

What are other people’s thoughts?

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It isn’t. I agree with your opinion, but it is not good to open a new thread and repeat the same content.

Yeah that’s true. But it seems some points I’m thinking of are not really mentioned there. I tried not to be repetitive.

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