What improvements should AOE3:DE have?

Pins on a map that can be removed. Not just flares.


If Ottomans is middle-eastern, then I will ask for Persians and Afghans to represent more “eastern” civs. I’m sure they were quite different from Ottomans in that time. Then we can change Indians to Rajput Kingdom.
Or that area, I mean between Ottoman to Chinese, would be quite empty in AoE3 as it is now.

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Safavids, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Timurids as playable civs could be added.

I disagree, when a civ settled a new location for a long duration they tend to adapt and keep the new aspects of the area that is good. Much like how the Byzantine empire evolved from being the Eastern Roman Empire into an Empire of its own also adopting ME aspects such as samsiers for their champions, so did the early nomadic Turkic armies evolve to adopt the ways of their new ME world.

I would like to see two completely new theatres of war, maps set in Europe, so Historical European battles can be heald as well as Maps set in AFRICA. As a citizen of South Africa, I want the Zulu civ to be added, wich will allow you to fight as the British and Dutch , expanding ever northward from Cape Town all the way into Kenya, fighting and befriending the native peoples and encountering formidable foes such as the Zulu whom have strong, fast melee spear infantry called the Impi.

With added animals such as Lions, zebra and Elephants + hogs that attack villagers that shoot at them and don’t merely run away.

Lastly, I want a Revolution to have a more severe effect on your home city, if you launch a Revolution and you win, you sometimes have to fight a battle against the mother city whom will try to squash your rebellion. If you Revolt and you lose the battle, for the next three games you should be given a bad deck of cards as default since the Mother city won’t support your colony as punishment for your actions.

But should you win, during the revolt and repel the home cities army, you can have extra perks, such as choose a better explorer, gain access to powerful hidden cards and you can alter the appearance of your Home city dramatically.

If you Revolt to frequently and you lose a battle against a counter revolt, you should receive a declaration of banishment from your home city and then lose access to play as that home city, forcing you to start from scratch with a new Home city.

The Blockade system can be expanded upon, the enemy European , Asain and Ottoman AI should attempt to blockade you more frequently but once you are blocaded, you can assemble a strong navy to break the blockade, but to research that should be extremely expensive.

Add more customizations to the Home cities, such as Soldiers marching though the streets, Highlanders/Musketeers for the British, Skirmishers for the Frensh, Strelets for the Russians and so forth.

Been reading some of the suggestions here. Lots of them are quite good but a few seem to want to push things too far, to the point the game would be fundamentally different and not a Defiitive Edition of an already established game. Fixes and additional content based on an existing formula seem reasonable. Redesigning existing features or slapping new ones on top would make things confusing for development.

Anyways, here is my (kinda lengthy) contribution


  • Disable Saloons from Blood/Ice/Steel campaigns
  • Implement unused dialog still present in game files
  • Enable AI sending shipments
  • Fix Tech tree inconsistencies such as the War Huts in Fire/Shadow campaigns
  • Some AI players being assigned the wrong civ during missions and cutscenes (like Ottomans appearing as British in Breakout)
  • Hotkeys for Hero abilities
  • Greater color variationss between players, depending on faction (Blue vs Red/Orange is too repetitive), like in AoE2.
  • Other inconsistencies like the Aztecs in China’s TAD campaign


  • A single .exe for the whole game
  • Soundtrack variation with different cultures (only Classical European music becomes dull after a while)
  • UI variation based on civ being played (dependending if it’s from Vanilla, TWC and TAD)
  • Improve fluidity of Attack Move
  • More variation in animations, such as the melee units’ death animation
  • More historically accurate unit name/designs (like giving Yumi Archers actual asymmetrical Yumi bows)
  • Greater freedom regarding deck size
  • Fix the jagged Fog of War edges (more modern software/hardware seems to have caused this issue but I’m not knowledgeable on this)
  • Cavalry using walk animation (as seen when Tashunke Prowlers go stealthy) when they have to slow down to the pace of infantry
  • AI using previously unused features (naval transport, upgrading defenses, using priests, etc)
  • More accessible hotkeys (e.g. ship disembark tooltip doesn’t show its hotkey, same for building repair button)

Restoring Cut Content

  • Original Andes map (with the Inca city in the middle and surrounding Huari strongholds, as stated in the map’s pre-release description)
  • Italian and Swedish civs
  • The Incan civ originally intended for TWC expansion
  • Maps set in Europe

Stuff that could be a nice bonus, if time/resources allow

  • Phillip Black Campaign
  • 16th Century Musketeer model
  • Cosmetic changes for upgraded Native units
  • African maps (with African natives)
  • Custom flags (or variants for each civ)
  • Rotatable Buildings

I think people need to consider that there is 2 type of player : multiplayer people who search competitiveness with for example e-sport and offline people like me who prefer campaign and immersion like rpg games etc… I think aoe is the type of games which needs both of these elements.

aoe 3 is a 3d game, this is a strength but also a weakness. In general cases the game is really beautiful, but it’s with close details of cinematics of the campaign that the game getting older. Especially with faces of characters, not enough polygon…

I found all campaign even with expansions, not very interesting. I was hoping something more historical fact with for example List of colonial Empires wikipedia:

  • Seven Years’ War (wikipedia) which is the first world and globalized conflict between france and UK, we only have a short insight during the campaign and it’s very disappointing, because it’s result with the dismantling of the major first french empire, and initiate the beginning of the domination of the British empire in the Northern America. France was ally with Algonquins and Hurons (new civ ?) and bristish with Iroquois.

  • American Revolution of course, with a full campaign and not only the end, enough important to reduce british influence of the Great Britain in NA. Also a way to implement a new civilization : Americans.

  • French revolution and Napoleonic Wars, this area is enought important to be called Napoleonic Era (news maps in Europe)

  • I know aoe 2 have some scenario, but maybe it should be interesting to deal with the spanish colonization of the americas, with Cortès, Pizarro, etc…

News Civs
Americans, Danish, Swedes, austria-Hungaria, Italian, scottish,…


First, the limitations of constructions of each building is annoying, that one major fact that people compare the game to aoe 2, 7 outpost is not enough, but I am agreed to reduce the ability to build an outpost near another.

Second, the limitations of ships is also a problem, because the game result to just be a race to have all the ship you can build, I better prefer reduce the power and even the size, and be able to build more ships.

The population size is also a problem, because we can reach really easy 75/100 villagers and some military units are 2 or 3 or even more population-size. 200 is not enough, 500 maybe, but map need to be greater and to have more resources… I, again, prefer reduce the power and life of all units and have all of these to 1 of population, it’s easier to manage.

I’m not against the card system, but it’s only matter on multiplayers… A person who don’t wants to play online will never use it for a just radom game, it’s to complex to manage and depend on the map, card who boost ship will be useful in a naval map. I think this system need to be completely reviewed, but I know that a lot of work…

A better balance between each civs, to encourage player to play another civs that french for example…

And finally, for me the most important thing, when we start a online game you start with a town lvl 10 it’s generous but not enough when your opponent is lvl 80/100… it’s so demoralizing…


Age of empires 3 was focus on the Europeans colonization of the Americas, 2 extensions made maps in Asia. The game stop with the American Indian Wars after the americans civil wars. I don’t know MS your vision of the game with DE but there is a lot of potential with the XVIIIe and XIXe century (1700-1900) colonization of Africa, maybe this is too late in history to be implement I recognize, but Europe was the theater of a lot of great battle, maybe some maps in Europe should be interesting.

I reality love this part of history, there is a lot a great historical event, but I afraid that MS don’t want to spend too much times… But there is a way to almost recreate a 2.0 version and even a new game !

(sorry for my english, i’m not a natural english speaker)

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The game’s balance should be redone from scratch. It has OP civs and units

Now my list:

  1. Fix the more than 25 cards exploit

  2. Improved pathfinding

  3. Redone models

  4. Remove the card’s level restriction or fix the exploit that you can set your level and skillpoints to everything you like

  5. Add historical-accurate campaigns not just names (Suleiman etc)

  6. Remove build limits for all buildings (and if you don’t want to do it for Forts, give them a 5 limit)

  7. Add more than 200 pop limit option or remove the 2-14 pop for each unit

  8. Nerf the bloody French cav

  9. Let us play as 1 civ vs the same civ or more

  10. Allow up to 4 teams SP and MP

  11. Allow larger map sizes (you spawn next to your ally in 4v4 on Large maps) like AOE2 does

  12. Lag for the one causing it only like AOE2 DE

  13. More maps

  14. Shooting walls (in one of the scenarios) for a new civ but with a weak military to balance it. (Suggestion)

  15. Converting for all civs

  16. Trash Cav (not the native ones, they aren’t as good as they sound) for all civs

  17. A better communication System like they did in AOE2 DE

  18. More distinguishable upgraded units

I remember these. So that’s what I had in mind.

tbf, this was the exact thing in AOE2 and everyone was fine with it


Be able to build doors on the route. It is quite annoying to have to go along the commercial route. I would like to know what you think. Here is an example:


A fun but underpowered card also have no change to be used in PVE. Balnce is
important too for PVE games.

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I wish that to returns a several beautiful buildings. And any other buildings/units/technology cards/game scenario and campaign/e.t.c from early old alpha/beta testes of the AoE3. Thank you for understand!
Star Fort
old Walls, Outpost


The Scottish wouldn’t really work as a civ during this era, and they’re part of the British civ.


Formations to the ships, and that have the possibility of anchoring so as not to be separated by enemy units (that can maintain a fixed position) this would be quite useful so that they were not taken to the canyons or towers.

For me I’d like to see the following:

  • Playable story civilizations in skirmish - I’d love to play as the Knights of St. John, John Black’s Mercenaries, Circle of Ossus, Black Family Estate and United States in skirmish. What got me started on XML modding was the ability to add hoop throwers to the Russian blockhouse.

  • Pirate campaign - I’d love to play a campaign set in the Golden Age of Piracy. Whether it be based around Blackbeard or other notable pirates of that era.

  • Remove building limits - I found the building limits irrating and inconsistent with the experience I had playing former AoE games. Build anything, anywhere!

  • Other fixes that a DE would inevitably provide - Graphical enhancements (with 4K), AI improvements, bug fixes, etc.


If I should say just one thing to change/repair it would be a multiplayer system of connecting. I experienced many problems with that in the past. Sometimes I could join the games but the others could not and vice versa.

And it is terrible to see friends playing while I have to go off…

Plus there already have been mentioned many great ideas. I support them generally. Especially I hope the system of trade routes would be reworked or changed to a greater use! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The whole online experience should be reworked from the ground up.
There are just too many issues.

nothing, aoe 3 is perfect as it is, maybe more cards options from the deck would be good and online platform rework. have you seen AOE3 maxed out? it is way ahead of its time.

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More civs, more maps and more natives, especially Asian , Oceanian and African.
There are more religions in China, Japan and India like Shinto, White Lotus, Tibetan Buddhism, …
Nomad tribes like Mongols, Kazakhs, Inuits, Sami, …
Small kingdoms like Korean, Vietnamese, Ryukyuan, …
Asian natives like Ainu, Chukchi , Yakuts, Formosan, …
All they can be designed and introduced into the game by the trading posts.

Also, let American natives civs can train the mercenary in a new building.
Then, design an another new building that research many tech and bring the exp. points such like University in AOE2 and have different name and appearance for European, American and Asian.

At least, give Ottoman the Turkish Bow Archer and Japanese the Jumonji Yari Spearman in barracks , and let the Iron Troop speak Hokkien or Taiwanese instead of Mandarin Chinese for reflecting history.


I respect your opinion, but the game has a lot of flaws. I’m not stating this just by myself though


There is a serious problem for the Asian civilizations.My English is not very good, but this is a suggestion from a lot of Chinese players. They make comments on the Chinese game forum, and I post their suggestions on this official website:

In the age of Empires 3,Chinese civilization lies between the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.In the original version,most of the styles of Chinese unit used the Qing Dynasty,but It’s a very bad experience for Chinese players because most Chinese people hate the Qing Dynasty.

The clothing and hairstyle of Qing Dynasty are quite different from those of many dynasties in China, only the people in the Qing Dynasty had pigtails, It was ugly,that’s not Chinese orthodoxy.And the Qing Dynasty is a weak age in the impression of Chinese players.If we continue to play in the Qing Dynasty style, it will be a bad experience for many players.

In many Chinese game forums, a large number of players suggested changing the main style of the Chinese units of the game to that of the Ming Dynasty, supplemented by that of the Qing Dynasty and Mongolia.

This will not violate the historical background of the game, but also let the players more happy to play the game.

For the above suggestions, Chinese players hope that the production team can see them, and also hope more players can support them. Finally, we earnestly request the production team to understand our proposal and accept the improvement.

I wish the production team better and better,at the same time, I hope aoe3de will sell well.:smiley: